The Rescue

As the prelimary duels continue throughout Domino, the normal residents are beginning to get frustrated by the fact that all of the roads have been blocked off. However as one driver tries to force his way through the duelling masses, a policeman requests that he backs up, explaining that the whole city is under the control of Seto Kaiba for the duration of the tournament and that the roads are off limits to cars.

Elsewhere in the city, Yami, Mokuba and Kaiba are on their way to Domino Harbour by helicopter, hoping to find Joey and Téa unharmed by Marik. Seeing this as his opportunity to find out just what has been happening since the start of the tournament, Kaiba quizzes Yugi as to whether Marik is really the leader of GURUS or not. Explaining that he has never actually met or seen Marik, Yugi explains that the only thing he knows for sure is that Marik is ablle to control people throough the power of the Millennium Rod.

Still not convinced by the mystical powers of the Millennium Items, Kaiba mocks Yami’s conviction that the Items each have abilities and even as Yugi reminds Kaiba of how his soul was sealed away by Pegasus’s Millennium Eye, Kaiba is still not convinced, still demanding that what Pegasus did to him and Mokuba was some kind of trick. Even so, Yami continues to try and prove the abilities of the Miillenniumm Items to Kaiba by explaining that although he appears to be Yugi he is in fact the spirit of an unnamed Pharaoh who’s soul had been sealed away within the Millennium Puzzle.

Both Kaiba and Mokuba are shocked to hear this, but as Kaiba remembers what Ishiizu told him he is sure that Yugi has merely been tricked by Ishizu’s stories. However Yami continues with his story, explaining how Marik, through the bodies of the Rare Hunter and Arkana, has told him about the powers of the Millennium Rod and how Yami’s memories and the power of the Pharaoh are connected to the Millennium Items and the three God Cards.

Yami explains that Marik is trying to collect all three of the God Cards and kill him, but while Mokuba is worried and shocked by this fact Kaiba is still not convinced, even as Yugi reminds him of how Marik threatened to turn Yami’s friends against him and how he took control oof Lumis after the two of them defeated him in the tag-team duel. A stubborn Kaiba is still not convinced, however Yugi is worried that Joey may be in grave danger.

As Kaiba insults Joey’s skills as a duellist, Yami tells him to stop being so rude and reminds Kaiba of Joey’s three amazing successes in the preliminary round of the tournament. However as he remembers how well his friend has done, Yami is worried for Joey’s safety but is determined not to give in to GURUS ever, especially while Joey’s life is at stake.