Friends ‘Til the End (2)

As an injured Yami struggles back to his feet after being hit with the impact of Joey’s Fire Ball, Joey laughs maliciously as he explains that he doesn’t need monsters in order to destroy Yami. Yami tries once again to awaken Joey’s true duelling spirit but Joey tells him that he doesn’t have one. Watching the duel from a nearby shipyard, Marik is confident that Yami won’t be able to break Joey free and that Yugi will soon be dead.

However Yugi is not willing to give up so easily and he contacts Yami, asking that he takes over the duel, hoping that he may be able to save Joey by appealing to his heart. Yami is worried that his partner may not be able to survive the intensity of the duel, but Yugi explains that he needs to do this to prove his friendship for Joey and that he can win on his own. Reluctantly agreeing, Yami explains that if Yugi gets into danger he will take over immediately.

As Marik realises what has happened, and that Yami is no longer in charge of Yugi’s body, he is furious that he will not be able to exact his revenge on Yami, however he is confident that if things get too bad for Yugi that Yami will be forced to take over. As Yugi prepares to take his next turn, Yami tells him that there is only one card that can free Joey from Marik’s control, Joey’s Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

Elsewhere in Domino, Tristan and Serenity are being chased by the Rare Hunters but as they try to escape down an alleyway they find themselves surrounded. As Tristan tells Serenity to stay up against the wall, he tries his best to fight off all three hunters but after taking down two the third one grabs Serenity. As Tristan is distracted and knocked down by one of the two hunters he thought he had beaten, a small die flies out of nowhere and smacks the third hunter in the face.

As everyone looks on surprised, Duke Devlin approaches from the shadows. While the Rare Hunters are distracted, Tristan and Serenity run out of the alley, closely followed by Duke who still isn’t sure who the three guys were that attacked his friend.

Back at the harbour, Yugi draws the Red-Eyes but isn’t sure that it will be enough to save Joey. As Joey calls for Yugi to make his next move, Yugi contemplates summoning the Red-Eyes but is not sure that that is the best way to help his friend. As Kaiba wonders what Yugi is playing at, Téa realises that Yami is no longer the one duelling and calls out to Joey to try and break free, trying to remind him of the friendship symbol they drew before Yugi first duelled Kaiba.

Determined to save his friend, Yugi plays Exchange, a move that shocks Kaiba but pleases Joey. As his brainwashed friend approaches his side of the field so that the two can exchange one card from each other’s hand, seeing his Red-Eyes in Yugi’s posession shocks Joey. Marik demands that Joey takes the powerful Dragon, however Joey is unable to do it and eventually takes Card Destruction instead.

As Joey claims that he doesn’t need the Red-Eyes in order to win, Yugi takes Magic-Arm Shield from Joey’s hand and then reminds his friend of the agreement they made when Yugi first offered to return the Red-Eyes to him. However as Yugi sacrifices Big Shield Gardna and Kuriboh to summon Red-Eyes Black Dragon (2400/2000) Marik is worried that he may be losing his control over Joey. And to make matters worse, Odion returns at that moment to inform Marik that the Rare Hunters lost Tristan and Serenity.

Wasting no time, Yugi wipes out Joey’s Alligator’s Sword (J’s LP: 2400) as he explains that the Red-Eyes is ashamed of the way that Joey is acting. However Joey is not bothered by this and is determined that he can still win. Worried by the rage that still resides within Joey, Yami tries to persuade Yugi to let him take over again but Yugi refuses, instead taking off the Puzzle, telling Yami that he needs to win or lose this duel on his own. Joey wonders what Yugi is doing, but doesn’t worry too much as he plays yet another Fire Ball(Y’s LP: 1000).

Back in town, the Rare Hunters have lost Tristan, Serenity and Duke, not realizing that they are in fact hiding in a truck right near them. Tristan asks Duke why he is here and he explains that he had things to do and that he also wanted to see how Yugi was doing in the tournament. As Tristan explains to Duke just who Serenity is, Duke is surprised to learn that Joey has such a good looking sister, a comment that angers Tristan. Tristan goes on to explain that the Rare Hunters have been trying to capture Yugi but that he doesn’t know why they came after him and Serenity.

As Duke explains that he has heard rumours of GURUS and the Rare Hunters, Serenity is worried as to where Joey is and with just cause. As Yugi struggles back to his feet after yet another Fire Ball attack, he tells Joey that he can’t beat him. Summoning Rocket Warrior, Joey also plays War of Addition before attacking Yugi’s Red-Eye, reducing it’s ATK to just 400. Upset by Joey’s cruel actions, Yugi continues to struggle on around to where Joey is standing and Joey is also shocked by the pain he has inflicted to his own trasured monster.

Finally reaching his brainwashed friend, Yugi puts the Millennium Puzzle around Joey’s neck, asking him to protect it after the duel ends and Yugi is no longer around to protect it.