The Master of Magicians (3)

Even though his Magician has been destroyed, Yugi is determined to get revenge on Pandora for not respecting his cards. As Pandora plays a card face down, he warns Yugi that he knows he has no more Magicians in his deck and that he will lose. Determined to win, Yugi summons Gazelle, King of Mythical Beasts, but Pandora reveals the Demon Scale which balances out each side of the field so both players has the same number of monsters.

As Pandora doesn’t have any monsters, both of Yugi’s are destroyed, leaving the way clear for Pandora to activate the Curtain of Black Magic. Sacrificing half of his life points (750LP), Pandora summons a Dark Magician from his deck onto the field. As he prepares to attack, he also plays the Sword of Revealing Demon to stop Yugi from using his trap card and then orders his Magician to attack.

However as the monster moves in for the attack, Yugi also activates the power of the Curtain of Black Magic, reducing his life points to 350. Pandora is shocked, knowing that Yugi has no more Magicians in his deck, however Yugi explains that the Curtain cal also be used to summon the Magician’s apprentice, the Black Magician Girl.

Startled to see that Yugi has summoned another magician onto the field, Pandora is not phased as the Magician Girl has lower stats than his Magician does. However as his monster attacks, the Girl is not destroyed but instead wipes out Pandora’s monster. Yugi explains that the Black Magician Girl gains 300 ATK for each Dark Magician that is in the graveyards, even those in Pandora’s grave.

As the Magician Girl attacks, Pandora’s life points are reduced to 0 as his monsters take revenge on him for the disrespect he showed them. As the blade closes in on Pandora, Yugi opens his own box and frees himself from the manacles. However as Pandora panics about his impending doom, he remembers that he has a key hidden up his sleeve just in case he loses.

But as Pandora reaches to take the key, Malik takes control of his mind and makes him forget about the key, but in a display of bravery Yugi rescues Pandora just before he is sliced to pieces. Shocked, Pandora’s only concern is for Cadeline, but as he rushes to find her he discovers that she is only a manikin and is not really the woman he loved.

Yugi is shocked by all of this, and even more so as Malik takes control of Pandora’s mind. Realising that this is the first time that he and Yugi have met, Malik introduces himself to Yami’s host body and explains that he can control his Rare Hunters in every way. He explains that it was he controlling Bandit Keith in the warehouse and that he does not want to hurt Yugi, only the Yami residing within him.

Malik explains that for centuries his family has been responsible for guarding the secrets of the Pharaoh in order to return them to him when he is found, however Malik is determined to overthrow the Pharaoh and claim the memories for himself. He explains that the only proof of who the Pharaoh truly is is that they will hold all three God cards, and so Malik wants to destroy Yami Yugi and claim all the God cards in order to be proclaimed the Pharaoh.

Malik warns Yugi that if he stays out of things then he will be spared, however Yugi refuses and angers Malik. As Malik prepares to leave Pandora’s body, he warns Yugi that the third Rare Hunter in the city has the God of Osiris and that when the two duel GURUS will be victorious. As Pandora is freed from his master’s control, Taya, Solomon, Mokuba and Tristan rush inside, having found where Yugi’s signal was coming from.

Back at GURUS headquarters, Malik is determined that he will defeat Yami Yugi and decides that the time has come for him to travel to the city and take his revenge. As Malik approaches a large stone tablet, he takes the God of Ra from the centre of it, reveals the ancient markings tattooed on his back and sets off for Domino, determined to take revenge for the death of his family.