Double Duel (4)

As Lumis prepares to attack with his new Masked Monster, Yugi and Kaiba are both anxious to know which of them he will decide to attack. Lumis wants to attack Yugi, but Umbra tries to convince him that he should destroy Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes first and, when Lumis refuses, Kaiba agrees with his opponent, challenging Lumis to dare to attack his Dragon. Taking the bait, Lumis destroys Kaiba’s dragon, allowing Yugi’s turn to begin.

As Yugi’s Life Points fall by another 1000 (Y’s LP: 500), Yugi is determined to avenge the destruction of the Blue-Eyes as he informas Umbra and Lumis that they have fallen into his trap. Summoning Gamma, the Magnet Warrior (1500/1800), Yugi activates the special effect of the his three magnetic monsters to fuse them into Valkyrion the Magna Warrior (3500/3850). Kaiba demands that Yugi attack immediately but Yugi is still suspicious of Lumis’s monster and is hesitant to attack.

While Kaiba is furious at Yugi’s hesitation, Yugi sets one card before explaining that anger only leads to mistakes and they they need to find a different way to win. Realising that Yugi is referring to Obelisk, Kaiba suspects that Yugi intends him to use Cross Sacrifice to summon the monster, however he is not sure quite how Yugi intends to manage it. As Yugi decides that the time has come to attack, he destroy the Des Guardius only to find his own monster become possessed by the mask which was left behind by Lumis’s monster.

As it looks like Umbra and Lumis may have the advantage they need to win, Umbra activates a Magic card which allows him to control Valkyrion for one turn and orders it to attack Yugi, however before the attack can be completed Yugi reveals De-Fusion, a card which causes the Magna Warrior to separate back into its three individual sections. Realising what Yugi has done for him, Kaiba tells the two Rare Hunters that they will soon be facing Obelisk and while the two masked duellists do not believe him they don’t have much choice as Kaiba activates Cross Sacrifice, offering Umbra’s three Magnet Warriors as Tributes for his own God Card.

The mighty Obelisk the Tormentor rises from the ground and its power is so immense that even Marik is able to sense it from the dock. As Obelisk’s summonins is completed, Kaiba attacks Umbra directly, eliminating him from the duel (U’s LP: 0). As if the power of the attack was not bad enough, the reading on Umbra’s bomb also reaches zero and the bomb explodes, sending Umbra plummeting to his death. However the cheating Rare Hunter is prepared for the situation and activates a parachute concealed beneath his cloak to save himself.

However Kaiba is not finished yet as he wishes to make Lumis pay for what he has done as well, but as he prepares for a second attack Yugi tells him to stop, pointing out that Lumis has no will to fight any more. As the two demand answers from their cowering opponent, Marik takes control of the body and commends Kaiba on the power of the third God Card. As Marik introduces himself to the owner of the third God Card, he warns both duellists that they will be unable to defeat him in a duel now that he knows the cards in their decks.

As Kaiba wonders how the possessor of the third God card is able to control Lumis, Marik warns Yugi that he has set up another challenge for him now that he has taken control of his friends. He challenges Yugi to find and duel Joey to see who is really the better duellist, a challenge that Yugi is reluctant to accept. Meanwhile Kaiba begins to threaten Marik, demanding to know where Mokuba is but Marik has gone and only Lumis remains. Yugi asks Kaiba to help him find Joey and the others, but Kaiba is too concerned with the safety of his own brother to be bothered by Yugi’s problems.

Searching Lumis’s cloak, Kaiba discovers two Locator Cards and gives one to Yugi while taking the second for himself. He reminds Yugi that they now both have enough Locator Cards to enter the finals of the tournament, however Yugi tells his rival that he has no interest in the tournament until he finds Joey. As the two continue to talk, Maokuba arrives in a helicopter and tells Yugi that Tea has been captured and Kaiba, uncharacteristically, offers to help Yugi find his friends.

As the trio head off in search of Joey, Tristan gets off the train at a station in order to pick up some food and only just gets back in time, carrying boxes full of food with him. Serenity asks Tristan if she is a nuisance to Joey and Tristan insists that she is not, however she is worried that she is always hassling her big brother and never offering him any support in return, but Tristan reassures her that this is definitely not the case. However as he explains to Serenity that she will be able to give Joey support when they get to Domino, he does not realise that Joey is preparing to partake in the crulest duel of his life against his best friend. Nor does Yugi realise just what is in store for him as Mokuba manages to track Joey to the harbour where the boat that took Joey and Yugi to Duellist Kingdom.