Awakening of Evil (1)

With the finalists once again gathered in the main hall, the selection for the second duel begins as the numbers of the six duellists yet to compete begin to rotate within the lottery machine; Kaiba (1), Joey (2), Mai (4), Namu (5), Marik (7), Ishizu (8). As the first ball, number 2, appears from the machine, Joey is excited that he won’t have to wait any longer for his chance to shine, and as his opponent is revealed to be duellist 7, Marik Ishtar, Joey is thrilled to be getting the opportunity to take Marik down in the first round.

As everyone makes their way to the duelling arena, Yugi is worried that Marik may use the Millennium Rod to help him with the duel however this doesn’t concern Joey who, although angry at Marik for everything that has happened, is sure he will win. As the gang worries that Joey may find it hard to stay focused, Serenity is nervous about seeing her brother duel for the first time but the gang reassure her that everything’ll be alright. However as the two duellists make their way to their sides of the arena, Joey begins to get cocky as he announces that he will defeat Marik in exactly nine turns.

While the gang can’t believe how lame Joey is acting, Serenity is amazed at how professional her brother is, already having planned exactly how he is going to defeat his opponent. Completely unfazed by the comment, Marik withdraws the Millennium Rod from his belt but then puts it away again, a sign that he intends to duel fairly. As Namu, the real Marik, looks on he is amused at how easily the others have been fooled into believing that Odion is the real Marik. However while he is not worried by Yugi or Joey, he is concerned as to what Kaiba’s role in the ancient destinies is and why the stone tablet depicting the final duel between the sorceror and the pharaoh showed Kaiba with the Millennium Rod in his posession.

Confident that Kaiba does not realise the true potential of the God Cards, Namu is sure that as long as Odion continues to fool people into thinking that he is Marik they will be able to defeat both Yugi and Kaiba without any major problems. Kaiba, meanwhile, is eager to see the true power of The Winged Dragon of Ra and merely hopes that Joey will survive long enough for Marik to summon it to the field.

As the duel prepares to begin, Namu contacts Marik mentally and tells him that he must win, and as Marik promises to defeat Joey, the duel begins and both duellists are confident that victory will be theirs. Cheering Joey from the sidelines, the gang is shocked to learn that Joey still hasn’t taken back his Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Hoping that Joey will be able to keep his cool against an opponent like Marik, the gang are horrified as Joey, distracted by the prospect of defating Marik and being proclaimed a hero, has the cards from his hand blown away by the wind.

Safely recovering his cards before they are blown away, Joey realises that he will have to be more careful and, focusing on the duel, summons Gearfried the Iron Knight (1800/1600). Although Joey has summoned a strong monster on the opening turn, Marik is not concerned as he activates a Field Magic Card, Temple of the Kings. As an Ancient Egyptian temple appears behind Marik’s side of the duelling arena he explains that the Temple will restrict the number of Magic or Trap cards that Joey can play to just one per turn.

However while Joey is restricted Marik faces no such limit as he sets two cards face down and ends his turn, challenging Joey to attack him. As Duke summises that Marik is trying to lure Joey into a trap, Yugi is worried about the full power of Temple of the Kings. Trying his best to keep his cool, Joey sees that he has Giant Trunade in his hand and is confident that he will be able to use it to destroy all of Marik’s monsters when the time is right.

Summoning Tiny Guardian (1400/1800) Joey ends his turn without attacking and as Marik’s turn begins he sets two more cards before ending his turn. As Yugi and Mai are dumbfounded by the fact that Marik is trying to use such an old strategy to win, Joey is confident that victory is about to be his as he summons Hayabusa Knight (1000/700). With a total attack strength of more than 4000 points at his disposal Joey plays Giant Trunade, hoping to blow away all of Marik’s trap cards leaving him open to a direct attack.

As the Trunade closes in on Marik’s cards, the gang are sure that Joey is about to win, however at the last minute the Trunade’s effect is blocked. As Joey wonders what went wrong, Marik explains that he knew his trap cards were vulnerable and had therefore set a counter trap, Judgement of Anubis. As all of the monsters on Joey’s side of the field are destroyed, half of their total ATK is deducted from his Life Points (J’s LP: 1900).

Understandably furious at having fallen into Marik’s trap, Joey tries to shun the move by claiming that he knew all about Marik’s counter trap and was merely testing him. However while the gang do not believe this even for a second, Serenity has full faith in her brother. As Marik sets two new cards on the field, Joey’s is beginning to lose his cool as he summons Alligator’s Sword (1500/1200). Sure that Marik will activate another trap if he attacks, Joey sets one card and ends his turn however Marik simply passes.

Realising that Marik is trying to force him into attacking, Joey also passes but as Marik passes for a second time Joey cracks and as he summons Rocket Warrior (1500/1300) and orders it to attack. Although surprised that Joey cracked so soon, Marik is pleased as he activates his Eye of Udjat Trap Card, taking control of Joey’s Rocket Warrior and redirecting its attack at Joey’s own Alligator’s Sword.

However Joey is prepared for Marik’s Trap as he reveals his Fairy Box, concealing his Alligator within one of many holes. As the Rocket Warrior attacks, it finds itself attacking an empty hole. Having successfully avoided one of Marik’s traps, Joey becomes confident that Marik has no monsters in his deck, however Marik’s begs to disagree as he explains that while he may have no ordinary monsters, he does have a rare breed of Trap Monster.

As Marik reveals his Embodiment of Opopis, the gang are concerned as to what monster it will summon. However thing go from bad to worse as Marik reveals that he has set not one but three of these traps and as he summons three Opopis Snakes, each with an ATK of 1600, Joey looks done for as Marik prepares for a triple attack that will wipe out almost all of his remaining Life Points.