Espa Roba – The ESP Duelist (1)

Having vowed to win back his Red-Eyes from Yugi fairly, Joey is looking for somebody to duel in order to work his way up to finding out the location of the finals of the tournament. As he reaches a large opening, he sees that his old enemy Rex Raptor is in a duel against Esper Roba. Watching the match unfold, Joey is just in time to see Rex’s Serpent Night Dragon taken down by the Psycho Shocker, wiping out the last of Rex’s life points.

As Esper Roba declares that he has psychic powers, Joey is determined to defeat this strong adversary and refuses to listen to Rex’s warnings. Meanwhile, over at the hospital, Tristan has brought Serenity a laptop so that they can monitor how Joey is doing in the tournament, while elsewhere Taya is still searching for both Joey and Yugi and Yami is seeking out the Rare Hunter who holds the God card.

Joey and Esper Roba prepare to duel, Joey not realising that his sister is being told his progress by Tristan. As Joey prepares to play his first card, Roba begins a psychic trick and pretends to stop Joey’s monster from summoning. But as Joey is freaked by the trick, he realises that the monster was of too high a level to be summoned without a tribute. Having wasted his turn, an embarrassed Joey passes play to Roba.

As Roba suggests that Joey should have played the Landostar Swordsman, he plays the Cyber Raider and attacks directly, reducing Joey’s life points to 2600. Watching at the hospital, Tristan is worried about Joey but lies to Serenity, telling her that her brother is winning, meanwhile Yami is watching the duel from a nearby rooftop, wondering whether Roba could in fact be the Rare Hunter he is seeking, until he sees Roba’s brothers on another rooftop, spying on Joey’s cards for their brother.

Roba uses the information that his brothers have told him to warn Joey that using two Graceful Dice in one turn is not allowed, however while Joey is freaked out by the comment, inspection of his hand shows that one of these cards is actually a Skull Dice. Realising that Roba is not a real psychic, Joey plays the Landostar Swordsman and then lays two cards face down.

As Roba sacrifices his Raider, he summons the Giga Cyber, but Joey reveals his Graceful Dice. Hoping to increase his Swordsman’s ATK by enough to defeat the Giga Cyber, Joey is disheartened when he only rolls a 3, leaving his Swordsman still 700 ATK weaker its opponent, but as the Giga Cyber attacks, Joey reveals his other card, the Skull Dice. Rolling a 5, he reduces the monsters ATK to 440, making it weaker than the Swordsman.

As the two monsters collide, Roba’s is defeated and his life points reduced to 2940 and Joey informs him that he isn’t fooled by his tricks any longer. Up on the roof, Mokuba has spotted Roba’s brothers and prepares to call off the match when they beg him not to, explaining that Roba fights to help them. Remembering how his own brother helped him out, Mokuba agrees to let the duel continue as long as the brothers stop cheating.

Oblivious to what is happening on the roof, Roba is becoming concerned that his brothers are not helping him any more and plays a card face down. Determined to win the match and challenge Yami again, Joey plays the Wyvern Warrior and orders both his monsters to attack. But while his Wyvern’s attack hits home, reducing Roba’s life points to 1440, as the Swordsman prepares to attack Roba reveals the Puppet Strings, taking control of the monster for two turns.

Confused as to why Roba waited to reveal the card, Joey plays a trap card face down, but as Roba sacrifices the Landostar Swordsman to summon the Psycho Shocker, he uses its special power to destroy the trap card. Unable to play trap cards, Joey is desperately seeking a way to win, but does he have what it takes now that his Red-Eyes isn’t there to help him out.