Attack from the Deep

Having won his first star chip, Joey is feeling quite proud of himself as he and Yugi search for another duelist to challenge. But as the group continues their search of the island, Tristan begins to feel hungry and the group realises that none of them have brought along any food. As the group begins to search for food, Joey picks up the scent of fish cooking.

The others are doubtful that what he is smelling is actually food, but he reminds them that his nose has already gotten himself out of trouble once since they reached the island. Following the scent to the coast line, the group finds a number of fish cooking over a small fire, but as Tristan and Joey prepare to tuck in, Téa tells them not to as the food isn’t their’s to take.

As the group argues over whether or not to eat the food, one of the duelists arrives and orders them to leave his food alone. Yugi recognises the duelist as Mako Tsunami, the duelist who was ranked third in the Regional Championships. Yugi apologises for Joey and Tristan’s behaviour, but when Mako realises who Yugi is, he is willing to share the food with the only person to have ever defeated Seto Kaiba in a duel.

As the group sits down to eat, Mako explains that he has a special bond with the sea and hopes to win the tournament in order to buy himself a boat. With the meal finished, Yugi and the others prepare to head off once more, but Mako prevents them from leaving, explaining that they can’t leave until he and Yugi duel. He explains that he has been using the fish to lure duelists to the sea where he challenges them to duel.

As an arena rises up from under the water, Mako informs Yugi that the arena is 50% land and 50% water and the two agree to each risk two star chips on the outcome of the duel. On his first turn, Mako plays the Denizens of the Deep, but with the monster being played underwater, Yugi is unable to see it to attack it. As Yugi plays the Horn Imp, Mako warns him that in a water duel, the underwater monsters have the added protection of the sea as well as a field power bonus to help them.

Playing the Fiend Kracken, Mako attacks Yugi’s Imp, destroying it and reducing his life poionts to 1740. As Yugi plays the Feral Imp, a monster with an electrical attack, Mako increases his underwater arsenal by playing the Giant Jellyfish. Powering up his Imp with the Horn of the Unicorn, Yugi uses the Imp’s electrical attack in an attempt to fry Mako’s monsters.

However Mako reveals that his Jellyfish has the ability to absorb all electrical attacks, preventing them from harming his other monsters. Attacking Yugi’s Feral Imp with the Fiend Kracken, Mako reduces Yugi’s life points to 1480. As Yugi plays Silver Fang, powering it up with the Full Moon, Mako is pleased with the result, which causes the tide to come in, flooding more of the field.

Playing his Kuriosheen, Mako creates a tidal wave which destroys Yugi’s Silver Fang and reduces the amount of land on the field to nothing more than a small island. He tells Yugi that he is lucky to be left with such a large amount of land, as the tidal wave usually destroys all the land on the field.

As Yugi searches for a way out of his predicament, Mako warns him that there is no way for him to win because Mako has the strength of fighting for a loved one. Many years ago, Mako and his father became trapped in a storm and although Mako survived, his father went missing. However one of the lifeboats also disappeared, leaving Mako to believe that his father is still alive and that is why he must win, to buy a boat and find his father.

Although touched by the story, Yugi warns Mako that he also duels for his loved ones and that Mako should not be so sure of his victory. As Yugi plays the Giant Soldier of Stone, Mako is amused that it can hardly fit onto the remaining land. Playing the Great White Terror, the monster leads Mako’s arsenal on an assault on Yugi’s Soldier.

But as Mako’s forces close in, Yugi orders his Soldier to attack the Full Moon which he played onto the field. With the Moon destroyed, the tide recedes until there is no water left on the field, leaving Mako’s monsters vulnerable to an attack. As Yugi plays the Curse of Dragon, powered up with the Burning Land card, he attacks Mako’s monsters, destorying them all in one go and wiping out all of Mako’s life points.

Although disappointed that he has lost, Mako is prepared to start over again and congratulates Yugi on the ingenious move, wishing him all the best on the journey ahead.