Awakening of Evil (4)

As Marik begs Namu not to make him summon Ra, Namu insists that he do it as a sign of his loyalty towards the Tomb Keepers. While the gang looks on, confused as to why Marik has not yet attacked and finished Joey off, Marik brings out the Millennium Rod once again, announcing that he will summon The Winged Dragon of Ra as proof as to who he really is. Sacrificing the Mystical Beast of Serket, along with half of his Life Points (M’s LP: 200) Marik calls forth The Winged Dragon of Ra from the Ancient Ark within Temple of the Kings.

Pleased that he will finally see the power of the third and final God Card, Kaiba is impressed as the Ancient Ark opens and the sky lights up as Ra is called to the field. As Ishizu senses that Ra has been summoned, Kaiba is in awe as he looks upon the most powerful of the three God Cards. Determined to get the duel finished quickly, Marik explains that Ra adopts the ATK and DEF of the monsters used to summon it, making its ATK an immense 5845.

Although worried for Joey, the gang hopes that he still has some way to win however Namu is not so sure, confident that everything is going according to plan and that soon Joey will be defeated. But as Marik orders Ra to attack, both Namu and Ishizu sense that something has gone awry as Namu’s real God Card begins to glow, as if angered by the use of a fake version. As Namu realises that Marik is not strong enough to control the copy of the card, a storm begins to brew above the duelling arena as Ra’s wrath bears down on the duellists.

As lightning bolts begin to strike the field, Odion, the duellist who everyone believed was Marik up until now, is struck down and as he does so his fake Millennium Rod is shattered. As Odion apologises to Namu, the real Marik, for failing him the gang realise that they have been duped by somebody. As Joey tries to cross the arena to see if Odion is alright, Yugi warns him to be careful but it is too late and Joey is also struck down by lightning.

As the gang prepare to see if Joey and the fake Marik are alright, the referee stops them from entering the arena while the duel is still in progress. Furious that Kaiba is allowing the duel to go on with both players unconscious, the gang is even more angry as Kaiba announces that the first person to stand up in the next five minutes will win the duel, unless neither stand up in which case they will both be disqualified.

With only three minutes remaining until both players forfeit the duel, Ishizu senses that the evil presence within Marik is growing once again and remembers how the only thing that had been sealing it away was Odion’s loyalty to his master. Although Ishizu is determined to revive the goodness within Marik, things look bad as Marik struggles to fight the evil within him and although Odion begins to stand up he then collapses once again. With two minutes remaining until their friend is disqualified from the tournament, the gang call for Joey to stand up not realising that he is deep in a dream at the present moment.

“Sleeping at his desk at school, Joey is woken by Téa, Tristan, Duke, Yugi and Bakura who tell him that he has to get up because time is running our for the most important duel of his life. As a dazed Joey tried to ready his deck he drops all of his cards on the floor but the gang helps him to pick them up, offering to help him prepare his deck as best they can. Kaiba calls to Joey to give up but he refuses, handing Tristan a list of the cards in his deck.”

“As the gang continue to gather up the cards, Joey sees Serenity and Mai helping gather the cards and they explain that they weren’t going to miss the biggest duel of his life. However as Joey tries to make sense of everything Tristan pulls him to one side and points out that the list he handed him was blank. Joey is confused but thanks Tristan for being such a great friend considering everything that has happened and as the two return to help sort the deck Yugi hands Joey the finshed pile of cards.”

“Now ready to head off, the gang makes for the classroom door but Joey is unable to stand up and calls for some help only to find every one of his friends offering to help him stand up.” As Joey stands up in his dream, he wakes to find himself standing on the arena with his opponent lying unconscious on the other side of the arena. Remembereing everything that has happened, Joey is pleased as he is announced the winner of the duel.

As Joey rushes over to his opponent to see how he is doing, Kaiba wonders what went wrong as Odion apologises to Joey for everything that has happened. As Joey and his opponent agree that they fought an honourable duel, the gang see Namu struggling to fight something and realise that he is clutching the real Millennium Rod.

Announcing that he is indeed the real Marik Ishtar, Marik informs Yugi that he will take great pleasure in defeating him however as Odion begins to lose consciousness once more he tries to warn Yugi and Joey that there is a presence within Marik that is more evil than the nemesis they have been facing so far. As Odion collapses unconscious, the evil presence within Marik takes control of Marik’s body and warns Yugi that soon he and his friends will be banished to the Shadow Realm for eternity.

As the new Marik explains that only a chosen few people can successfully control a God Card Ishizu senses that her brother is no longer in control of his body. However this new spirit seems more confident than ever that he will defeat Yugi and claim the power of the Gods and the Pharaoh and it may be that even Yami will be unable to defeat him when the final battle begins.