Double Duel (1)

Having won enough Locator Cards to enter the finals, Joey phones his sister to tell her the good news. Unsurprisingly excited, Serenity is proud of her brother and tells him that she wants to go with him to the finals so that she can see him duel. Joey is thrilled to hear this news, but as he hangs up he realises that if he goes to collect Serenity he might be too late to get a place in the finals. Eager to help, and also to spend more time with Serenity, Tristan offers to go and pick up Serenity for him and sets off for the hospital before Joey can object.

As Joey looks forward to the finals and his chance to duel Yugi for his Red-Eyes, Tea spots Bakura, injured, being helped along the road by another person who she does not recognise (Marik). She, Joey and Solomon rush to see what is wrong and Marik explains that they were attacked, however when they ask Bakura who attacked him he cannot remember. Deciding that Bakura needs to get to a hospital as quickly as possible, Solomon accompanies him in a taxi while Joey and Tea thank Marik. However as the group stand about talking, they do not realise that Yugi and Kaiba have just walked by on the other side of the road, heading to the Aquarium to meet up with Joey and the others.

Joey goes to thank Marik but realises that they don’t know each others names yet, but as Joey and Tea introduce themselves, Marik claims that his name is Namu. Spotting that Namu is wearing a Duel Disk, Joey comments that the two of them could end up duelling each other, but not until the finals as Joey already has six Locator Cards. Namu is relieved that Joey already has enough cards, as he says that he is not very good.

As Joey and Tea prepare to head off, Marik is contacted mentally by two of his Rare Hunters who are preparing to challenge Yugi and Kaiba to reclaim the two remaining God Cards. Marik wonders how Kaiba has been able to use a God Card at all when very few people have been able to do so in the past, but his Rare Hunters assure him that he will not have to worry about that once they get Obelisk the Tormentor back from him. As the Rare Hunters prepare to make their move, Marik warns them that he does not want Yugi dead yet as he plans to make him pay for the pain he has caused.

Realising that Yugi may need some persuading to duel, Marik decides that the time has come to get Tea and Joey involved and he calls for them to wait, asking Joey for some duelling tips. However as the three begin to talk again, the three members of GURUS who have been following Joey begin to surround them, preparing to attack.

Oblivious to what is going on outside the Aquarium, Yugi enters the main arena only to discover that Joey is no longer there. But as he tries to work out where his friend could have gone, Joey and the others are being attacked by the GURUS trio. When the trio kicks Marik to the ground, Joey tries to stop them but they grab Tea and then knock him down as well.

As the three prepare to carry their captives away, Tea’s mobile phone rings as Yugi calls her to see where she is. One of the three members of GURUS answers the phone before dropping it to the ground and destroying it. Unsurprisingly worried that something has happened to his friends, Yugi remembers Marik’s warning and tells Kaiba that they have to find Joey before something happens to him.

As Kaiba tries to insist that there is probably nothing wrong, Mokuba contacts him to tell him that Joey’s Duel Disk doesn’t seem to be traceable. But as he ends the transmission and prepares to head back to Kaibacorp HQ, Mokuba is intercepted by the same three GURUS members, however this time they are accompanied by a fourth man, Odion.

Meanwhile, over at the hospital, the nurse treating Serenity notices that she is unusually excited and asks her why, only to learn that Joey is coming to pick his sister up and that she can finally take her bandages off. The nurse is pleased that Serenity’s eyes are improving and wishes her the best.

Back at Domino, Yugi and Kaiba are oblivious as to what has happened to Mokuba until a cloaked Rare Hunter stops them and directs their attention to a helicopter, flying along the street, from which Mokuba is tied. Kaiba threatens to hurt the Rare Hunter if anything happens to his brother, but the Hunter is not worried as Kaiba has no way to hurt him. As the Rare Hunter prepares to leave, he tells Yugi and Kaiba that if they do not meet him at the top of a high tower nearby, Mokuba and Yugi’s friends will all suffer. While neither duellist wishes to have to cooperate, they both know that they have no choice if they wish to save the ones they love.

As Yugi and Kaiba arrive at the duelling arena, a tower rooftop with a glass surface, their Rare Hunter opponents introduce themselves as Umbra and Lumis, a pair of masked duellists. The pair warn their opponents that they will win this duel and reclaim the God Cards that were taken from GURUS, and that when Yugi and Kaiba lose they will die as the glass platforms are riged to explosives that will detonate when a player’s Life Points reach 0.

As the Tag Team duel begins, Lumis sets two cards and then passes to Yugi who summons Beta, the Magnet Warrior (1700/1600) in Defence Mode. As with Tag Team rules, none of the four players can attack on their first turn, and so Yugi passes to Umbra who summons Shining Abyss (1600/1800). However as Umbra’s monster is summoned, Lumis activates Mask of Brutality (Magic), raising the monsters ATK by 1000 points. Umbra explains that the Mask of Brutality requires him to pay 1000 Life Points each turn, however as he plays Mask Puppet (Magic) Umbra is able to cancel this Life Point cost.

With a monster with an ATK of 2600 on the field, Kaiba and Yugi are both notably worried, however as Kaiba sets two cards he summons Vorse Raider (1900/1200), preapring to tribute it next turn to summon a stronger monster. But while Kaiba believes that victory will be easy once he is able to summon Obelisk the Tormentor, Yugi is not so sure, worried that unless he and Kaiba start to work as a team they will not be able to beat the power of teamwork that Umbra and Lumis are already using to their own advantage.