Double Duel (2)

As the Tag Team duel continues, Lumis wastes no time in shutting down Yugi’s means of attack by playing Mask of the Accursed (Magic), preventing Yugi’s Magnet Warrior from attacking. However while the inability to attack is bad, Lumis is also pleased to tell Yugi that the card will cost Yugi 500 Life Points every turn. As Lumis sets one card and ends his turn, Yugi realises that Lumis is specialising in Magic and Trap cards and Umbra is presumably specialising in Monster cards.

The information is of no use to Yugi in his current situation, however, as his turn begins and Mask of the Accursed effect activates (Y’s LP: 3500). Kaiba realises that Yugi could free himself of the Mask’s effect by tributing his Magnet Warrior for a stronger monster, however as Yugi realises the same thing and prepares to tribute it to summon his Gilfar Demon, Lumis activates the Mask of Restrict (Trap), a card which prevents both Yugi and Kaiba from sacrificing any monsters as Tributes.

Unable to Tribute monsters, Yugi and Kaiba are prevented from summoning their God Cards or any other monsters strong enough to defeat Umbra’s Shining Abyss, and Yugi ends his turn by summoning Kuriboh (300/200) and setting one card. Yugi tries to get Kaiba to agree to cooperate in order to win, but Kaiba refuses, confident that he can win on his own.

Umbra’s second turn begins and although he is concerned about Kaiba’s face-down cards, Lumis contact him via a microphone hidden in his mask to tell him that he has nothing to worry about. Setting one card, Umbra orders his Shining Abyss to attack, but Kaiba takes the opportunity to flip his Trap card, Bell of Destruction. Preparing to destroy Umbra’s monster and dealing him 2600LP of damage in the process, Kaiba is shocked when Umbra also activates a Trap card, Move the Trap to move Kaiba’s Bell from Umbra’s Shining Abyss onto Kaiba’s own Vorse Raider.

As Kaiba’s Vorse Raider is destroyed, he activates Defence Wheel to redirect the damage of the bell back at Umbra, however his opponent counters once again, activating Move the Spell to target the damage back at Kaiba (K’s LP: 2100). With Kaiba’s defences destroyed, Umbra prepares to finish off his first opponent and orders Shining Abyss to attack.

Elsewhere, Tristan arrives that the hospital by train and heads in to collect Serenity and bring her back to Domino to see Joey. Serenity is excited to be leaving the hospital, but when Tristan asks if she wants to take the bandages off yet she explains that she is too scared to and that she wants to be with Joey before taking them off as he will give her the courage to not be frightened. As the two set off for Domino, Solomon is pleased that Bakura seems to be recovering, however his sleeping patient is not actually asleep at all now that Yami Bakura has taken control of the body once more.

Tea, meanwhile, has been trapped in a large room in some warehouse by the docks. Worried as to where Joey could have been taken, Tea wonders why either of them were taken in the first place and realises that this must all be related to the “new battle” which Ishizu had spoken about at the Museum. Having realised this, Tea also senses that the battle is not about Duel Monsters but something much more serious, although she is not sure what.

Back at the tower, the blast from Umbra’s Shining Abyss has been deflected by Yugi who has activated Multiply, saving Kaiba from defeat and death. Annoyed that Yugi thinks he needs help to win the duel, Kaiba tells Yugi not to help him any more but Yugi refuses, explaining that if one of them is defeated then the other one will quickly be finished off as well.

Trying to escape from the warehouse, Tea has staked up a large pile of cardboard boxes and has managed to reach a window high up near the ceiling, however she is not able to reach quite high enough to escape. As the unstable tower collapses, the door to the room opens and Mokuba is thrown in. Mokuba explains to Tea that he was captured while trying to find her and Joey and that two Rare Hunters are forcing Yugi and Kaiba to duel them in order to reclaim the God Cards.

Tea has not heard of the God Cards before and Mokuba briefly explains that Yugi and Kaiba both have one and that the Rare Hunters want them back. Tea contemplates mentioning what she has worked out about the battle between Yugi and GURUS but decides that it would only worry Mokuba and so she keeps quiet.

As the duel continues, Kaiba draws one of his Blue-Eyes White Dragons but is unable to summon it because of the Mask of Restrict. Setting one card, he summons Battle Ox (1700/1000) in defence mode and ends his turn. With Yugi’s Kuriboh continuing to Multiply, it looks like Umbra and Lumis will be unable to attack effectively, but as Lumis’s turn begins he plays Mask of Dispel (Magic) to block the effect of Multiply and destroying all but the original Kuriboh. Not only that, but the effect of the Mask of Dispel will also cause Yugi’s Life Points to drop by 500 each turn.

With only one Kuriboh remaining, Lumis will have no trobule destroying it as he summons Grand Tiki Leader (1500/800). Eliminating Yugi’s monster, Lumis ends his turn and Yugi’s begins with both of Lumis’s masks effects activating (Y’s LP: 2500). With no monsters in his hand with a Level less than 5, Yugi is unable to summon any monsters and contemplates using Card Destruction to draw a new hand, however he is worried that in doing so he may waste his only chance of winning if Kaiba has any useful cards in his hand.

As Yugi puzzles what to do, Kaiba calls out to him, hinting that using Card Destruction wouldn’t be a problem as far as he is concerned. Umbra and Lumis believe that the two are arguing again, but as Yugi sets one card and ends his turn they do not realise what the two were actually planning. As Umbra’s turn begins, he activates Curse of the Masked Beast, tributing both Shining Abyss and Grand Tiki Leader in order to Ritual Summon The Masked Beast (3200/1800).

As the powerful monster attacks Yugi, hoping to eliminate him from the duel, Kaiba blocks the attack with his Battle Ox much to everyone’s surprise. While Yugi hopes that he may be starting to cooperate, Kaiba insists that he only did it to repay the favour he owed Yugi’s Kuriboh. Even so, Yugi takes the opportunity to activate Card Destruction, forcing all four players to discard their hands and draw five new cards.

But while Umbra and Lumis are furious at having to do this, Yugi is pleased that his Gilfar Demon has been sent to the Graveyard while Kaiba takes the opportunity to activate his face-down card, Monster Reborn, to revive is Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the Graveyard. However while they may have found a way around the Mask of Restrict, the two may still be defeated if they do not start working together.