Duel with a Ghoul

As Yugi and his friends try to take in the fact that Yugi’s opponent is Kaiba, Kemo tells them that he has no chance against a ghost and his memories. The ghost of Kaiba tells Yugi that it is his fault that he has gone, and that when he defeated him in the duel against Exodia he not only took away his title but also stole his life and destroyed his soul.

However Yugi is not convinced that his opponent is the real Kaiba and orders him to begin the duel, knowing to himself that there is no way to imitata Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes deck. As each duelist stakes three star chips on the outcome of the duel, Kaiba uses his thoughts to taunt Yugi, telling him that he has no chance of winning the duel.

As Yugi’s opponent makes his first move, he plays the Hitotsu-Me Giant, the same opening move that Seto Kaiba played when he and Yugi first dueled. However Yugi plays the Dark Magician and easily destroys the Giant, reducing Kaiba’s life points to 700 after just one turn. As Yugi seems confident that he can defeat the impostor, his opponent warns him that he may as well give up now as without Exodia Yugi has no way of winning.

As the banter between Yugi and Kaiba continues, the real Kaiba is very much alive and is preparing to break back into his house, sneaking past Pegasus’s guards as he remembers how he escaped from Pegasus’s guards by grabbing onto a ledge hanging out from the cliff after he jumped out of the window.

Now that he has made it back into the compound, Kaiba makes his way to his secret lab where he prepares to put a stop to Pegasus’s schemes. However Kaiba’s confidence in Yugi begins to fade as he learns that Yugi no longer has Exodia and he begins to hack into Pegasus’s mainframe to see how Yugi is doing.

As the real Kaiba trties to infiltrate Pegasus’s computer system, the fake Kaiba shocks the group with his next card, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. As Yugi and his friends realise that this must be Kaiba’s deck, Yugi is still not convinced that it is Seto Kaiba who is using it.

At his secret lab, the real Kaiba has hacked into the Duelist Kingdom mainframe without much difficulty, but as he tries to search for Yugi’s data he hits the main security system of the mainframe. Realising that there is no way to hack into the data, Kaiba decides to use a different approach. Hacking into the satellite that transmits data from the island to the main computer on the network, Kaiba reprogrammes the satellite and froces it to crash into the building that houses the main computer. With the network shut down Kaiba is able to hack into the mainframe and begin a search for the Dark Magician.

As the fake Kaiba’s turn continues, he plays a card face down and then ends his turn, taunting Yugi by not attacking with his Blue-Eyes. Not wanting to lose any life points when his opponent attacks, Yugi switches his Magician to defence mode and then plays the Curse of Dragon in defence mode as well. However as he does so, Kaiba reveals his Stop Defence card, a card which forces both of Yugi’s monsters into attack mode. Attacking with his Blue-Eyes, Kaiba destroys Yugi’s Curse of Dragon, reducing his life points to 1000.

Back at the lab, Kaiba has searched all but one of the active dueling fields without success and is now certain that Yugi must be dueling on field 146. However as he attempts to access the field data the system freezes as he hits another security feature. Determined to get through, Kaiba uses a program to blast through the defences, but finds himself up against a password-protected fortress protecting Yugi’s data. Confident that Pegasus will have used an easy to guess password, Kaiba tries “Pegasus” and successfully gains access to Yugi’s dueling data, but will he believe what he finds?

As the duel continues, Mokuba tells Yugi that he is certain that his opponent isn’t his brother and that his brother would never be mean like this guy is. Yugi, who has also come to the same conclusion, plays the Magical Hats, hiding his Dark Magician under one of four hats. Kaiba mocks the pathetic trick, but Yugi tells him that it is more than a trick and that he only has a 25% chance of attacking the Dark Magician. However the bigger problem for his opponent is the question of what is under the other hats.

Unfazed by Yugi’s trickery, Kaiba seems confident that he knows where the Dark Magician is hiding and orders his Blue-Eyes to attack. Yugi is hopeful that Kaiba has guessed wrong, but if he is right then he will have lost everything he was fighting for.