Everything’s Relative

Somewhere in Pegasus’s castle, a young boy is trying to escape out of a window using his sheets as a rope. As the boy reaches the ground and runs away, a guard walks intot he room only to realises that the prisoner has escaped. Elesewhere in the castle, Pegasus is reading a comic book when the guard arrives to inform his boss of the prisoner’s escape, but Pegasus isn’t bothered as he knows that the boy is looking for Yugi.

It has been six hours since the duels began, and 12 duelists have already been eliminated. Pegasus is pleased to learn that Yugi Moto already has five star chips and is beginning to look forward to facing Yugi in a duel. Setting his sights on the young protege, he decides orders the guard to track him until he is confronted by the prisoner.

Out on the island, Yugi and the others spot one of Pegasus’s guards, Kemo, grabbing one of the duelists. The duelist has no star chips and so Kemo is preparing to ship him off the island, but the kid claims that his chips were stolen . Although Kemo doesn’t care how he lost his chips, Yugi and the others are intrigued and offer to try and get the chips back for him.

Learning that the thief was a little guy wearing a bandana, the gang heads off to try and find him, but the boat will be leaving in half an hour so they won’t have long to find him and get the chips back to their rightful owner. As the group return to the scene of the crime in the hopes that the thief is still hanging about there, the kid jumps out from the bushes to challenge Yugi to a duel.

Each duelist agrees to put all five of their star chips up for offer, and while Yugi claims to know why the thief wants to duel him, the thief warns him that he will make him pay for what he did to his brother. As the two prepare to duel, the thief begins to remember what happened to him a few days before:

“In the offices of Kaibacorp, Kaiba informs his younger brother, Mokuba, that he isn’t going to duel any more because he lost a part of himself when he dueled against Yugi. As Mokuba can only stand and watch as his brother walks out of his life, he is determined that Yugi will pay for driving his brother away from him”

For his first move, Mokuba plays the Man Eating Plant, but Yugi counters with the Winged Dragon, destroying the Plant and reducing Mokuba’s life points to 1400. Yugi tries to warn Mokuba that he won’t be able to win with stolen cards as he isn’t connected to the heart of them, but Mokuba claims that the cards are just about power and that it doesn’t matter whose they are.

As his opponent finally realises who he is, Mokuba takes off the mask as he tells Yugi that it is his fault that his brother went away and that Pegasus is trying to take over Kaibacorp:

“Not long after Kaiba left, Pegasus got in contact with the main bosses (known in Japan as “The Big Five”) to offer a merger between the two companies. The two parties agreed that Kaiba would need to be taken out, but as Kaibacorp must legally be run by a member of Kaiba’s family, they would take Mokuba captive and run the company on his behalf. The Big Five also demanded that Yugi must be destroyed to restore the good name of Kaibacorp. Although Mokuba was eavesdropping on the conversation, Kemo was watching him and grabbed him before he could get away.”

As the duel continues, Mokuba plays Crocadilus, but Yugi destroys it, reducing his life points to 1100. He tries to explain to Mokuba that he wants to stop Pegasus as well, and suggests that they should work together, not against each other. However Mokuba refuses, explaining that he has to defeat Yugi himself in order to save Kaibacorp. Although the logic seems confusing to his friends, Yugi explains that if Pegasus never gets a chance to defeat him, then he will never get to take control of Kaibacorp.

However as Yugi and his friends are talking, they have failed to notice that Mokuba has left the dueling arena. Before Yugi is able to react, Mokuba grabs Yugi’s star chips and runs away, but the group stops him before he can get away. Yugi explains that Kaiba is confused and looking for answers, but promises that he will come back when he has found them. As Mokuba agrees to work with Yugi against Pegasus, the group rushes off to the boat with only three minutes left.

At an unknown location, Kaiba has been running simulation after simulation of his duel against Yugi, trying to work out how he could have lost. Unable to find an explanation for how Yugi could have managed to draw Exodia in time to win the duel, Kaiba begins to suspect that perhaps Yugi is right when he claims that the cards are about heart not power.

Determined to duel Yugi again, Kaiba has prepared a new portable dueling system that will allow him to challenge Yugi wherever he may find him. However as Kaiba makes preparations to head off, two of Pegasus’s guards break into the room. Grabbing the case with the dueling system in it, Kaiba jumps out of the window and as the guards look out there is nothing to be seen but the cliff face and the sea below.

Satisfied that they have completed their mission successfully, one of the guards remembers that Pegasus ordered them to bring back Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes deck. Finding the deck, the two take it and leave.

Back at the dock, Yugi and the others arrive only to learn that the boat has left early. As Mokuba holds out the chips to try and get Kemo to call back the boat, Kemo knocks the chips into the water. As the gang realises that some of Yugi’s chips were in the pile as well, Kemo grabs Mokuba again. Determined to keep his new friend away from Pegasus, Yugi challenges Kemo to a duel, risking his three remaining star chips to rescue Mokuba.

As Yugi arrives at the arena where he and Kemo will duel, Kemo informs him that it isn’t him that will be dueling Yugi. He explains that although Yugi’s competitor had an unfortunate accident earlier today he has come back for one last duel. As the group look up to the dueling arena to see who his opponent will be, they see that it is none other than Kaiba himself. But with Yugi having lost Exodia, will he stand a ghost of a chance against his old rival?