Lights, Camera, Duel

On the way to the location of the Battle City finals, Mai stops the car two blocks away from the stadium and tells the gang that they’ll walk the rest of the way so that when the finals are over they won’t get caught in traffic when all the crowds leave. As Joey becomes excited about the prospect of meeting the other finalists, he teases Mai about their results at Duellist Kingdom, however she is sure that she will be victorious this time, showing off her skills in front of a sold-out crowd.

Quickly changing the subject, Joey asks Mai why she gave him her Tournament Entry Card, Glory of the King’s Hand, at Duellist Kingdom and she tells him that she was touched by his story and wanted to help. However as Mai tries to justify her actions, Joey has been distracted by a poster for Jean-Claude Magnum’s latest ninja movie and is no longer listening to what Mai is saying. Infuriated by Joey’s short attention span, Mai prepares to confront him as a white limousine bursts through the poster in front of Mai and Joey.

Startled by the limo, Mai grabs Joey for support but then backs away embarassed as Joey prepares to confront the owner of the limo, however as the door opens and the passenger gets out, he is thrilled to see that it is none other than Jean-Claude, the same guy from the poster. As Joey introduces himself as Jean-Claude’s number one fan, the movie star is only interested in Ma, however while he appears to know Mai she does not recognise him. Joey can’t believe that Mai knows Jean-Claude however as she insists that she doesn’t know him Magnum reminds her of their encounter one year previously.

Somewhere at sea, on a cruise ship, a duel between Mai and Magnum comes to a close as Mai uses her Harpie Lady combo to win the match. Stunned by such a powerful opponent, Magnum is infatuated with Mai and proposes to her, wishing to spend the rest of his life with her. Amused by the request, Mai shuns Magnum’s proposal but jokingly offers that she will marry him if he can ever beat her in a duel.

As Mai realises that Magnum did not sense that she was joking when she made the offer, Joey suggests that she should accept the proposal as she is unlikely to ever find a better one. Although she doesn’t want to marry Jean-Claude, Mai agrees to the duel in order to teach her suitor a lesson, however Yugi tells her that she doesn’t have to duel if she doesn’t want to. As Duke warns his friends not to anger Jean-Claude in case he pulls any of his kung-fu moves on them, Téa is sure that Mai will beat Magnum without any problems.

Ready to start the duel, Mai calls for Joey to lend his Duel Disk to Magnum however he reveals that he already has a Disk, as well as five Locator Cards. Realising that Magnum intends this to be an official Battle City duel, Mai knows that losing the duel will mean losing her place in the finals however she refuses to pull out of the duel, determined to teach her arrogant opponent a lesson.

While Yugi is shocked that Mai has agreed to the terms of the duel, it is too late for Mai to pull out as Magnum summons a monster, Ninja Commander Akousa (700/700), a monster which, when summonned, calls Ninja Soldier Katana (400/400) to the field. Not worried by Magnum’s multiplicity combo, Mai summons Amazon Swordswoman (1500/1600) and easily crushes Jean-Claude Magnum’s Ninja Soldier (JC’s LP: 2900).

As Mai accuses Jean-Claude of duelling like an amateur, he smugly responds that Mai is agressive as ever as he summons another Ninja Commander Akousa (700/700), using its special effect once again to summon a second Ninja Soldier Katana (400/400). Impressed by Mai’s skills so far, Serenity tells Joey that she thinks that Mai is really cool, however joey disagrees beliving Mai is too full of herself. Angered by the comment, Mai orders her Swordswoman to attack, destroying the second Ninja Commander (JC’s LP: 2100).

Confident that victory will soon be hers, Mai is concerned as Magnum explains that she has fallen into his trap and now that he has two ninjas in his graveyard he need only sacrifice one of his Ninja Soldiers to summon his most powerful ninja, Ninja Master Shogun (1600/1600). Unimpressed with his new ninja, Mai discovers that it packs more of a punch than the others, with the ability to not only summon another Ninja Soldier Katana (400/400) but also Ninja Commando Kibouki (700/700). Not only that, but Magnum’s Ninja Commando allows him to summonn Kounoichiyayami the Ninja Girl (300/300).

With so many ninjas on the other side of the field, Mai is naturally concerned as the Ninja Master destroys her Swordswomam before the other four ninjas attack her Life Points directly (M’s LP: 1800). As Jean-Claude is confident that he is about to win the duel, and Yugi and the others worry that Mai may not be able to turn things around, Magnum sets one card and then ends his turn.

Summoning Cyber Harpie(1800/1300) to the field, Mai orders it to attack Magnum’s Ninja Master however he activates his Ninja Smoke Ball trap card blocking the attack. Although infuriated that her attack was blocked, Mai isn’t disheartened as she sets a card and ends her turn. Amused at Mai’s attempt to defeat him, Magnum plays the Great Kite of Ninja, lifting his Ninja Master high into the air, safe from all attacks and Magic cards.

As if being protected from attacks was not bad enough, Magnum explains that he can sacrifice one monster in order to allow his Ninja Master to attack Mai’s Life Points directly. Tributing his Ninja Soldier, Magnum uses the power of his Kite to attack Mai directly (M’s LP: 200). Down but not out, Mai refuses to give up and as Joey asks Yugi if there is any way that Mai could win, his friend suggests that Mai could eliminate Magnum’s Kite is she could play Harpie’s Feather Duster.

Calling out to Mai to ask if she has the Feather Duster in her hand, Mai snaps back that she would have already used it if she did have it. However as Yugi suggests that she could also stop Magnum from attacking her directly if she could eliminate all of his ninjas, Mai sees a way to stop Magnum in his tracks as she draws and activates Elegant Egotist. As her one Cyber Harpie is transformed into three Mai attacks and destroys all three of his Ninjas.

As Magnum becomes furious that Mai coould be turning the tables once again, Joey informs the movie star that he is no longer impressed with his skills as an actor or his personality as a person. However as Mai sets a card and ends her turn, Magnumm summons another Ninja Girl (300/300) only to discover that Mai had prepared for the move as she activates her Grave Arm magic card to destroy the Ninja Girl.

Unable to attack directly with no ninjas left on his side of the field Magnum has to end his turn, and as Mai begins her turn she gladly informs Magnum that his Ninja Kite prevents his monster from defending as well as being attacked. As her trio of Cyber Harpies attacks Magnum, Mai eliminates the rest of his life points winning her the match.

As the monsters disappear from the field, Magnum is surprisingly unconcerned at having lost the duel as he points out that his Ninja Master and Ninja Kite have not disappeared from the field as they were not holograms. As the Ninja Master swoops down and scoops Mai up in a net Magnum explains that he is determined to have Mai one way or another. As the Ninja flies off with his catch, Joey runs after Magnum who is chasing after Mai.

Determined not to remain captured, Mai struggles to get free and the Ninja Master drops her and she has to grab on to a pole sticking out the side of a building to prevent hurting herself in the fall. As Magnum panics about what to do, Joey offers to catch Mai but as she lets go she ends up landing on top of him. Approaching Mai to try and help her up, Magnum is shunned by Mai once again as she accuses him of being nothing more than a cheap phoney and a poor actor.

Getting to her feet on her own, Mai tells Jean-Claude that the only hero here is Joey and as she thanks her duelling rival for helping her she informs him that she didn’t want to marry Magnum because she wants to beat Joey in the finals. With what will hopefully be their final distraction now out of the way, the gang heads on towards the stadium where the finals will be held ready to see what Kaiba has in store for them.