Double Duel (3)

Having managed to summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon despite the effect of Mask of Restrict, Yugi and Kaia look like they might still have a chance to win the duel. However while Umbra and Lumis are shocked to see that Yugi and Kaiba worked together to summon the monster, Kaiba’s monster is still weaker than their Masked Beast. But as Kaiba’s turn continues, Yugi tells his team mate to attack despite the seeming disadvantage.

Although unsure whether he should trust Yugi or not, Kaiba decides to take the risk and attacks the Masked Duo’s monster and to the surprise of all three duellists it is The Masked Beast which is destroyed. Not one to leave his opponents in suspense, Yugi explains that when he activated Card Destruction, one of the cards that he discarded was his Gilfar Demon, a monster which, when sent to the Graveyard, can reduce the ATK of any one monster on thei field by 500 points.

Shocked by just how good a duellist Yugi is turning out to be, Kaiba incorrectly believes that if he agrees to co-operate with Yugi he will be forced to do what Yugi tells him and therefore refuses once again to work together. As Lumis’s turn begins, he sets one monster and two other cards before ending his turn. Worried by the set cards, Yugi takes advantage of the new cards he got from playing Card Destruction and sets one card before summoning Alpha the Magnet Warrior (1400/1700). However his life points decrease by another 1000 points (Y’s LP: 1500) thanks to the Mask cards which are still affecting him.

As Yugi attacks the set monster, Lumis decides not to activate either of his two set cards as he is waiting for Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes to attack before using them. Even so, Umbra is worried that Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes could cause some serious damage if Kaiba decided to attack on his next turn.

Meanwhile, back at the docks, Tea and Mokuba are discussing a possible way out and decide that the hole in the roof is still their best option, however while the two of them work on a plan to get out Joey is in a separate room tied to a chair. As a robed figure (Odion) enters the room, Joey demands to know what is going on but the man tells him that he is better off not knowing. Even so, Joey tells the man that there is no way that Yugi will surrender to GURUS even if he knows that they have captured Tea and Joey.

As Joey continues to argue his case, Odion holds out his hand in front of Joey’s face, an action which confuses Joey who asks what he is doing, but before Odion has a chance to answer, his master, Marik, who has been standing behind Joey all along uses the Millennium Rod to take over Joey’s mind. The possessed Joey stops struggling as his eyes glass over and he loses all will of his own.

Back in the room where Tea and Mokuba were being held, the two have managed to stack the pile of boxes high enough to reach the hatch in the roof. However as Mokuba grabs at the ledge three Rare Hunters barge in, causing the tower to begin to collapse. As Mokuba climbs out of the opening, Tea falls to the floor in a shower of boxes but shouts to Mokuba, telling him to go and get help. A team of Rare Hunters head out into the dock area hoping to find Mokuba but are unable to locate him and he is able to get away safely.

As his next turn begins, Umbra summons Rogue Doll (1600/1000) and while Kaiba is unimpressed, Yugi is worried that Lumis’s set cards may mean that the Rogue Doll is able to destroy even Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes. Sure enough, as Umbra orders his monster to attack Lumis first activates the Mask of Weakness to reduce the Blue-Eyes’ ATK to 2300 and then Mask of Brutality to raise Rouge Doll’s ATK to 2600.

Suddenly worried about the possibility of his Blue-Eyes being destroyed, Kaiba is both surprised and thankful as Yugi reveals his own face-down card to be Fairy’s Hand Mirror. Redirecting the effect of the Mask of Brutality to Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the monster’s ATK is increased to 3300 which is more than enough to destroy the Rouge Doll (U’s LP: 2000). As Umbra blames Lumis for the fact that his life points have been damaged, Yugi is pleased to see that the seemingly unbeatable partnership is breaking up under the strain and as Umbra sets one card he ends his turn.

Somewhere out of town, Tristan and Serenity rush to catch the train to Domino before it leaves and get there just in time. As the two step onto the train, Tristan tells Serenity that she can calm down now but she explains the she is too excited about seeing Joey to relax. Back at the duelling field, Kaiba is sure than he can win the match and attacks Umbra, however his attack is deflected by Umbra’s Iron Wall Mask.

While Lumis is pleased that his partner was not destroyed, Kaiba warns Lumis that if he had attacked him instead of Umbra then Umbra would probably have not activated the card to block the attack. Umbra tries to deny this, but the suspiscion has been cast into Lumis’s mind and the two begin to argue.

Back on the train, Serenity tells Tristan that she is worried about taking off the bandages and the she won’t be able to do it unless Joey is there to give her courage. Unfortunately for Serenity, her big brother isn’t in a very encouragin mood at the moment and as he enters the room where Tea has been strapped to a chair, he is unresponsive to her calls for help and as he steps out of the shadows Tea sees that his eyes have a blank, glassy expression thanks to the fact that he is being controlled by Marik.

As the duel continues, Lumis plays Pot of Greed and then sets one card before activating Hand Exchange. Although the card usually requires a player to exchange his hand with that of their opponent, in a Tag Team duel the hands of any two players can be exchanged and Lumis, who has no cards in his hand, decides to exchange his hand with the three cards in Umbra’s. With three cards now at his disposal, Lumis reveals his face-down card to be Chosen One.

Setting all three of the cards from his hand, Lumis explains that one of the cards will be chosen at random and if that card is a monster it will be summoned to the field automatically, even if it would normally require a Tribute in order to summon it. As the Mask Box slows to a halt, the card chosen by the spinner is, as Lumis hoped, Masked Beast Des Guardius (3300/2500). With a monster more powerful than anything that Yugi and Kaiba are able to summon, Lumis thinks that victory will soon be his, however Yugi too believes that he may be able to win the duel, but only if Lumis does not decide to attack him before the turn is finished.