Legendary Fisherman (2)

Although he is worried about what hidden effects Mako’s Umi field may have, Joey is reassured when he draws his next card, Polymerization. Summoning Baby Dragon (1200/0700) in Attack Mode, Joey activates Polymerization to fuse his new monster with his Alligator’s Sword to form the Alligator’s Sword Dragon (1700/1500). However the Battle City rules prevent Joey’s fused monster from attacking on the turn that it was summoned and play passes back to Mako who summons a monster.

As Joey looks to see which monster Mako summoned, he is unable to see where the monster is as it is hidden under the water, but as the monster is hidden from sight it is also unable to block Joey’s attack and he is able to attack Mako directly (M’s LP: 1600). As Joey is confident that he can win on his next turn, Mako warns Joey not to underestimate the ocean and sets one card before ending his turn.

Although sure that his attack will win him the match, Joey first sets one card before attacking. As he prepares for his final attack, Joey’s monster is blocked by Mako’s Tornado Wall (Trap Card), preventing it from attacking Mako and damaging his life points. But as the torrent of water rises into the air, the water on the ground disappears, however the monster that Mako summoned on the previous turn is still nowhere to be seen.

Wondering where Mako’s monster could have gone, Joey does not have long to wait as Mako tributes the monster to summon a new one, which he orders to attack. However as The Legendary Fisherman (1850/1800) prepares to attack Joey’s Dragon, Joey reveals Energy Drain (Trap Card) in an attempt to reduce the Fisherman’s ATK to 0. Unfortunately, Mako’s monster is unaffected by the card and destroys the Alligator’s Sword Dragon (J’s LP: 3050).

While Joey wonders what has happened, Mako explains that while Umi remains on the field, this new monster cannot be affected by Magic or Trap cards, nor can it be attacked by any opposing monsters. Unsure of what to do, Joey sets a monster and ends his turn, but as Mako summons a monster he uses his Fisherman to destroy Joey’s set monster, the Tiny Guardian (1400/1800). However as the monster attacks, Joey realises that it looks almost human and Mako explains that it reminds him of his father.

Reminising on how his father was washed away while at sea, Mako explains that he built a shrine at the edge of a cliff to honour his father’s memory and that he used to visit it every day. One day, on the way home from the shrine, Mako received a letter, supposedly from his father, and inside the package was a card, The Legendary Fisherman. When Mako uses the card, it reminds him of his father and the two together have never lost a duel yet.

Although touched by the story, Joey is still determined not to give up as he sets one card before also setting a monster. However Mako is determined to pile on the pressure further as he plays the Fortress Whale’s Oath (Ritual Magic Card), tribtuing seven levels worth of monsters in order to summon the mighty Fortress Whale (2350/2150).

Oblivious of what is going on at the Aquarium, Marik and Yami Bakura are still at loggerheads in a back alley, until Yami Bakura suggests that the might as well try working together as they both seek the same thing, to destroy Yami Yugi. Yami Bakura explains that the best way to attack Yami Yugi is through his friends, a fact that Marik agrees with, and seeing as how Bakura and Yugi are friends, he intends to exploit that.

Back at the Aquarium, Mako’s Fortress Whale’s stats are increased by Umi’s effect, raising them to 2550/2350. As The Legandary Fisherman destroys Joey’s set monster, Mako’s Fortress Whale is able to attack Joey directly (J’s LP: 500). Although it seems like things are hopeless, Joey refuses to give up, determined to win the duel in order to challenge Yugi to win back his Red-Eyes Black Dragon. As he tries to work out how he can win the duel, Joey realises that he can sometimes see the shadow of Mako’s Fisherman within the water.

Determined to use this to his advantage, Joey sets two cards before summoning his Panther Warrior (2000/1600) in attack mode. However as he has no other monsters on the field, Joey is unable to attack and is forced to end his turn. But as Mako prepares to attack with the Fortress Whale, Joey activates Magic-Arm Shield (Trap Card), catching Mako’s Fisherman and destroying that instead (M’s LP: 900).

Devastated that his favourite card has been defeated, Mako prepares to surrender but Joey tells him to keep going until the end. Still disheartened, Mako refuses to continue until Joey tells him that it is what his father would have wanted, to duel with his heart and not give up at the first hurdle. Motivated by Joey’s speech, Mako orders his Fortress Whale to attack, but as he does Joey activates Cunai with Chain and Legendary Sword, increasing his Warrior’s ATK to 3300 and destroying Mako’s Whale (M’s LP: 150).

However while Joey believes that victory is in the bag, as Mako activates Back to Life, he is able to resurrect one monster destroyed in his last turn. Joey is sure that Mako has revived the Fortress Whale, and as he activates Giant Trunade to return all Magic cards on the field to their players hands, he is stunned to see that Mako has instead revived his Legendary Fisherman.

Seeing his chance to win, Joey activates Scape Goat (Magic Card), and tributes one of them so that his Panther Warrior can attack, destroying Mako’s Fisherman (M’s LP: 0). Although he is devastated that his Fisherman was destroyed for the first and second times, Mako congratulates Joey on his victory and, as promised, offers him his two rarest cards, The Legendary Fisherman and Fortress Whale, as well as two Locator Cards. Joey tries to refuse to take Mako’s favourite card, but he explains that he needs to be more independant and cannot do that as long as he keeps the card.

As the two set off on their separate paths, promising to meet again some day, Kaiba has picked up Joey’s signal at the Aquarium and he and Yugi head off to find him, but will they be able to get there before Marik’s Rare Hunters do.