Mind Game (3)

Amused by Mai’s futile attempts to control The Winged Dragon of Ra, Yami Marik informs his opponent that he is the only one capable of unsealing the monster and that soon her mind will be trapped in the Shadow Realm forever. As Yami Marik explains that only those with knowledge of the ancient scriptures is able to read the and text on Ra’s card, Mai is shocked to see that the previously blank card now has a number of lines of ancient writing printed on it.

Going on to explain that the person who reads the card text will gain control of the monster, Yami Marik offers to let Mai have a go at deciphering it before he takes control. However while Mai is unable to decode the text, Kaiba informs Mokuba to scan the card and begin translating what the text says. As Mokuba heads off, Yami Marik announces that the writing is a form of heiroglyphics known only by high ranking officials in Ancient Egypt and mockingly informs Kaiba that he should be able to read it.

Explaining that very few people on the ship will be able to translate the card, Yami Marik informs his audience that even Pegasus himself did not understand what the text said and that he simply copied them onto the card. As Mai summises that her attempts to decipher the text are futile, Yugi realises that Yami Marik set the whole duel up in order to get Mai to summon the God Card. Setting one card, Gravity Bind, Mai ends her turn and passes to Yami Marik.

With his final turn now at hand, Marik summons Holding Legs (800/600) and uses its effect to return Mai’s Trap Card to her hand. He then proceeds to use the special ability of his two monsters to summon the Sacred Stone of Oujah, a mystical stone tablet that appears on the field behind Mai. As the two monsters attack Mai directly they grasp her arms and legs before pinning her to the Sacred Stone, preventing her from moving or reaching her Duel Disk.

Amazed at the power of the holograms, Mai is shocked to be told that these monsters are actually real. As Mai feels the full force of the attack (M’s LP: 800), Joey calls out to her but she is still unable to see him or recognise his voice, and before she can do anything else Yami Marik begins the chant that will gain him control of Ra:

Great beast of the sky, please hear my cry,

Transform thyself from orb of light and bring me victory in this fight.

As the orb containing Ra begins to glow brighter and open, Yami Marik continues to chant:

Envelope the desert with your glow and cast your rage upon my foe.

Unlock your powers deep within so that together we may win.

Appear in this Shadow Game as I call your name…

Winged Dragon of Ra

With the chant complete, a winged, golden dragon appears on the field as Marik successfully unlocks The Winged Dragon of Ra (5400/3900). Sensing the immense power of the God Card, Yugi knows that Mai will be destroyed if she is hit with the full strength of Ra’s attack and tells Yami Marik to leave Mai alone as his dispute is with him. However Yami Marik is enjoying the duel too much to give up now and is determined to cause the Pharaoh as much pain as possible before he is destroyed, even if it means targetting his friends.

As Yami Marik orders his Winged Dragon to attack, Joey decides that enough is enough and rushes over to Mai to try and help her break free before Marik’s God attacks. Calling out to his friend, telling her that she will be alright, Joey starts to break Marik’s spell and Mai’s memories of him begin to return to her. Realising how much of a jerk he had been earlier, Joey tells Mai that she had also been in the dream he had and that he thinks of her as a friend.

Realising that she is not alone, Mai breaks Marik’s spell and is able to see Joey again, however things may be too late for her as Ra’s attack is unleashed with her still chained to the Sacred Stone. As Joey refuses to leave Mai to face the force of the attack, Yami jumps onto the arena and uses his body to shield his friends from the force of the attack. Hoping that he may have defeated the pharaoh much sooner than expected, Yami Marik is furious to see that Yugi has survived the attack and that all three friends are still alive.

As Yami Marik is declared the winner of the duel and the Shadow Magic fades, Joey tries his best to wake the unconscious Yugi as Yami Marik approaches and threatens to send his nemesis to the Shadow Realm. As Joey tries to stop Marik he uses the Millennium Rod to paralyse Joey before approaching Mai and using the Rod to seal her mind in the Shadow Realm.

Stunned by the light, Mai finds herself trapped inside a large hour glass and as she looks down she can see Yugi, Joey and the others playing at the beach. Calling out to them, Mai finds that they canot hear her although Yami Marik can. As her opponent taunts her he informs Mai that she will be trapped in the Shadow Realm, alone, for eternity and as he reclaims Ra from the center of the hourglass sand begins to fall into Mai’s half and her memories of her friends begin to fade away once again.

With her mind gone, Mai’s body collapses, lifeless, and as Yami Marik prepares to walk off Joey demands to know what has happened to her. As Joey’s anger builds and he prepares to attack Marik, Serenity tells him not to, worried about what might happen to her big brother. Leaving the group of friends to pick up the pieces, Yami Marik walks off content in the fact that he grows stronger with every mind he sends to the Shadow Realm.

Desperately trying to wake their friends, the gang are glad to see Yami waking although they are still concerned about Mai. As the gang explain to Yami what Marik did to their friend, Mokuba contacts Kaiba over their personal intercom system to inform him that there are other texts printed on Ra that were not revealed during the duel. As Kaiba tells Mokuba to continue translating the text he orders Yugi and the others to clear the field, determined to get his duel over and done with as quickly as possible.