Mime Control (3)

With the Sky Dragon, Slifer, bearing down on him, there seems little chance that Yugi will be able to defeat Marik, however even so Yugi is determined not to give up now that Kaiba has arrived. Yugi is not the only one pleased to see Kaiba, Marik is also pleased to see that the holder of the third God card has saved him the trouble of having to hunt Kaiba down.

However even with his new found determination, there is little that Yugi can do with the three cards in his hand, Alpha the Magnet Warrior, Baffomet and Big Shield Gardna, as none of them has the power to destroy Slifer. Even so, as Yugi draws Monster Reborn, he sets one card and then plays Big Sheild Gardna in defence mode.

As the monster is summoned onto the field, Slifer’s secondary attack is activated and the God attacks, reducing Big Shield Gardna’s DEF to 600. Both Kaiba and Mokuba are shocked to see such a powerful attack as the one Slifer just delivered, and even more shocked when they then learn that Slifer’s ATK and DEF are determined by the number of cards in Marik’s hand, making his stats 11000/11000.

As Marik explains that the God has infinite power because of its effect, Kaiba realises that not only does Slifer not have infinite power, but that it’s effect could help Yugi to defeat it if only he knew how. And as Slifer tears through Yugi’s monster, he too realises what Kaiba has just learned and announces to Marik that he can defeat Slifer in his next turn.

Worried, but doubtful that Yugi can uphold his threat, Marik can only watch as Yugi makes his move. Placing all his hope in the last card that he will draw, Yugi looks satisfied as he reveals his set card to be Monster Reborn. Using it to revive Buster Blader, Yugi revives the monster in attack mode, much to Marik’s surprise.

However things look bad for Yugi as Slifer’s effect activates, reducing his monsters ATK to 1100, and Marik is also allowed to draw three more cards because of the effect of his Card of Safe Return. However even with Slifer’s ATK now set at an unbeatable 14000, Yugi is still determined that he will win as he orders Buster Blader to attack.

As the attack is blocked by Marik’s Revival Jam, Yugi explains that he was waiting for Marik to do that and plays the card that he was hoping to draw, Brain Control. Thinking that he has worked out Yugi’s strategy, Marik is pleased to inform Yugi that Slifer is immune to the effects of Brain Control, however Yugi reveals that he didn’t try to control Slifer but actually took control of the Revival Jam.

As the Revival Jam regenerates on Yugi’s side of the field, Marik draws three more cards increasing Slifer’s ATK to 17000, however as he prepares to attack the Jam, Yugi reminds him that Slifer’s secondary effect is activated whenever he summons a monster onto the field. As Slifer attacks, the Jam is destroyed but then revives onto Yugi’s side of the field, allowing Marik to draw three more cards.

However as Marik draws his cards he realises that he is trapped in an endless cycle that will leave him with no more cards in his deck, as Slifer will keep destroying the Jam every time it revives. As the cycle continues and Marik’s deck gets smaller and smaller, Yugi explains that Slifer cannot have infinite power as it is not possible to have an infinite number of cards in a deck.

As Marik draws his final card and Yugi wins the match, Mokuba rushes over to claim Slifer and the Locator card from Strings to give to Yugi. However as he passes the cards to Yugi, he warns his brother’s rival that eventually Seto will be the one to gather all three God cards together. Having almost lost his chance to beat Yugi in a duel, Kaiba challenges Yugi to duel him but Yugi is hesitant to accept, knowing that he should be trying to find and stop the other Rare Hunters.

But before either of them can argue their cause, Marik takes control of Strings once again and warns Yugi that he can see three visions at the moment. One is a vision of Yugi through the eyes of Strings, the second is a vision of the Domino Harbour which Marik’s boat is pulling in to, while the third vision is that of Yugi’s friends in a busy street. Marik warns Yugi that his Rare Hunters have been following Joey and the others, and now that Yugi has not been defeated Marik is determined to involve Yugi’s friends in the conflict.

As a concerned Yugi rushes off to try and find Joey before anything happens to him, Marik’s boat pulls into the dock and he too sets out to find Joey. But who will get to him first in a race that could mean life or death for Yugi’s friends.