Yugi vs. the Rare Hunter (2)

As the duel continues to rage, the Rare Hunter is sure that he will win on his next turn, however it is a view not shared by his opponent. As Yugi plays a card face down, he destroys the Aztec Statue and then ends his turn. However as the Hunter taunts Yugi, confident that he is about to win, Yugi plays the Seal of Time to force the Hunter to miss his turn, preventing him from drawing the card.

Determined to defeat the first member of GURUS, Yugi uses the Hand Sealing Sword of Light to seal the Right Hand of Exodia, preventing the Rare Hunter from using it for three turns. Sacrificing Chimera, Yugi summons the Summoned Skull and uses it to destroy the Air Patrol Golem. As Joey looks on, impressed by his friend’s comeback, the Hunter refuses to give up and plays the Swords of Revealing Light, paralysing Yugi’s Skull for three turns.

As Yugi draws a card, he warns the Hunter that he will win within the next three turns, and then ends his turn without playing any cards. As the Hunter draws a duplicate piece of Exodia, Yugi plays a card face down before summoning Magnet Warrior Alpha onto the field. As his opponent looks on, confident that he will win, Yugi warns the Hunter that Exodia is only a powerful monster if the player has all five pieces.

Drawing yet another card, the Hunter is still missing the fifth piece of Exodia and decides to summon the main part onto the field to defend against Yugi’s monsters. However as he does so, Yugi activates Chain Destruction, destroying all three copies of the piece from within the Hunter’s field and deck. With only four pieces of Exodia left, there is no way for the Hunter to win, and as Yugi uses the Magical Space Typhoon to remove the Swords of Revealing Light, he summons Chimera back onto the field before powering up his Magnet Warrior with the power of the Summoned Skull.

Attacking with his souped up monster, Yugi destroys all of the Hunter’s life points in one go, winning him the match. As Joey is pleased to see that his friend has won, both Kaiba and Mokuba, watching from Kaibacorp, are impressed by Yugi’s skills. Reclaiming Joey’s Red-Eyes from the Hunter’s deck, Yugi destroys the fake cards that the Hunter was using.

As the two friends prepare to head off, the Hunter stands up, however as he begins to talk the two realise that he is being possessed. The controller of the Hunter explains that he is able to control his servants whenever he wishes and informs Yugi that he too has the power of a Millennium Item, the Millennium Rod. Introducing himself as Malik, head of GURUS, Malik explains that he is collecting the three God Cards in order to take control of the power of the pharaoh.

He warns Yugi that there are other, more powerful, Rare Hunters within the city, and that one of them possesses one of the three God cards. Yugi is determined to crush GURUS, however Malik warns him that he won’t stand a chance against the powers of the Gods. As Malik leaves the body of the Rare Hunter, his servant passes out and collapses.

As Yugi and Joey prepare to head off to find more opponents, Yugi offers Joey the Red-Eyes but his friend refuses to accept it. He explains that he admires Yugi’s determination and that he can’t take the Red-Eyes back until he can defeat his friend in battle and claim it fairly, and that he will still be able to win as long as he has the Time Wizard to help him.

The two friends promise that they will face each other again once Joey has found what he is searching for, and as the two of them head off to find their next opponents, they have no idea as to what is in store for them as the Battle City rages.