The Dark Spirit Revealed (1)

As everyone gathers in the main hall, Mai tells Yugi that she is eager to get started, confident that she will go all the way to the final round this time. However while she gets psyched about the tournament Joey is more excited by the all you can eat buffet until he bumps into Bakura and discovers that he forced Bonz into giving up all five of his Locator Cards after defeating him in a duel.

As a freaked out Joey backs away from Bakura, hoping that he won’t have to face him in a duel, he asks Kaiba what the hold up is. Kaiba explains that the eighth finalist has not yet arrived, however as he sends one of the officials off to collect her he decides to begin the proceedings anyway and as a large lottery machine appears at one end of the room the other official explains that the machine will randomly choose the pairs of duellists who will compete against each other.

However unlike Duellist Kingdom, the second pairing will not be chosen until after the end of the first match, meaning that none of the duellists will know who they will be duelling until just before the match starts. As the duellists wait for the first two numbers to be chosen, they are all reminded of their numbers in the tournament; Kaiba (1), Joey (2), Yugi (3), Mai (4), Namu (5), Bakura (6), Marik (7), Ishizu (8).

As the official arrives at Ishizu’s room to request her presence in the main hall, she explains that her presence will not be required as her number will not be chosen, however as the official leaves Ishizu worries that the fate of the world depends on the victory of one of the two duellists who will be chosen.

Back at the hall, the lottery machine starts up and chooses the first duellist for the opening match; Bakura. Surprised to see that he has been picked for the first duel, Bakura is eager to see who his first opponent will be and is pleased when it is Yugi’s number which is drawn as his opponent. As Yugi and Bakura are lead away to the Stratos Duelling Arena the rest of the finalists are invited to make their way to the spectator platform to watch the proceedings.

As the elevator carries Yugi and Bakura up to the top of the ship, Yugi is suspicious of Bakura , sure that he is still after the Millennium Items. Meanwhile Kaiba is eager to see how Bakura will cope against the might of Slifer the Sky Dragon, assuming that Yugi uses it in the duel. Arriving at the Stratos Arena, Yugi is determined not to lose the duel as the fate of the world is at stake, and as the other finalists arrive Kaiba informs them that the strong winds and cold temperature of the altitude are intended to test the true limits of the duellists.

Confident that he will be the victor, Bakura asks if Yugi is ready to lose, however Yugi demands to know who is really in control of Bakura. As Yami Bakura reveals the Millennium Ring around his neck, Yugi realises that his opponent is the same opponent he fought in the Shadow Realm at Duellist Kingdom. While Tristan is shocked to see the Millennium Ring after he threw it into the woods of Duellist Kingdom, Namu and Mai do not understand what all the fuss is about until Téa and Joey explain how Bakura’s Millennium Item contains an evil spirit.

As Joey hopes that they won’t end up dragged into the Shadow Realm again, Namu is amused that none of the others realise he is really Marik, but as Yugi asks Yami Bakura why he is duelling Yami Bakura suggests that he is not intent on taking the Millennium Puzzle but has his sights on something more powerful. However as Yami Bakura goes on to taunt Yugi, explaining that not everybody is who they seem on the ship, Marik contacts Yami Bakura mentally and warns him that he is giving too much information away.

With the duel about to begin, Yugi and his friends are sure that he will win however Yami Bakura is confident that victory will, in the end, be his however as his first turn begins he summons The Portrait’s Secret (1200/1500) in attack mode. As Yugi wonders what Yami Bakura could be up to he summons Gazelle, the King of Mythical Beasts (1500/1200) and destroys Bakura’s monster (B’s LP: 3700) before setting one card.

Not bothered by the loss of his first monster, Bakura summons The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams (1300/1800), once again in attack mode, and while Joey is freaked out by the creepy monster Yugi s unimpressed by such a weak card. Sensing that Bakura must be wanting him to attack, Yugi realises that his only hope is to wipe out Bakura’s Life Points before he can start his strategy and, summoning Gamma the Magnet Warrior (1500/1800) orders both of his monsters to attack Bakura (B’s LP: 2000).

With half of his Life Points already gone, it looks like Bakura will be easily crushed in the next turn and as he summons The Headless Knight (1450/1700) it seems like there is no way for him to turn the tables and win the duel, especially as both of Yugi’s monsters attack once again (B’s LP: 450). Confident that he is about to win, Yugi doesn’t realise that he has been reeled into Bakura’s trap until his opponent explains that he needed three monsters in his graveyard to summon his most powerful monster.

As Yugi realises that Bakura played him like a fool he is shocked as Bakura summons Dark Necrofear (2200/2800). As Bakura explains that Dark Necrofear possessed some very special powers he sets two cards and then ends his turn, much to the surprise of Yugi who thinks that Bakura must have been worried about his set card. Deciding to put Bakura out of his misery Yugi sacrifices his Gazelle to summon the Dark Magician Girl (2000/1700) before activating his set card, Magic Formula to increase her ATK to 2500.

Now more powerful than Dark Necrofear, the Magician Girl attacks and destroys it (B’s LP: 150) however Bakura is glad, explaining that Yugi has once again fallen into his trap. With Dark Necrofear in the graveyard, Bakura activates his Dark Sanctuary magic card and, as he does so, the arena is shrouded in a red fog filled with mysterious eyes. As Yugi looks on bewildered Bakura explains that there is no escape from defeat now that Yugi has fallen well and truly into his trap.