The Dark Spirit Revealed (2)

Having lured Yugi directly into his trap, Bakura thanks Yugi for all his help so far but his confidence seems misplaced with no monsters to defend himself and only 150 Life Points. However as Yugi’s confidence grows strong Yami Bakura informs him that the evil ghost of Dark Sanctuary will protect him from any of Yugi’s attacks. While Yugi is unimpressed with the threats, Bakura warns him that his naivety will get him nowhere in this duel and taunts his opponent to attack him.

Taking the bait, Yugi orders Gamma the Magnet Warrior to attack, but as he does so the Evil Ghost counters the attack and Yugi suffers in the recoil. As Yugi wonders what has happened, Bakura explains that Yugi’s Magnet Warrior has been posessed by the evil ghost. While Yugi wonders whether any of his other monsters have been posessed by the spirit as well, Bakura informs him that the Dark Sanctuary has other effects as well as the ones that Yugi has experienced so far. Bakura explains that whenever a posessed monster attacks, half of its ATK is deducted from Yugi’s Life Points and added to Bakura’s Life Points (Y’s LP: 3250, B’s LP: 900)

Although taken aback by the attack, Yugi isn’t concerned by the spirit’s effect however as Bakura activates the Destiny Board things start to look grim. As Yugi wonders what the Destiny Board does, Bakura explains that the Ouija Board which has appeared on his side of the field is able to communicate with the lost souls of the Shadow Realm, and as the board moves to the letter “F” Bakura explains that over the next four turns the board will spell out a five letter word and when the word has been spelled out in full Yugi will automatically lose.

While the gang and Mokuba are worried that Yugi might not be able to win, Kaiba’s only concern is whether Yugi will use Slifer the Sky Dragon or not. However Yugi’s turn has not yet begun and Bakura continues by playing The Dark Door, a magic card that prevents Yugi from attacking more than once per turn. Summoning Earthbound Spirit (500/2000), Bakura sacrifices it, explaining that he has to offer one monster as a tribute each turn in order to keep the evil ghost of Dark Sanctuary in play.

Realising that he needs to finish things quickly if he is going to win the duel, Yugi is confident that if he attacks with Dark Magician Girl he will win the duel, however he is concerned about Bakura’s set card and begins by summoning Kuriboh (300/200) in defence mode. With a line of defence to protect him if Bakura’s face down card turns oout to be a trap, Yugi orders his Dark Magician Girl to attack, however as it does so the evil ghost counters the attack (Y’s LP: 2000, B’s LP: 2150). As Bakura relishes in informing Yugi that the spirit posesses a different monster each turn, hiis turn begins and he activates the second letter of the Spirit Message – I.

While Bakura is confident that the duel will be over in three moore turns, Yugi informs him of a flaw in his plan, that the Duel Disk only has room for five magic and trap cards and Bakura only has space for two more letters thanks to The Dark Door. Bakura isn’t too concerned by this though as he explains that Dark Sanctuary allows him to use his monster slots to play more magic and trap cards meaning that he still has plenty of room for the rest of the Spirit Message. While Bakura is confident that Yugi only has three turns until he will be defeated, Mai is sure that Yugi will be able to turn the duel around if he can only work out which monster the evil ghoost has posessed.

As Bakura summons and sacrifices Sangan (1000/600) to maintain the effect of Dark Sanctuary for another turn he uses its effect to draw another monster from his deck before ending his turn. As Bakura watches the evil ghost repossess Yugi’s Dark Magician Girl, Yugi has no idea which monster has been possessed although he doubts that it is his Kuriboh. Apprehensive as to which monster he should attack with, Yugi is frustrated that the only monster in his hand is Big Shield Gardna (100/2600). Although it has a weak ATK, Yugi summons it in defence mode just in case he will need it however Bakura tells him that any attack will be futile, and as Yugi orders his Magnet Warrior to attack Bakura activates his trap card, Dark Spirit of the Silent, forcing Yugi’s possessed Magician Girl to attack (Y’s LP: 750, B’s LP: 3400).

While Duke and Serenity worry that it might be too late for Yugi to turn the tables, Tristan tells them to stay positive for Yugi’s sake, however while Yugi himself is not confident of his ability to win their support may be for nothing. Even so, as Yugi sets two cards he warns Bakura that the evil ghost will soon be no more but as Bakura activates the next letter of the Spirit Message – N and summons Souls of the Forgotten (900/200), which he then tributes to Dark Sanctuary, he taunts Yugi to try to attack him however Yugi is happy to take the bait on this occasion.

Explaining that he does not need to guess where the ghost is hiding, Yugi activates his trap card, Collected Power to gather the effects of all equipment cards on to Kuriboh. While Kaiba wonders what Yugi is planning, everything becomes clear as Yugi activates Exile of the Wicked to destroy his Kuriboh and all cards equipped to it, including the evil ghost of Dark Sanctuary. Even though his evil ghost has been destroyed, Bakura is still confident that he will win in only two more turns, but Marik is not so confident and he contacts Bakura mentally, reminding him that if he loses the duel then their deal will be off.

Although Bakura is still confident that he can win the duel, things start to go from bbad to worse for him as Yugi activates Monster Reborn to revive Dark Necrofear (2200/2800) from Bakura’s graveyard, negating the effect of Dark Sanctuary in the process. With the evil ghost gone and Bakura now only allowed to have five magic and trap cards on the field things are looking up for Yugi as he uses Dark Necrofear to attack Bakura’s Life Points directly (B’s LP: 1200). As Bakura activates the penultimate letter of the Spirit Message – A, Yugi realises that the word being spelt is FINAL however he informs Bakura that he would have to discard The Dark Door during this turn in order to activate the end of the Spirit Message during his next turn, and this would leave Bakura open to a three-way attack which would wipe out the remainder of his Life Points.

Although Bakura is furious at how the tables have been turned, Kaiba doubts that Yugi will find victory quite this easy and as Marik contacts Bakura mentally once again and suggests that he should take control of Bakura in order to win the duel, Bakura refuses to give in as he draws what could be his final card. Looking at the card he holds in his hand, Bakura is delighted with it, sure that it will seal Yugi’s defeat. But as he prepares to play it, both Yugi and his friends are naturally uneasy as to what is in store for Yugi in what could be the final turn of the duel.