Playing With a Parasite (1)

As another day of the Battle City tournament begins, Joey hurries to meet up with Mai and Yugi and discuss how the first day went. But as Joey arrives, eager to show off his two Puzzle Cards, he is dismayed to learn that Yugi already has three cards while Mai has won four.

Disappointed that he is doing worst out of the three friends, Joey finds little comfort in Mai’s warning that they will have to move quickly if they want to earn one of the eight places in the final rounds of the tournament. But as Joey and Mai head off to find more competitors to duel against, Yugi wonders whether he will meet the third Rare Hunter, the one who is supposed to possess one of the three God Cards; Slifer the Sky Dragon.

Over at the Game Shop, Téa and Tristan arrive to meet up with Yugi only to learn from his Grandpa that Yugi has already left. Téa explains that they would have gotten there earlier if it hadn’t been for Tristan trying to chat Serenity up over the phone and Solomon decides that the three of them will head into Domino to try and find Yugi.

Unable to track down any of the other competitors, Joey begins to grow worried that he won’t be able to win any more Puzzle cards if he doesn’t compete in any more duels. But as he heads off down another street to see if there are any duellists nearby, he hears a kid calling out to him and stops to see what he wants.

As the kid runs to catch Joey up, he asks Joey for his autograph. However while Joey believes that somebody has finally recognised him for the great duellist that he really is, the kid explains that he is collecting the autographs of every duellist he meets in case one of them wins the competiton as then their autograph will be worth millions.

Reluctantly, Joey signs the kid’s autograph book, but as he passes it back the kid begs Joey to let him try on the Duel Disk. Taking the Disk off, Joey passes it to the kid, but as Joey warns the kid to be careful with it he sees the kid running off into the distance having stolen Joey’s Duel Disk.

As Joey chases after the thief, Téa, Tristan and Solomon have arrived in town and are looking for Yugi as they see Joey chasing after the thief. Although none of them are sure of what is going on, Tristan leaps into action and stops the kid in his tracks as Joey catches up. The thief apologises for having stolen the disk, but explains that he needed the disk to take revenge on the duellist who stole his rare card. As Solomon tells the kid that what he has done is no better than the thief who stole his card did, the kid describes his thief to be none other than Weevil Underwood, Yugi’s first opponent from Duellist Kingdom. Determined to avenge the kid’s loss, Joey decides to track down Weevil and defeat him in a duel.

While Joey and the others head off to find Weevil, they have no idea that the kid who stole Joey’s Duel Disk was actually working for him. As the kid meets up with Weevil in a nearby alleyway, he explains that everything went according to plan and asks for the rare card that Weevil promised him. However true to his personality, Weevil fobs the kid off with a Gokibore card before spraying the kid with some kind of spider’s web and leaving.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Serenity is listening to the sounds of the outside world as she hears her door open and then close again. As the door opens for a second time, one of the nurses walks in and asks Serenity if a young boy, Kenta, has come in but Serenity lies and says that she hasn’t heard anybody. As the nurse leaves the room, Serenity calls for the boy to come out and Kenta thanks her, explaining that he doesn’t want to leave the hospital and so ran away from the nurse. Serenity tells Kenta that he can stay in the room with her as long as he tells her how Joey is doing in the tournament.

As Joey and the others continue to search for Weevil, their hunt leads them to the park where Weevil confronts Joey, eager to duel the friend of his nemesis from Duellist Kingdom. Tristan wants to settle the matter quickly with a fight, but Joey is determined to do things properly and duel Weevil even though Underwood is noted for his under hand tactics. Weevil suggests that both player risks two Puzzle Cards on the outcome of the match, an offer which the confident Joey is eager to accept.

As the duel begins, Joey plays the Landostar Swordsman (Level 3 – 500/1200) in attack mode and then plays one card face-down on the field. Sensing the chance to take an early lead, Weevil plays Dragonfly (1400/900) in attack mode and prepares to destroy Joey’s Swordsman. But as the insect readies its attack, Joey reveals his Magic card, Shield and Sword (Effect: Switch the ATK and DEF strengths of all face up monsters on the Field for 1 turn).

With Joey’s Swordsman now the stronger of the two monsters, Weevil’s Dragonfly is destroyed and his life points fall to 3700. However Weevil reveals that Dragonfly is an effect monster which allows him to summon an insect monster onto the field when it is destroyed. Summoning the Flying Kamikiri (Level 4 – 1500/800) onto the field, Weevil warns Joey that he doesn’t stand a chance against the power of his Insect Army.

Back at the hospital, Kenta has logged into the KaibaCorp website and is shocked to see that Joey is duelling Weevil Underwood, one of the toughest and most ruthless duellists around. He is also confused to see that Joey is only a Level 2 duellist and not actually qualified to compete in the tournament, but decides not to mention this to Serenity.

Back at the duel, Joey sacrifices Landostar Swordsman in order to summon Jinzo (Level 6 – 2400/1500) onto the field. Attacking Weevil’s Kamikiri, Joey wipes out the bug and reduces Weevil’s life points to 2800. Shocked that Joey has such a powerful card in his deck, Weevil plays a monster face-down and ends his turn, but as Joey attacks the monster, Weevil reveals that it is the Mind Leech.

Attaching itself to Jinzo, the Mind Leech will increase Weevil’s life points by half the value of Jinzo’s ATK points every turn that the two remain on the field. Playing a monster face-down in defence mode, Weevil ends his turn, but as Joey’s turn begins, the Leech’s effect activates and Weevil’s life points increase to 4000. With Weevil’s life points refreshed, Joey orders Jinzo to attack and destroys the Sky Ladybug (500/1500), but as he does so Weevil reveals that the Ladybug’s special effect causes his Life Points to increase by 500 points when the monster is destroyed.

As Weevil’s Life Points increase to 4500, Solomon warns Joey that most insect monsters have special effects and that he should be more careful when making his moves. As Weevil plays yet another monster face-down, his turn ends and his Life Points increase to 5700, but as Joey’s begins he is hesitant to attack Weevil’s monster in case it is yet another effect monster.

Over at the hospital, Serenity asks Kenta how her brother is doing and he tells her that things are not looking good for Joey. However Serenity refuses to give up hope and is certain that her big brother is just pretending to be bad so that Weevil will fall into his trap.

Determined to defeat Weevil, Joey summons the Panther Warrior (Level 4 – 2000/1600) onto the field and sacrifices Jinzo in order to allow his new monster to attack. Destroying Weevil’s face-down monster (1000/1200) Joey is free of the Mind Leech’s effect and can finally start trying to take down Weevil’s Life Points. However as Weevil’s turn begins, he plays a combo which looks worringly familiar to Joey.

Summoning the Larvae Moth (Level 2 – 500/400) onto the field in attack mode, Weevil equips it with the Cocoon of Evolution (Level 3 – 0/2000) as he prepares to begin the Moth’s transformation into the Ultimate Great Moth. Remembereing the tactic from Duellist Kingdom, Joey realises that speed is the key if he wants to stop Weevil from summoning the Moth, but Weevil is confident that Joey will not be able to stop him from summoning the most powerful of all insects.

As the five turn countdown begins until the Ultimate Great Moth hatches, Weevil activates Unleash Parasite to draw the Parasect Paracide card from Joey’s deck. As a bewildered Joey wonders why Weevil is trying to summon a monster that he doesn’t have, he is shocked to see the monster summoned onto the field and realises that it must have been put there by the thief who stole his Duel Disk earlier.

With the Parasect Paracide on the field, Joey’s Panther Warrior is transformed into a hideous looking insect, however its ATK and DEF powers remain unchanged. As Weevil plays a card face-down, he warns Joey not to underestimate the power of the Paracide card and informs his opponent that while the card is on the field Joey is not allowed to offer any monsters as tributes to summon higher level monsters.

Playing the Little Winguard (1400/1800) Joey realises that Weevil has left his Cocoon of Evolution in attack mode and orders his monster to destroy it, but as it prepares to attack Weevil uncovers the Insect Barrier which prevents any Insect-type monsters on Joey’s side of the field from attacking.

With four turns to go until the Ultimate Great Moth hatches, Weevil s only has to sit and wait as there is no way for Joey to attack him. However not one to just sit and wait, Weevil summons Centipede (300/250) a monster which can attack the opponent’s life points directly and does so, taking Joey’s life points down to 3700.

As Joey switches both his monsters to defence mode, Weevil’s Centipede attacks again, reducing Joey’s life points to 3400, and then again on Weevil’s next turn taking Joey down to 3100 Life Points. Determined not to lose to a cheater like Weevil, Joey summons Alligator’s Sword (Level 4 – 1500/1200) in defence mode and then plays one card face-down.

But as Joey’s new monster is also infected by the Paracide, the Cocoon of Evolution hatches to reveal the Ultimate Great Moth (3500/3000). With his options already shut down by Weevil’s Paracide combo, there seems to be little that Joey can do to avoid defeat, but even so he refuses to give up just yet, confident in the thought that he could still turn the tables and win.