Awakening of Evil (3)

With Marik’s Mystical Beast on the field, things look bad for Joey however he refuses to give up even thoguh the monster’s stats (2500/2000) make it stronger than any of his monsters. As Marik is intrigued by Joey’s determination, Serenity is worried for her brother however Yugi reassuers her that Joey can still win this as long as Marik refrains from summoning The Winged Dragon of Ra.

Meanwhile, Marik once again contacts Namu to ask why he put Ra in his deck and Namu explains that the card is not the real one but merely a copy. Namu explains that the Rare Hunters spent months perfecting the copying process and althogh some problems occurred when the early copies were tested he is sure that Marik will have no problem using this copy. Although honoured that Namu has such faith in him, Marik is sure that he can defeat Joey without needing to use Ra and as Joey passes, having drawn Polymerisation, Marik decides to show off his monster’s power.

Attacking Joey’s Jinzo, Marik’s Mystical Beast absorbs the monster along with half of it’s ATK points (MB’s ATK: 3700). As Joey realises that Marik’s monster is only going to get stronger as the turns go on, he is forced to pass, allowing Marik to absorb his Insect Queen (MB’s ATK: 4900). As Serenity starts to worry that her brother may be about to lose, Joey calls to her to be strong explaining that she is his biggest inspiration.

Touched by the bond between Joey and his sister, Odion remembers how he was rescued by Marik’s mother when he was abandoned as a child. “Although Odion lived peacefully with Mr and Mrs Ishtar for a time, things became complicated when Odion learned of the Tomb Keeper’s Initiation and how the Ishtars needed an heir to pass their heritage down to. Although Mrs Ishtar suggested that Odion could partake in the ritual, her husband refused to go against tradition.”

“Some time afterwards, Ishizu was born and the Ishtars were pleased although as they still had no male heir Mrs Ishtar informed Odion of the Initiation, hoping that she may be able to convince her husband to let Odion take part in it before his twelfth birthday. However as Odion’s twelfth birthday grew close Mrs Ishtar gave birth to Marik meaning Odion would no longer be needed to take part in the Initiation.”

“As Mrs Ishtar died in labour giving birth to Marik, Odion was given the task of making sure he remained safe as he grew up. The task was hard and whenever Marik injured himself Odion was blamed by Mr Ishtar and often beaten, however Odion devoted his life to protecting Marik and the two grew close like brothers. Forced to devote his life to the pharaoh and the scriptures, Marik grew bitter about the prospect of having to live in the tomb forever and Odion offered to partake in the ritual in Marik’s place.”

“Furious at this suggestion, Mr Ishtar refused Odion’s offer and forced Marik to take part in the painful ritual. After the Initiation, Marik was furious at Odion until his friend revealed that he had performed his own ritual to show his loyalty for his master. Although the hatred towards Odion faded, Marik’s anger remained and he seemed somehow changed, as if infused with an evil side”.

As Namu (Marik) orders Marik (Odion) to hurry up and make his next move, Marik is sure that he will defeat Joey and his opponent is starting to doubt his chance of winning as well. However as Joey refuses to surrender Mai is worried that he is about to be defeated although Yugi doints out that Joey seems more confident than ever, even with the odds stacked against him. As Joey’s Legendary Fisherman is absorbed (MB’s ATK: 5825) Joey is upset at having let Mako down and as he passes he challenges Marik to attack.

With no cards on Joey’s side of the field, victory seems assured for Marik however Joey is still confident that he will not be defeated, and as Marik orders his Mystical Beast to attack Joey announces that he does not believe that his opponent is the real Marik Ishtar. As everyone looks on confused, Joey explains that while the Marik from Battle City was evil and ruthless, this Marik has fought a fair duel since the beginning.

Accusing his opponent of being an impostor, Joey angers Marik and Namu and Yugi agrees with Joey explaining that he too has his doubts that Joey’s opponent is the real Marik. As the gang wonder who Marik could really be if he is not Joey’s opponent, suspicion is cast towards Namu until he orders Marik to summon Ra to convince everybody that he really is Marik. Although worried that the God Card may prove to powerful for him to handle, Marik has little choice but to obey unless he wishes to face the wrath of the real Marik.