Mime Control (2)

With Yugi trapped within the Nightmare Cage for two turns, there is nothing he can do to prevent Marik from summoning Slifer the Sky Dragon, especially as Yugi is sure that marik already has it in his hand ready to summon it on his next turn. But as the duellist frantically seeks a way out of the situation, KaibaCorp’s computers are still scanning all of the Duel Disk systems for any signs of the God cards, and although their attempts have proven fruitless so far, they do not realise how soon that will change.

Having just been informed that there is still no sign of Slifer or Ra, Kaiba is surprisingly happy, knowing that the two remaining Gods will turn up eventually as the Rare Hunters have already taken his bait by taking part in the tournament. Back at the duel, Marik is confident that he will be victorious now that he is about to summon Slifer the Sky Dragon, but Yugi refuses to give up as he won’t let his friends down, especially Joey who is counting on a rematch to try and win back his Red-Eyes.

However there is nothing that Yugi can do and as Marik’s next turn begins he summons a third Slime Token and prepares to offer all three in order to summon Slifer onto the field. As the summoning of the God card begins, the sky clouds over, thunder begins to rumble and streaks of lightning streak down through the sky. As one of the bolts strikes the Slime Bearer it shatters into tiny fragments, some of which begin to gather in a cloud of light.

Shooting upwards through the clouds, the stream of light opens up into a vortex and the massive Sky Dragon emerges. Amazed at the power of the God card, Yugi is so overwhelmed by it’s power that he is unable to move, even within the Nightmare Cage. Marik explains to Yugi that Slifer’s stats are set by the number of cards in his hand and as Marik has two cards in his hand, Slifer’s stats are currently 2000/2000. However as Marik plays the Pot of Greed, he draws two more cards increasing Slifer’s stats to 3000/3000.

Although this power makes Slifer stronger than any card in his deck, Yugi seeks some consolation in the fact that the most cards Marik can have in his hand is 6, meaning that Slifer’s stats cannot rise higher than 6000/6000. However little does he realise that Marik has a way to get around this if the need arises.

With his Buster Blader’s own stats also raised by 500 points because of the presence of a Dragon on the field, Yugi could defeat Slifer if he was able to attack this turn, however with the effect of the Cage still active he sets two cards and then summons Kuriboh into Defence Position. As Yugi’s turn ends, the Nightmare Fence crumbles, leaving Yugi open to attack, and as Marik draws another card, Slifer’s stats increase to 4000/4000, making him more powerful than Yugi’s Blader.

However as the God prepares to attack, Yugi reveals his Lightforce Sword, using it to remove one of the cards from Marik’s hand for three turns. With Slifer’s stats reduced to 3000/3000 once more, Yugi is sure that his Buster Blader will be able to destroy it, but as the monster attacks the damage is blocked by the Revive Slime. And as Marik reveals his Eternal Magic card, he explains that it allows him to draw three cards every time his Slime regenerates. Drawing the three cards, Slifer’s stats rise to a massive 5000/5000.

Back in Domino Town, Joey and the others are exhausted after their search for another opponent for Joey and while Tristan can’t see why Joey won’t duel anybody that they have met so far, Joey explains that he is looking for somebody stronger than he is in order to become a better duellist ready for his rematch with Yugi. Although impressed with Joey’s sense of honour, Solomon explains that he will need to duel somebody eventually if not he will never get the last two Locator cards he needs to enter the finals.

As the gang prepares to head off in search of a duellist who Joey is willing to duel, Kaiba arrives and begins quizzing Joey as to why he is wearing a Duel Disk when he is only a Level 2 duellist. Furious at Kaiba’s remarks, Joey challenges Kaiba to duel him right then and there, but as an amused Kaiba prepares to accept the duel a helicopter arrives, informing him that one of the God cards has been picked up on the tracking systems.

As Kaiba climbs into the chopper, he is furious to learn that Yugi is the opponent to the Rare Hunter using Slifer the Sky Dragon, not wanting Yugi’s defeat to be delivered by anybody other than himself, and as Yugi’s Buster Blader is destroyed by Slifer, reducing his LP to 2100, it looks like Kaiba’s rival may be done for before he even arrives. However never one to give up, Yugi puts all his trust in his deck and as he draws the Magical Cylinder he believes that he may have found a way to defet the God card.

However as Yugi tributes Kuriboh to summon the Dark Magician Girl, Slifer’s second moth opens, firing a blast at the apprentice magician. Marik explains that whenever a monster is summoned, Slifer will attack that monster with 2000 points worth of damage, and for that Dark Magician Girl that will be fatal as she only has 1700 ATK points. However as Yugi flips one of his set cards, the Magical Hats, his Magician is safely hidden under the hats as Slifer attacks the wrong hat.

Determined to never give in, Yugi sets two cards into the Hats and ends his turn. As Marik’s turn begins, he draws another card increasing his hand to 6 cards, the maximum that a duellist can have at any one time. However as he plays the Limitless Hand card, he explains that this card allows him to have as many cards as he wants in his hand. To make things even worse, as Marik orders Slifer to attack Yugi realises that Marik has chosen the right hat.

But as the blast destroys the hat, Yugi reveals that the two cards he set were also placed into that hat; the Magical Cylinder and the Spellbinding Circle. With Slifer paralysed, and his ATK reduced to 4300, the Magical Cylinder reflects the attack back at the God, but once again the blast is deflected by the Revive Slime and Marik draws three more cards.

Drawing another card as his turn begins, the Spellbinding Circle fades and Slifer’s ATK increases to an immense 9000. As the God tears through Yugi’s Magician Girl, destroying er with ease, Yugi falls to his knees, exhausted and unable to see any way of winning the duel. However as he prepares to throw in the towel, Kaiba calls out to him not to give up, determined that nobody will beat Yugi until Kaiba takes his revenge first. But even with the support of his rival, is there really anything that Yugi can do to beat one of the three God cards?