Kaiba vs. the Future (2)

With Obelisk in his hand, Kaiba once again asks Ishizu if she believes that she will be able to defeat him and once again she insists that she will and that Obelisk the Tormentor is that card that has sealed her victory. Yugi and the others are less confident of Ishizu’s ability to win and Yugi worries as to what will happen to Marik if his sister is defeated before she can save him.

As Ishizu and Yami Marik both look forward to Kaiba’s upcoming defeat, Ishizu knows that Kaiba is preparing to try and wipe out her Magic cards. Activating Virus Cannon, Kaiba does just as Ishizu predicted, forcing his opponent to discard 10 magic cards from her deck to her Graveyard. With her powerful monsters and most of her Magic cards now banished to the Graveyard, things look bad for Ishizu until she informs Kaiba that she knew of his plans all along.

Revealing her set card, Exchange of the Spirit, Ishizu sacrifices 1000 Life Points (I’s LP: 1400) to force both her and Kaiba to sawp their decks with their Graveyards. Realising that Ishizu lured him into using both his Crush Card and Virus Cannon, Kaiba is stunned as his deck now only has 6 cards left in it while Ishizu’s deck now has all of the powerful monsters back that Kaiba had destroyed.

In the computer room, Mokuba is making good progress translating Ra’s text however as he sees what has just happened to his brother he stops work on the translation to go and offer his support. Back at the duelling arena, Kaiba is still coming to turns with his predicament as both Yugi and Yami Marik are impressed by Ishizu’s tactics. However as Ishizu summons Kelbek (1500/1800), Téa points out that Kaiba still has Obelisk the Tormentor in his hand.

Setting one card, Ishizu ends her turn and lets a furious Kaiba draw one of his six remaining cards. As Kaiba tries his best to work out a way to stop being defeated in his own tournament, Mokuba arrives to offer his support but his arrival is not greatly welcomed by Kaiba who is frustrated that they have still not translated the last line of Ra’s text. Revealing to Kaiba that the card he is about to draw is Virus Cannon, Ishizu taunts him to try and use it and, as he does so, Ishizu reveals Muko, forcing Kaiba to discard the card.

Asking Kaiba whether he still does not believe that she has seen every card he is going to play, Ishizu is not overly surprised when her opponent does not reply. But as Ishizu’s turn begins, Joey wonders why Kaiba did not attack and Yugi suggests that Kaiba might need Ishizu’s monsters to remain on the field in order to activate Soul Exchange. As Ishizu summons Zorga (1700/1200), she too knows of Kaiba’s plans and, sensing this, Yugi tries to warn Kaiba that he is getting into things that he cannot handle. However Kaiba remains as stubborn as ever and refuses to listen to Yugi’s advice, still confident that Obelisk is the key to victory.

Unlike Kaiba, Ishizu has no need for her opponent’s monsters to be left on the field as she orders both her monsters to attack, eliminating Kaiba’s Gremlin and dealing a hefty blow to his Life Points (K’s LP: 1350). Setting one card, Ishizu ends her turn and as Kaiba prepares to draw his next card he is concerned as to what Ishizu has set this time. Not one to make Kaiba wait, Ishizu reveals her set card, a second Muko, as Kaiba draws the next card from his deck, forcing him to discard it to his Graveyard immediately.

Running low on cards, Kaiba is concerned that he may not survive long enough to summon Obelisk the Tormentor however Mokuba is sure that his big brother will win. Setting one card, Kaiba ends his turn and as Ishizu’s begins she is confident that the face down card is none other than Soul Exchange, the card that will finally seal Kaiba’s defeat. As Ishizu sets a card of her own, Kaiba hopes that she will summon a monster to the field, not realising that Ishizu’s own set card will infect Obelisk the Tormentor when Kaiba summons it to the field.

As Ishizu summons Ajito (1500/1300), Kaiba is pleased that his plan has worked although is also slightly concerned that Ishizu may know what he is planning. Revealing Soul Exchange, Kaiba sacrifices all three of Ishizu’s monsters in order to summon his Egyptian God Card, Obelisk the Tormentor (4000/4000) to the field. As the ancient beast appears on the field, the gang are all of the belief that Kaiba may now have the power to defeat Ishizu, however Yami Marik is not so sure.

Preparing himself for the attack which he believes will bring him victory, Kaiba does not realise that when he played Soul Exchange he activated Ishizu’s trap card, Sacrifice’s Blast and that when Obelisk attacks it will self-destruct, eliminating the rest of his Life Points in the process. As everyone wonders just how Kaiba could lose now, Ishizu tells Kaiba to attack, knowing that in her visions Kaiba is defeated as soon as he orders the attack.

However as Ishizu prepares for her victory, and Yami Marik looks forward to facing her in a future round of the tournament, the Millennium Rod begins to glow as visions of the ancient stone tablets being held at Domino Museum, a carving of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and an image of the ancient sorceror holding a girl in his arms in front of the carving of the Blue-Eyes, all flash before Kaiba’s eyes. Confused as to what these images could mean, Kaiba begins to wonder whether attacking with Obelisk is the right thing to do or not.

As Yami Marik wonders how somebody else is managing to tap into the power of the Millennium Rod, Yugi senses that the Rod has shown Kaiba something. Sure enough, Kaiba’s instincts after seeing the visions are telling him not to use Obelisk but instead to summon his Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the field, even though that was not what he had intended to do when the duel began. Playing Silent Doom, Kaiba summons Gadget Soldier (1800/2000), from his Graveyard, in Defence Mode.

Startled by this move, one that she had not forseen, Ishizu is even more concerned as Kaiba sacrifices his two monsters to summon forth the Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500). As Ishizu tries to work out what went wrong with her vision, Kaiba informs her that he will decide his own fate and suggests that she has been faking her abilities. Realising that something from Kaiba’s past must have awakened within him, allowing him to change his future, Ishizu is impressed, not disappointed, as Kaiba attacks and eliminates her remaining Life Points.

While Mokuba is pleased that his big brother has won the duel, Yugi is sure that the Millennium Rod somehow showed Kaiba the way to win and wonders if it had anything to do with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon carved onto the stone tablet that Ishizu showed him. As Yugi hopes that Kaiba may now begin to believe in the power of destiny, Kaiba insists that he will win by his own skill and intellect, not because fate made it so.

Thanking Kaiba for showing her the true nature of destiny, Ishizu still hopes that she may be able to save her brother with the support of both Yugi and Kaiba even though the quest will not be an easy one. Although she may have lost the duel, Ishizu knows that she has gained the realisation that Kaiba’s help will be needed to save Marik however Kaiba is still unwilling to help anyone other than himself. But as Kaiba tells Yugi to begin preparations for their upcoming duel, Ishizu is confident that Kaiba will eventually accept his destiny.