The Master of Magicians (1)

As a duel between two contestants in Battle City finishes, the winner is not amused with the rare card that his opponent is offering him and demands a better one. The argument begins to get heated until Kaiba and Mokuba arrive and order the two to stop fighting. Kaiba challenges the winner of the duel to fight him using a deck made out of any rare cards he wants from Kaiba’s briefcase. Although the duellist is sure that he will win, as the duel begins Kaiba unleashes the God of Obelisk, defeating his opponent in a single blow.

At GURUS headquarters, Malik is informed that Kaiba has the third God card. Realising that Isis must have given it to him, Malik remembers back to how he was confronted by his sister when he claimed the God of Ra. Isis tried to stop her brother, but Malik was determined to collect all three God cards and free their family of the curse that has been haunting them for centuries. However even though Kaiba has the final God card, Malik’s first priority is to destroy Yami Yugi, and he tells his followers to leave Kaiba alone for the time being.

Over at the hospital, Tristan leaves Serenity to go and find Joey and Yugi, but before he can leave she makes him promise to take her to watch Joey due after she gets the bandages removed. Meanwhile, Joey is off searching for a new opponent while Taya and Solomon head off to try and find Yugi.

As Yugi and Yami talk, Yami tells his partner that he is looking forwards to letting Joey win back the Red-Eyes from him in a fair duel. The two are distracted by a clown who leads Yami to a circus tent, but the two are followed by Taya and Solomon who want to see how Yugi is doing in the contest. Entering the tent, Yami approaches a box on the stage but as he steps in, the box collapses and Yami has disappeared.

As Taya and Solomon wonder where Yugi could have gone, Mokuba has also been informed that Yugi’s signal has vanished and he and Kaiba head back to the tournament headquarters to check what has happened. Meanwhile, Yami has been transported to the Hobby Shop where the PC is displaying his duellist information.

As Yugi studies the screen, the image of the Dark Magician transforms into a magician wearing red robes. Before he has a chance to react, Pandora appears and challenges Yugi to a duel. He explains that while Yugi may be a good duellist, Pandora is the true Master of the Dark Magician, however Yugi warns his opponent that it is the cards who choose their own master and that as a Rare Hunter Pandora is unable to sense this.

Tired of arguing, Pandora leads Yugi down to the arena where they will duel. As the two make their way down the stairs, Pandora explains that Malik has told him that he would be coming and that his leader can appear anywhere at any time.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Pandora leads Yugi into the large duelling arena where they will hold their battle. As the two shuffle and cut their own decks, Pandora taunts Yugi explaining that he is missing a great opportunity that could come from joining GURUS. However as Yugi refuses, the duelling arena begins to transform.

As the floor of the arena pulls the opponents back to either end of the arena, both players find their legs clamped in place by a pair of locked manacles. While Yami is startled by this turn of events, Pandora makes things worse by revealing two spinning saw blades around the edge of the arena which will slice off a player’s legs if their life points reach 0. Pointing to a box on the floor, Pandora explains that the winner will find a key to unlock the manacles, as well as a Puzzle card to help gain access to the Battle City finals.

As the duel begins, Pandora is not surprised to see that he has a Dark magician in his opening hand, having altered his deck so that the card would always be on the top when he cuts his deck. For his first turn, Yugi plays Alpha the Magnet Warrior as well as one card face down, and Pandora retaliates by playing Rijon, the Dark Clown.

However as Yugi’s second turn begins, he senses Pandora’s confidence and plays Card Destruction, causing both players to discard their hands and preventing Pandora from summoning his Magician. Yugi then uses Brain Control to take control of Pandora’s Clown before sacrificing both his monsters to summons the Dark Magician onto his side of the field.

Attacking Pandora’s life points directly, Yugi reduces his opponent’s life to only 1500 in a single attack. However as Yugi warns Pandora that he will pay for cutting the cards to try and win, Pandora is still confident that he has what it takes to be the victor.