Kaiba vs. the Future (1)

With Mai’s body resting in her bed, her mind is still trapped in the Shadow Realm as Joey tries his best to get her to wake up. Concerned by Mai’s situation, Serenity offers to keep an eye on Mai while Joey and the others head back up to the Stratos Dueling Arena to watch Kaiba’s duel against the eigth Battle City finalist. Although Joey is initially apprehensive about leaving Mai, his sister tells him that it is what Mai would have wanted and also that she wants to repay Mai for the help she gave her when she was scared at Domino Pier.

Agreeing to leave Mai under Serenity’s care, Joey and the others head back up to the arena but when they arrive they discover that Kaiba’s opponent has still not arrived. While Yugi hopes that the duellist is not working for Marik, Kaiba is not concerned as to who his opponent might be, confident that he will defeat them easily thanks to his God Card, Obelisk the Tormentor. As everyone continues to await the arrival of the mysterious eighth duellist, Mokuba contacts his brother over their intercom system to inform him that the computer is beginning to translate the text printed on The Winged Dragon of Ra.

Tired of waiting, a five minute ultimatum is issued to Kaiba’s opponent and as Kaiba waits for her arrival Yugi tries to talk to Kaiba. However Kaiba is not interested in what Yugi has to say and informs his rival that he is not going to land the ship for Mai just as he refused to land it for Bakura. As the gang are angered by Kaiba’s attitude he is confident that his opponent has backed out, but before he can be declared the winner by default the lift to the arena arrives and his opponent steps out.

With the cloth mask still cloaking her face, the eighth duellist makes her way to the arena as Kaiba and the umpire, Roland, both demand that she reveal her identity. Removing the cloth from her face everyone is shocked to see that the eighth duellist is none other that Ishizu Ishtar, curator of the Ancient Egyptian exhibit at Domino Museum. While Marik tries to contact his sister mentally and is blocked by Yami Marik, Kaiba is amused to see that the same person who gave him Obelisk the Tormentor is now attempting to win it back.

Unconcerned by Kaiba’s comments, Ishizu announces that she is her to save Marik, her brother, explaining that he has not always been bitter like he is now. As the rest of the people on the ship try to take in the fact that Ishizu and Marik are brother and sister, Ishizu goes on to explain that she is certain that some goodness still resides within Marik. She also informs Kaiba that she has already forseen the result of their duel thanks to the power of her Millennium Necklace and that Kaiba will be defeated.

Confident that Ishizu is bluffing, Kaiba warns her that he will crush her with the help of the same Egyptian God Card that she gave to him. As Kaiba realises that Ishizu persuaded him to organise Battle City merely to save her brother he is less than pleased to hear his opponent inform him that the only one capable of saving her brother is Yami, the ancient pharaoh. Although furious at having been manipulated, Kaiba is amused by Ishizu’s faith in such superstitious nonsense, however as he remembers the scenes from Ancient Egypt that Ishizu showed him he is not totally confident that the story of the pharaoh is just that; a story.

Tiring of small talk, Kaiba demans that the duel begin although as he makes his first move it is already clear that Ishizu may not have been bluffing. As Kaiba summons Vorse Raider (1900/1200), Ishizu knows that he will set one card before he does so. With Kaiba’s first move finished, Ishizu warns Kaiba that she knows every move that he is going to make, a fact that makes even Yugi doubt Kaiba’s chances of winning. Meanwhile, in Kaiba Craft’s computer room, Mokuba is having trobule translating the final line of The Winged Dragon of Ra’s card text.

Making her first move, Ishizu draws and summons Keldo (1200/1600) in Defence Mode without even looking at it. Shocked that Ishizu knew what card she was going to draw, Joey suggests that Ishizu may be trying some kind of trick like the one Espa Roba played on him however Yugi assures him that Ishiizu’s powers are very real. Marik too knows of Ishizu’s powers, although unlike the rest of the spectators he knows the limit of Ishizu’s abilities.

Not content with the current display of her skills, Ishizu continues her turn by playing Michizure of Doom, a card that allows each player to choose two cards in their opponent’s hand and discard them to the Graveyard. Without looking at Kaiba’s cards, Ishizu tells him to discard Polymerization and Kaiser Glider. Still certain that Ishizu is using some kind of trick to see what cards he has, Kaiba demands that she show him her hand and then chooses Revival Magic and Monster Reborn to be discarded.

Recognising Ishizu’s strategy, Marik remembers how Ishizu used to use it to defeat him in duels when they were children, however he is certain that he would be able to defeat it should they meet in the later rounds of the tournament. Ishizu, meanwhile, attempts to contact her brother mentally but is once again blocked by Yami Marik who informs her what Marik’s mind has been sealed away permanently.

Still confident that his skill will overpower Ishizu’s trickery, Kaiba orders his Vorse Raider to attack, destroying Ishizu’s Keldo. Mocking Ishizu’s situation, Kaiba does not realise that she knows his every move, and as he prepares to infect Ishizu’s deck with his Crush Card he does not expect that she may be ready for his virus. Setting one card on the field, Kaiba ends his turn and as Ishizu draws her next card she is pleased, knowing that it will be useful later on.

Seemingly unaware of what Kaiba is planning, Ishizu summons Mudora (1500/1800) but rather than end her turn she informs Kaiba that she will defeat him when he attempts to use Obelisk the Tormentor. Fed up of the constant talking, Kaiba demands Ishizu make her move and as she plays Sword of Dogra, increasing her monster’s ATK to 2000, she orders it to attack Kaiba’s Vorse Raider.

Pleased to see that Ishizu has fallen into his trap, Kaiba activates Shrink to reduce his Raider’s ATK to 950 before then revealing his Crush Card. As Kaiba’s monster is destroyed (K’s LP: 2950), Ishizu’s deck becomes infected with the virus and she is forced to send all monsters with an ATK of 1500 or greater to her Graveyard. While both Joey and Yugi are confused as to the fact that Ishizu seemingly fell for Kaiba’s trap, Ishizu is not concerned at how depleted her deck has become as she plays Swords of Revealing Light.

While Kaiba is amused to see that Ishizu is having to stall in the hopes of drawing a card which may help her to win, Ishizu is still confident that everything is going the way that it should be as she sets one card. Knowing that Kaiba has Virus Cannon in his hand, Ishizu ends her turn, confident that he is planning to use it, and, as Kaiba prepares to make his move, Yami Marik is intrigued by the mind games that Ishizu is using on her opponent.

Summoning Dark Gremlin (1600/1800) in Defence Mode, Kaiba sets Virus Cannon and ends his turn. As Ishizu draws one card before ending her turn, she warns Kaiba that he will draw the card to seal his defeat in just two more turns. Still doubting that Ishizu’s powers are real, Kaiba insists that victory in Duel Monsters is about power not trickery. While Mokuba has almost finished translating the text printed on The Winged Dragon of Ra, Ishizu tells Kaiba to make his next move.

As Kaiba informs Ishizu that he would like to see her winning strategy, if she actually has one, she suggests that he is going to pass and he does so. Drawing the card that she needed, Ishizu informs Kaiba to make his move and, as the Swords of Revealing Light fade away, Kaiba doubts that Ishizu has the power to defeat him. Preparing to draw his next card, Kaiba remembers what Ishizu told him at the museum about the Egyptian God Cards and as he draws his ‘final card’ he somehow knows that it will be Obelisk the Tormentor.

Switching his Dark Gremlin to Attack Mode, Kaiba orders it to attack Ishizu directly (I’s LP: 2400). Confident that victory will soon be his, Kaiba informs Ishizu that he will use Obelisk to destroy her however she replies that using Obelisk is the very strategy that will seal his defeat. Still not believing Ishizu’s powers are real, Kaiba is certain that she is wrong and that victory will be his once he calls forth his Egyptian God Card.