Playing With a Parasite (2)

With the Ultimate Great Moth looming over him, Joey fears there is little chance of him being able to defeat it, especially as Weevil orders it to attack, destroying his Alligator’s Sword. And as Joey reels at the loss of his monster, Weevil informs his opponent that only two cards in the whole of Duel Monsters could destroy his Moth, the Blue-Eyes Ulitmate Dragon and the Gate Guardian, and Weevil knows that Joey doesn’t have either of those cards in his deck.

Over at the hospital, Kenta can’t see any way for Joey to win the match. But in order to try and distract him from her brother’s potantial defeat, Serenity asks Kenta about why he doesn’t want to go home and he tells her that he is scared to leave the hospital, even though his paretns have always been very kind to him.

Back at the duel, Joey still has hopes that he can turn the duel around, and as he plays a card face down he switches all of his monsters to attack mode and ends his turn. As Solomon and the others think he has gone mad, Weevil is also sure that this is his chance to win and, playing a monster face down in defence mode, attacks Joey’s life points with his Centipede, reducing Joey’s LP to 2800. But as Weevil’s Great Moth makes it’s attack, Joey reveals his trump card, the Skull Dice. However as the dice rolls, it lands on a 2 meaning that at 1750 the Ultimate Great Moth’s ATK is still stronger than that of Joey’s monsters. Not finished just yet, Joey reveals another of his cards, the Graceful Dice.

Rolling a 4 with this dice, Joey’s Parasite’s ATK increases to 2000 making it high enough to destroy Weevil’s Moth, and reducing his LP to 5450. Furious that his Moth has been destroyed, Weevil summons another insect onto the field and then uses the Insecticide card to destroy his own face-down monster. Joey is sure his opponent has gone mad, but as the monster is destroyed, Weevil explains that when it is sent to the Graveyard he is able to summon any other insect from onto the field.

Playing the Insect Queen onto the field, Weevil’s new monster’s ATK increases for every other insect on the field, meaning it’s ATK is raised from 2200 to 3200. As Kenta, watching from the hospital, fears that Joey has already used up all of his tricks, Serenity is sure that as long as Joey has faith in himself he can still win the duel.

Absorbing the Centipede in order to attack, the Insect Queen annihilates Joey’s Winguard, reducing his LP to 1000. And as the monster is destroyed, the Queen lays an Insect Egg. Determined not to give up just yet, Joey plays one card face down and then ends his turn. However as Weevil’s turn begins, Solomon realises that Joey has forgotten to switch his Panther Warrior into defence mode.

Not one to let Joey’s mistake pass, Weevil summoned the Beetle Warrior, a monster who returns to the top of his deck when it is destroyed. However as Weevil’s Insect Queen absorbs the Beetle and prepares to attack, Joey reveals his trap card, Magic Arm Shield. Destroying the monster Weevil played just turns before, Weevil’s LP is reduced to 3250 and another Insect Egg is layed.

As Joey switches his Panther Warrior to defence mode, Weevil replays the Beetle Warrior, absorbing it once more and this time destroying the Panther Warrior. With his last monster destroyed, Joey is afraid that he won’t be able to defence himself, but Tristan tells him to concentrate and that he must win if he wants to duel Yugi for his Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

As Kenta and Serenity cheer Joey on at the hospital, Kenta tells Serenity that if Joey wins then he will agree to leave the hospital. And as what could be Joey’s final turn begins, he plays one card face down and then summons Gearfried the Iron Knight. As the parasite prepares to infect Joey’s new monster, it is unable to do so because Joey’s new monster is made of metal and cannot be affected by Equipment cards.

With his new monster unaffected by the Insect Barrier, Joey is able to destroy one of Weevil’s Insect Eggs however the attack has no effect on Weevil’s life points and Weevil is still sure that he will win. Playing the Ant Troop, Weevil uses Ant Multiplication to multiply the Ant ten fold, raising his Insect Queen’s ATK to 4800. But as Weevil is confident that the attack will win him the match, Joey reveals the Graverobber and uses it to copy Weevil’s Insecticide card. Using the Insecticide to destroy Weevil’s Queen, Joey attacks Weevil and destroys the last of his life points.

As his friends congratulate him on his victory, Joey takes the Locator cards from Weevil and tells him that he lost because he is a weak duellist. Over at the hospital, Kenta can’t believe how amazing Joey’s comeback was and tells Serenity that not only will he go home, but that he will try to start going to school and be strong like Joey is.

With Weevil defeated, Joey is one step closer to becoming the true duellist that he is aspiring to become before he duels Yugi for his Red-Eyes. However while Joey sets off to find another opponent to duel, Yugi is still looking for the third Rare Hunter, the one who possesses Slifer the Sky Dragon, but little does he realise how close his opponent actually is.