Friends ‘Til the End (4)

As Joey informs Yugi that he is about to lose the duel and his life, Yugi refuses to give up, hoping that he can still free Joey from Marik’s control before it is too late. However as Marik orders Joey to activate Meteor of Destruction, the gang, all watching on the sidelines, are despreately looking for a way to help Yugi and Joey without putting Téa at risk. Mokuba asks Kaiba if he can do anything and as Téa calls for them to forget about her and help the others the Rare Hunter reminds them what will happen to Téa if they do interfere.

Although unable to do anything at the moment, Kaiba gets in touch with somebody over an intercom system connected up to his trenchcoat in the hopes that he can still save Téa and repay her for rescuing Mokuba. Meanwhile, Yugi calls out to Joey once again to try and free him from Marik’s control, and, as Marik orders his mind puppet to play Meteor of Destruction, Joey begins to remember things.

As his memories of Duellist Kingdom and Battle City begin flooding back to him, Joey remembers, once again, how he promised Yugi that he would help defeat Marik and the Rare Hunters. Sensing that the real Joey is back in control, Yugi calls out to Marik, informing him that now that he has no control over Joey he has no way to win the duel and claim Yugi’s God Card and Millennium Puzzle. However as Yugi taunts Marik to try and attack, Marik uses the Millennium Rod to take full control over Joey’s body, forcing him to activate Meteor of Destruction.

As the meteor hurtles towards Yugi with the strength to eliminate the last of his Life Points, Joey successfully breaks free of Marik’s control once and for all. Glad to see that his friend is back for good, Yugi activates his trap card, Mystical Ref Panel, to stall the meteor’s attack while he decides who it should attack. As a confused Joey tries to work out what has been going on, Yugi explains that their friendship broke Marik’s control over Joey and that now he is free again.

While the two friends reunite briefly, a Kaibacorp helicopter arrives and, under remote control, flies towards the crane which is suspending the crate over Téa’s head. As the Rare Hunter prepares to push the switch, Kaiba draws his Blue-Eyes White Dragon card and, throwing it at the Hunter, knocks the switch from his hand and then grabs him before he is able to recover. As the chopper pulls the crane into the sea, where the bomb detonates safely, the gang rush over and free Téa from the chair where she had been secured before running to help Yugi and Joey.

However time is running short for Yugi and Joey and as Yugi explains that he won’t let both of them be dragged under he tearfully asks Joey to look after the Millennium Puzzle for him as he orders Mystical Ref Panel to direct the attack at him. As the full impact of the meteor hits Yugi, wiping out the remainder of his Life Points, the force causes Yugi to collapse while Joey’s box opens revealing the key that will free him.

As Yugi bags Joey to save himself in the thirty seconds that remain before the anchor drops, Joey refuses to let his friend be dragged under and orders the Red-Eyes Black Dragon to attack him, wiping out the remainder of his Life Points as well. As Yugi’s key box also opens, Serenity senses her brother’s courage and removes her bandages to see the world for the first time in a long time.

With ten seconds left on the timer, Joey drops the Millennium Puzzle to the ground and then, using the chain attached to his foot, swings across to Yugi’s platform in the hopes that he can grab Yugi’s key before the two are pulled under. As the timer counts down to zero, Joey wonders if he will make it and barely does before the anchor is released, dragging both Yugi and himself into the water.

As the two are pulled deeper and deeper underwater, Joey swims over to Yugi and unlocks his chain leaving him free to float back up to the surface. However as Yugi surfaces and Tristan pulls him out, Mokuba realises that Joey never grabbed his own key before he was dragged under. As Tristan goes to get the key and dive back down to save his friend, the gang are shocked to see Serenity, key in hand, dive into the water to save her big brother. Trying, without success, to use Yugi’s key to unlock his own chain, Joey can’t believe it as he sees somebody swimming down to save him, and as Serenity arrives and unlocks his chain he can hardly believe that his sister is here until she explains how Tristan and Mai brought her to find him.

As Yugi and Joey are glad that they are both safe, Joey is embarrased at how he let himself be controlled by Marik and even as Yugi tells him that it wasn’t his fault he is still upset by what he did under Marik’s control. However as Mai tells him that he shouldn’t be embarrased after the courage he showed Joey explains that he was hardly the big brother that he wanted to be for Serenity but Tristan reminds him that it was his courage and strength that gave Serenity the courage to go through with the operation.

Realising that Serenity is able to see again, Joey is less upset, especially as she tells him that he has been her inspiration to keep on going and that the two of them will support each other no matter what happens. With brother and sister reunited at last, Joey returns the Millennium Puzzle to Yugi and thanks him for being such a good friend and Yugi in turn thanks Yami for letting him duel on his own.

Tired of all the talking that is going on, Kaiba heads off for the Battle City final and as he does so Yugi calls and thanks him for his help. Not one to accept people’s gratitude, Kaiba reminds Yugi that they still have to have their rematch and that he looks forward to it being part of the Battle City finals. However as Kaiba heads off into the distance, Yugi is sure that he hasn’t yet seen the last of Marik even though the finals are about to begin.