The Two Faces of Marik (1)

With the morning looming ever closer, all the passengers aboard Kaiba Craft 3 appear to be sleeping. However while seems to be sleeping soundly, Joey is having a more restless night, dreaming of an argument with Kaiba. Tossing and turning in his bed he accidentally punches Tristan, who is having to share the bed with Joey and Duke, in the face as the subject of his dream changed from Kaiba to Mai. Glad to see his friend standing again, Joey tries to talk to Mai but she tells him to focus on the tournament before fading into the darkness.

Meanwhile, the real Mai has still made no signs of recovering although both her and Serenity seem to be resting peacefully, as do Ishizu and the unconscious Odion. Téa is also resting, however she is draped over Bakura’s empty bed after being led there under Marik’s control. Meanwhile Kaiba is very much awake, translating the text printed on The Winged Dragon of Ra while still trying to work out how he is able to understand it when the mainframe was unable to translate it.

Up at the Stratos Duelling Arena, Yami Marik informs his duelling opponent, Yami Bakura, that the loser of their Shadow Duel will pay the ultimate price: banishment to the Shadow Realm. While Yami Bakura is confident that he will be able to win, Yami Marik is not so sure of his opponent’s chances, knowing that he has yet to see The Winged Dragon of Ra in action. However while that may be true, Yami Marik knows that Marik is sharing Yami Bakura’s mind meaning that his opponent knows not only the extent of Ra’s powers but also the cards in his deck.

Not concerned by this fact, Yami Marik gladly informs his opponents that his deck is not the same one that Marik had built for the tournament and that he will soon send both Marik and Yami Bakura to the Shadow Realm. Although Bakura is tiring of all the talking, he allows Marik to come forth to tell Yami Marik that he will be defeated before the duel is through. Not so easily intimidated, Yami Marik informs Marik that they are both as bad as each other and that it was Marik who allowed Yami Marik to exist and take control.

Refusing to believe this, Marik explains that he has only just learned that it was not Shadi who killed his father and that now he wants revenge on Yami Marik. As Yami Marik informs his former partner that it is now too late for vengance, Yami Bakura is intrigued by the secrets about Marik’s past that are being revealed. Sensing that the tatoos on Marik’s back are of significance to the situation, Yami Bakura refuses to help Marik any further unless he agrees to explain what the symbols mean.

Although annoyed at the change in their agreement at such a late stage, Marik agrees to the new deal as Yami Marik calls forth the Shadow Realm, informing his opponent that it will consume him piece by piece as their duel goes on. As the arena becomes shrouded in a dark fog, Yami Marik explains that they will be devoured as their Life Points decrease, a fact that has not really sunk in as Yami Bakura sets one card before summoning Goblin Zombie (1100/1050).

Unimpressed by the weak monster, Yami Marik sets one card before summoning Drillago (1600/1100) and ordering it to attack. Confident that Yami Marik has fallen into his trap, Yami Bakura reveals Fearful Earthbound, explaining that whenever Yami Marik attacks his Life Points will be reduced by 500 points. However as Bakura’s Zombie is destroyed, Yami Marik reveals Remove Trap, negating Fearful Earthbound’s effect. While Yami Bakura is not concerned by the loss of Life Points (YB’s LP: 3500), Yami Marik suggests that he look at his arm.

Glancing down, Yami Bakura is shocked to see his arm fading away, but, as Yami Marik informs him that their bodies will fade away along with their Life Points, Bakura is confident that he will still be victorious, even against the power of Ra. Back on the ship, Yugi is having a restless night and finds himself transported into his mind. While he does not recognise the idyllic play room to begin with, as he opens the door into a dark corridor he remembers the area from the first time he met Shadi.

Entering Yami’s room, Yugi is surprised by the complexity of it, sensing that it was not this complex last time he visited. As Yami arrives to see if Yugi is alright, Yugi explains that he feels things are getting out of hand. He also comments that he believes that the paths in Yami’s mind are like the mysteries of Yami’s past, something that his partner also believes. Meanwhile, up on the Stratos Duelling Arena, things are not looking brilliant for Yami Bakura who knows that the Destiny Board will be of little use against Yami Marik as he has seen that strategy used against Yugi.

Worried about the prospect of Ra being summoned, Yami Bakura knows that his opponent would need three monsters on the field in order to accomplish that and he is confident that he can stop that from happening. Tired of Yami Bakura’s worrying, Marik tries to tell him not to be concerned by Ra but Bakura tells him to stop interfering. As he prepares to make his next move, he warns Marik that his body may be lost in the duel but Marik replies that he does not care as long as Yami Marik is defeated.

Setting two cards, Yami Bakura summons Gurneya (1300/1200) in Defence Mode and ends his turn. While not concerned by the move, Yami Marik is curious to know what Bakura is planning as he activates Card of Sanctity, allowing each player to draw cards until they have a total of six in their hand. With the new cards drawn, Yami Bakura senses that his opponent has not yet drawn The Winged Dragon of Ra and so activates one of his set cards, Multiple Destruction, forcing each player to discard their hand and draw five new cards.

However the card also requires Yami Bakura to pay 100 Life Points for each card he discards and, as his Life Points decrease (YB’s LP: 2900), Yami Marik wonders why Bakura is sacrificing his own body in order to get Ra into Yami Marik’s hand. Back in Yugi’s mind, Yami explains that he has still had no success in discovering the door that will unlock his memories and suggests that perhaps they need to make sense of the images on Marik’s back in order to discover the truth.

As his next turn begins, Yami Bakura sacrifices Gurneya to summon Puppet Master (0/0), using it’s special effect to summon three monsters from his Graveyard: The Headless Knight (1450/1700), The Earl of Demise (2000/700) and Goblin Zombie (1100/1050). While these three monsters are not permitted to attack during this turn, Yami Bakura does not care as he activates Dark Designator to force Yami Marik to draw The Winged Dragon of Ra from his deck.

With the Egyptian God Card now in Yami Marik’s posession, Yami Bakura is confident that it will soon be his, not realising that his opponent has already taken precautions against that. Activating Exchange, Yami Bakura chooses The Winged Dragon of Ra from Yami Marik’s hand while he chooses Monster Reborn from Yami Bakura’s. Pleased that he now has everything in place ready to summon Ra on his next turn, Yami Bakura is infuriated as Yami Marik taunts him, confident that he will be unable to control the God Card on his own.

Ignoring the remark, Yami Bakura suggests to Yami Marik that he is worried because Marik knows everything about him, however Yami Marik comments that he is complete on his own and does not need Marik. Furious at this, Marik firmly denies that Yami Marik could survive without him as he prepares to summon The Winged Dragon of Ra and crush hs dark side.