Legendary Fisherman (1)

Having learned that Joey is in danger, Yugi is frantically searching for his friends when he is interrupted by two Rare Hunters. While Yugi doesn’t want to waste time dealing with the guys, the two of them are too busy arguing over who will duel Yugi first to actually duel him. As Yugi demands that one of them duel him, Kaiba arrives and offers that they could fight a tag team duel, not because he wants to help Yufgi but because he wants to crush GURUS.

As the four-way duel begins, Kaiba plays Pot of Greed and then summons Lord of Dragons, actifvating two Flute of Summoning Dragons in order to summon not one but all three Blue-Eyes White Dragons (3000/2500) and also a Hyozanryu (2100/2800). With Kaiba’s dragons dominating the field, the first Rare Hunter wisely sets one monster on the field and then ends his turn.

Worried as to what the Rare Hunters might be planning, Yugi sets two cards, however Kaiba is furious that his rival thinks he needs his help. However even so, Yugi summons Kuriboh in defence mode and then ends his turn. Determined not to be defeated by Kaiba’s dragon, the second Rare Hunter draws and sets Mirror Force, hoping to wipe out all of Kaiba’s monsters when he tries to attack, and setting one monster he ends his turn.

As Kaiba begins his second turn, he has no concerns about the card the Rare Hunter played as he sacrifices all three of his Blue-Eyes to summon Obelisk the Tormentor. Sacrificing both his remainiing monsters, Kaiba activates Obelisk’s special attack, destroying the Rare Hunter’s Mirror Force and wiping out his life points.

While the Rare Hunters reel from the blast, Kaiba taunts Yugi as to how powerful Obelisk is, however Yugi is still mnore concerned about Joey’s safety. But as he prepares to set off again, Yugi is stopped by Kaiba who throws him one of the Rare hunter’s Locator Cards and tells him that he and Mokuba can use the KaibaCorp satellite system to track where Joey is. However Kaiba warns Yugi that after the two of them have found Joey, Yugi will have no more excuses not to start the rematch with Kaiba.

Meanwhile, over at the Domino Aquarium, Mako Tsunami is fishing for his lunch, not realising that all the fish in the pool aare actually part of the aquarium’s show. As the show’s host arrives, demanding to know what Mako is doing, she collapses from illness and Mako decides that he will host the show for her.

Elsewhere in the town, Yami Bakura senses that Marik is approaching as he can feel the power of the Millennium Rod, but as Joey and the others arrive he is forced to pull back so that Bakura is in control of the body once more. As Joey informs Bakura that he only needs two more Locator Cards to gain access to the finals, Bakura asks where Yugi is and the gang admits that they do not know, and they wonder that he may have already gained access to the final rounds. As Joey considers this possibility, he spots a poster advertising Mako’s performance at the Aquarium and decides that he will challenge Mako to the duel which will gain him access to the finals.

Over at the Aquarium, the gang arrive to see Mako performing in the show, but do not notice that they have been followed by three of Marik’s Rare Hunters. The gang is impressed by the display, but Joey is more interested with challenging Mako to a duel, but as he challenges his old acquaintaince, Mako wonders what Joey is talking about as he is not qualified for the tournament, but when Joey reveals that he has four Loocator Cards already, Mako decides that the duel might be worthwhile after all.

Revealing that he too has four Locator Cards, Mako accepts Joey’s challenge and the two agree to risk two Locator Cards and also two Rare Cards on the outcome of the duel. Determined not to lose the duel and his chance to fight Yugi in the finals, Joey is shocked when he draws the Parasite Paracide card from his duel against Weevil. Realising that he has forgotten to take the card out of his deck, Joey is excited about the prospect of using the card against Mako, but before he has a chance to read all of the details on the card, Mako demands that he hurries up and so Joey sets the card, hoping that the effect will work.

Summoning the Flying Fish (800/500), Mako attacks Joey’s monster, destroying it completely. A stunned Joey is unable to understan why the card’s effect didn’t work, but Mako explains that he needed to sacrifice a monster to activate it’s effect. Annoyed that the card didn’t work, Joey sets a monster and ends his turn, hoping to use it on his next turn to summon a higher level monster. Unfortunately Mako is wise to this tactic and sets one card, ending his turn. Offering his set monster as a Tribute, Joey summons the Dragon Ox Warrior (1800/1500), but Mako flips his Burying Flood (Trap Card) to destroy Joey’s monster.

Marik is pleased to see that his Rare Hunters are watching the match, and is determined to take control of Joey after the duel has finished. However as he continues his journey into town on motorbike, he is stopped by Yami Bakura who has sensed his power and wants the Millennium Rod. Revealing his Millennium Ring, Yami Bakura demands that Marik gives up the Millennium Rod to him as he needs all seven Millenniumm Items in order to open the Dark Door and release the ancient powers that were sealed away by the pharaoh 5000 years before.

Shocked to hear that somebody who is not destined too protect the pharaoh knows about the secret of the Millennium Items, Marik introduces himself to Bakura and explains that he wants to destroy Yugi and is not interested in the Millennium Items. He offers Bakura a deal, that if he kills Yugi for him, Marik will give Bakura the Millennium Rod. However even though the two may be working together, both of them are determined to test the other one’s power as they set the power of their own Millennium Item against the other.

Back at the Aquarium, Joey’s lack of monsters to defend himself allows Mako to attack directly with his Flying Fish (J’s LP: 3200). Mako also sets one card on the field before ending his turn. Mako warns Joey that if he doesn’t start to focus then he will lose for sure, but as Mako informs Joey that he is determined to win because the ocean is waiting for him, Joey is also determined to win because Yugi is waiting for him.

Summoning Alligator’s Sword (1500/1200) in defence mode, Joey also sets two cards on the field and, as he ends his turn, Mako is pleased to see that his friend is beginning to focus. Offering his Flying Fish as a Tribute, Mako summons Fishbeast (2400/2000) and attacks, however Joey reveals the Monster Box, concealing his monster within a box with a number of possible holes. But Mako is not so easily beaten, and as he plays Umi (Field Magic Card) Joey’s monster is forced to surface, allowing Mako to attack, however Joey is also not willing to be defeated as he flips his other set card, Skull Dice (Trap Card). Rolling a 4, Joey reduces Mako’s Fishbeast’s ATK to 600 and destroys it with his Alligatoor’s Sword (M’s L: 3300).

However while Joey is confident that he has turned the duel around and will easily defeat Mako now, his opponent is also confident that he can win, now that he has reeled Joey into his trap.