Espa Roba – The ESP Duelist (2)

With the Psycho Shocker dominating the field, Roba increases its power further by playing the Computer Amplifier, increasing it’s ATK by 500 and then by a further 300 on each future turn. Destroying the Wyvern Warrior, Roba reduces Joey’s life points to 1200, much to the annoyance of his opponent who is still reeling from how his trap card was wiped out before he could use it.

As Joey prepares to draw his next card, his trust in the Heart of the Cards pays off as he draws the Baby Dragon. Playing the card in combination with the Time Magician, Joey surprises both Esper and Rex Raptor as he spins the Time Roulette, landing on a Time Machine. However as the Time Magic transforms Joey’s Baby Dragon into the Thousand Dragon, both he and Rex are stunned to see that Roba’s Android has not been affected by the passing of time and is still more powerful.

As Joey’s dragon is destroyed, reducing his life points to 700, Tristan, watching from the hospital, lies to Serenity once again, telling her that Joey is still doing fine. But as a nurse asks Tristan to leave the room he calls Taya, asking her to get a message to Joey. Refusing to give up, Joey plays Scapegoat, but Roba tells him that he may as well give up and Rex agrees with him. Back at the hospital, Tristan returns to the room but Serenity tells him that she knows he is lying and that she wants to know how her brother is really doing.

As Roba plays the Demon Mirror, the Psycho Shocker’s ATK is increased by another 300 points thanks to the Computer Amplifier. As the two monsters attack, destroying two of Joey’s goats, Roba warns Joey that next turn he will be able to play another monster and defeat him. Joey begins to think things are hopeless as Taya arrives and tells him that Serenity is watching him from the hospital.

Determined not to let his sister down, Joey is filled with new strength and as he draws his last card he summons the Roulette Spider. As the Spider attaches itself to the Psycho Shocker’s face, it draws it to the centre of the duelling field and makes it start to spin. Joey explains that when the spinning stops, the Android will attack whichever monster it is facing at the time.

Rex is shocked that Joey is still leaving duels down to luck, but as Roba becomes worried at the prospect of losing the spinning stops, with the Shocker pointed at his Demon Mirror. As the attack hits Roba’s monster, it is reflected back at the Shocker destroying both monsters and wiping out Roba’s life points.

Watching from the sidelines, Rex can’t believe that Joey lucked out again, meanwhile Esper Roba’s brothers are distraught that their brother has been defeated. Joey demands his prizes from Roba, but his opponent is furious that he lost to a duellist who was relying on luck to win, but Joey explains that that is just the way he duels. Joey offers his friendship to Roba, but his opponent is too stubborn until his brothers arrive and tell him how proud they are of him.

Later that day, Roba and Joey have settled their differences and Roba hands over the puzzle card and his Psycho Shocker. Joey explains that both he and Roba are lucky to have such kind friends cheering them on, and as the two part ways he looks forward to finding Yami and winning back his Red-Eyes in a fair duel.