The Grave Keeper’s Secret

As Kaiba and Mokuba enter Kaiba Craft’s main computer room, Mokuba informs his brother that the mainframe is still gaving problems translating the last few words printed on The Winged Dragon of Ra. Looking at the scan of the card, Kaiba is startled to realise that he is able to read the hieratic text perfectly even though he has never seen it before in his life. Remembering what Yami Marik and Ishizu have both said about Kaiba being able to read it, he once again considers whether the Egyptian myths they both speak of are true but is still sceptical.

Meanwhile, an announcement over the tannoy system informs the rest of the duellists that the next round will take place on the following day once the ship has landed at the next destination. Glad to be getting off the blimp, Joey is excited about the prospect of making it through to the finals so that he can finally have his rematch with Yugi. Preparing to head off to bed, the gang decide to first go see how Mai is coping but when they reach the door to the room they are met by Ishizu.

As everyone enters Mai’s room, Serenity tells them that there has been no change in Mai’s condition since they left to watch the duel. Concerned and furious, Joey promises to make Marik pay for what he has done but Serenity tells him that anger is not the answer, reminding Joey that it was Mai’s anger towards him that caused her to become distracted during her duel. As Serenity becomes distressed by the fact that the world she has seen since taking off her bandages has been full of hatred, Ishizu informs the group that Marik used to be an innocent child until he was forced to take part in the Tomb Keeper’s initiation.

Explaining that there is a dark presence currently controlling Marik’s body, Ishizu still hopes that she can save her brother and decides that the time has come to inform Yugi of how Marik became so bitter: “The Ishtar family lived in secrecy, guarding the pharaoh’s tomb for 5000 yeard, and, after taking part in the Tomb Keeper’s initiation, Marik bore the secrets of the pharaoh and was therefore forbidden from leaving the tomb. However he yearned to see what life was like on the surface and begged Ishizu to show him the world.”

“Although reluctant to go against the ruls of the tribe, Ishizu was eventually persuaded by her brother after Odion promised to cover for them. Making her brother agree to leave for no longer than an hour, the two made their way to the surface as Odion used pillows to pad out their beds. As Marik opened the door to the surface he was amazed by the sunlight, and while everything seemed alright Ishizu did not realise the consequences that their expedition would have.”

“Making their way into the busy town, Marik was astounded by everything he saw, especially a magazine picture of a motorbike. Hearing the noise of a nearby television, Marik was intrigued by the technology and asked Ishizu what the two contraptions were. Although he had only seen a picture of one, Marik began to desire a motorbike, quickly becoming bitter that his role as Tomb Keeper would prevent him from ever owning or riding one.”

“Realising that her brother had seen too much, Ishizu presuaded Marik to make his way back to the tomb however he begged her to let him bring the picture of the motorbike with him. Agreeing under the condition that Marik keep it hidden, the two made their way back to the tomb however before they could leave the town they were stopped by a mysterious robed man, Shadi, who told them that they should begin to prepare for the pharaoh’s imminent return.”

Knowing now why the Tomb Keeper’s forbade their members to visit the surface world, Ishizu feared what would happen to her brother now that he had been exposed to the world and was beginning to reject his family, allowing the evil inside of him to grow as he did this: “Wondering what the robed figure meant, Ishizu and Marik hurried back to the entrance to the tomb. Not wanting to go back into the darkness, Marik approached one of the stone walls, straddling his legs over it as if it were a motorbike.”

“Wanting to ride away on a motorbike and make his own destiny, Marik was reluctant to return to the tomb however, as he and Ishizu opened the tomb door, he noticed an alarm to warn if the door were opened. Worried that their father may have discovered that they left the tomb, Ishizu and Marik rushed to Marik’s room only to discover the covers had been ripped off. Realising that Odion may be in trouble, the two found their friend being punished by their own father who had used the Millennium Rod to weaken Odion.”

“Furious at the betrayal of his two children, Mr Ishtar was determined to make Odion pay for their insolence but before he could do anything else Marik’s head began to hurt as his evil spirit took control. Unintimidated by his father, the dark Marik claimed the Millennium Rod as his own, using it to force his father against the wall. Ishizu tried to get her brother to stop but he used the Rod on her as well and as he did. As Ishizu realised that an evil spirit was controlling her brother, she could but watch as Yami Marik sent their father to the Shadow Realm”

“Preparing to also send Odion to the Shadow Realm, Yami Marik’s control was broken by Marik’s spirit however as he came to his senses Marik remembered nothing of what had happened. Before he could come to terms with the situation, Marik was visited by Shadi for a second time, this time to be warned not to continue along the path of ultimate darkness but to turn back and prepare for the pharaoh’s return.”

Having heard Ishizu’s story, Yugi begins to realise that Yami Marik feeds on Marik’s anger and jealousy however Joey does not care, still determined to make him pay for what he did to Mai. Ishizu informs Yugi that he may be the only hope to save her brother from the evil within him however before the two can talk further an announcement over the tannoy informs the group that the lights on the ship will go out in two minutes time.

As Tristan plans to crash in Joey’s room for the night, his friend is not so happy about the proposed sleeping arrangements. Telling Yugi to get a good night’s rest as it is likely that one of them may end up duelling Marik in the morning, Joey is horrified by Serenity’s suggestion that he may end up facing Yugi in the semi-finals. While the first few members of the group head off to their quarters, Ishizu hands Yugi her Millennium Necklace, informing him that she is no longer able to use it.

Worried for her friend, Téa calls for Ishizu to wait as the rest of the group heads off and asks her whether the world will be safe once Marik has been defeated. As Ishizu responds that she does not know the answer to that question and that Yami will have to find the answer on his own, Téa has little time to contemplate the reply before Marik takes control of her body to deliver the Millennium Ring back to Bakura.

Arriving at his room, Yugi is worried about the upcoming confrontation with Marik but Yami tells him that everything will be alright. However Yugi is still not convinced, worried that the Heart of the Cards may not be strong enough to defeat Marik’s power. Meanwhile, Yami Marik has returned to Odion’s room and is preparing to send him to the Shadow Realm as Yami Bakura enters the room. As Yami Marik senses that Marik’s spirit is also residing within Bakura’s body, Bakura informs Yami Marik that he has come to take Marik’s body back for him.

As Yami Bakura goes on to explain that Marik has promised him the Millennium Rod if he defeats Yami Marik, his opponent mocks his foolish desire to collect the Millennium Items and prepares to add him to his collection of victims, using the Millennium Rod to pin him against the wall. However before Yami Marik can make his next move, Yami Bakura uses his own Millennium Ring to stop him in his tracks.

Demanding the Millennium Rod from Yami Marik, Yami Bakura is intrigued as his opponent suggests that the two of them duel for their Millennium Items. Making their way to the Stratos Duelling Arena, Yami Marik announces that the winner will claim the Millennium Rod while the loser is sent to the Shadow Realm. With the arena prepared, the two ready themselves for the Shadow Game of their lives.