The Master of Magicians (2)

Certain that he can still win, Pandora reminds Yugi that magicians have many tricks at their disposal. Playing the Mystic Tomato in defence mode, Pandora also plays a card face down and Yugi retaliates by playing Beta the Magnet Warrior. However as he does so, Pandora activates the Dark Magician’s Coffin, sacrificing both monsters on the field in order to revive his own Dark Magician from the graveyard.

With two Dark Magicians head to head, Yugi and Pandora both spend their next three turns setting up a series of face down Magic/Trap cards in the hopes of defeating their opponent. As Pandora begins the onslaught, he reveals Guillotine in an attempt to destroy Yugi’s Magician, but his opponent counters with the Magical Hats.

Not defeated yet, Pandora uses the Thousand Knives and successfully attacks the correct hat, however before the attack hits Yugi reveals De-Spell, destroying both the knives and the hats. As the two Magicians attack each other, both are destroyed, but both players activate Raise Dead to revive their monsters once more.

Yugi congratulates Pandora on his tactics, but asks him why he became a Rare Hunter. As Pandora reveals his mask, he explains that he used to be a talented magician until an accident left his face scarred. In his disfigured state, Pandora was unable to face his love, Cadeline, but GURUS offered to get her back for him if he killed Yami Yugi. Yugi tries to convince Pandora that he doesn’t need Malik’s help to get his true love back, but he won’t listen, explaining that Cadeline is waiting behind the curtain to come back to him if he wins.

As the two continue to talk, Taya and Solomon are still trying to locate Yugi, as are Kaiba and Mokuba. Using the scanning technology available at KaibaCorp, Kaiba is able to trace where Yugi’s signal is and Mokuba heads off to find him.

Back at the duel, Pandora plays a card face down, and Yugi responds with two face down cards. As Pandora reveals Hand Waving Dark, Yugi counters the trap with Ariel’s Mirror, but Pandora explains that his move had only been a diversion so that he could play his real trap, Demon Cross.

With Yugi’s Dark Magician trapped on a cross, Pandora’s Magician attacks Yugi’s life points directly, taking them down to 1500, and as Yugi’s saw closes in Pandora is excited that the show is coming to a close. Refusing to give up, Yugi plays the Iron Waist Warrior in defence mode, but as Pandora plays the Baby Killer he reveals Ectoplasma, a card which can sacrifice his monsters, turning them into ectoplasmic energy that can attack Yugi’s life points directly.

As the Baby Killer is sacrificed, it’s soul attacks Yugi and his life points fall to 700, however as Pandora prepares to sacrifice his Dark Magician, Yugi warns him that he is hurting his cards, but Pandora doesn’t care. However as the soul of his Magician prepares to strike Yugi, Yugi’s own Magician sacrifices itself to counter the attack and both are sent to the graveyard.

Yugi is touched that his monster was willing to sacrifice itself to save him, but Pandora is shocked that the cards have a heart of their own. However even with the attack countered, neither player is going to give up the fight until they have used every last strategy they can think of.