Yugi vs. the Rare Hunter (1)

As a new morning begins, Solomon is shocked to realise that Yugi has been up all night sorting out the deck that he and Yami will use during the upcoming tournament. Yami explains to Yugi that the tournament is important to him as he is seeking to answer an important question, however while he expects his partner to ask what it is he is searching for, Yugi doesn’t. Amazed by the trust that his partner has towards him, the pair head off for the start of the tournament.

Elsewhere, Joey is worried that he will be at a disadvantage without his red-Eyes and decides to phone Serenity for some comforting words of guidance. However as the call connects, Joey is furious to hear Tristan answer the phone, realising that his best mate is trying to hit on his little sister while he is out duelling.

As the duellists begin to gather in the city, two people heading off to work are confused as to what is going on. A couple of duellists stop and explain that the town has become the site of a giant duelling tournament, and they advise the pair to get off the streets before the fighting starts.

As Yugi arrives at the main square, he checks the puzzle piece that he has been given in order to work out where he should start duelling from. As Yugi works out where to head to, Mai arrives and is excited when she learns that Joey is competing in the tournament, however as the two friends continue to talk they are interrupted by the arguing of Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood and Mako Tsunami, old acquaintances from the Duellist Kingdom. However as the three continue to argue, none of them realise that the Rare Hunter who defeated Joey is watching them all, determined to claim their rare cards from them. They finally stop arguing and each of them heads off to their starting point.

Reaching his starting position, Yugi is just in time to catch Kaiba as he makes the starting announcements from a video screen attached to the Kaibacorp blimp. Kaiba explains that duels can be fought anywhere in the city and warns competitors that at the end of the preliminaries only 8 duellists will be left. Kaiba explains that not only is each duellist competing for rare cards, but they are also competing to learn where the finals of the tournament will be held. Each duellist has their own puzzle piece, and when six are brought together they will mark the location of the finals.

As all the duellists prepare to fight their hardest to win, Yugi spots Joey just as he prepares to confront the Rare Hunter. As Joey challenges the Hunter, Yugi arrives and immediately arouses the Hunter’s attention because of his rare card, the Dark Magician. Determined to take GURUS down, Yugi prepares to challenge the Hunter when Joey warns him not to fight the opponent, knowing what his deck is like.

However as the Hunter challenges Yugi, Yami appears and accepts the challenge, determined to crush GURUS and stop their ways. As the two prepare to duel, Joey tries to warn Yami about the deck the Hunter is using, but Yami stops him, explaining that no duellist should know their opponent’s tactics before the duel begins.

As the duel discs initialise, Kaiba is alerted to the fact that Yugi is beginning to duel and he and Mokuba prepare to watch the duel as it unfolds. The first turn begins, and the Rare Hunter already has two pieces of Exodia in his hand, but as Yugi makes his first turn he plays two cards face down before summoning Magnet Warrior Beta. However the Hunter seems unfazed by the move, playing Angel’s Gift to draw three cards and then discard two from his hand. Yami is surprised by this tactic, not realising that the Hunter now has three of the five pieces of Exodia in his possession.

As Yami plays Glorious Light, preventing monsters from being summoned face down, the Hunter plays the Aztec Statue in defence mode. With the monster’s DEF set at 2000, Yami sacrifices his Magnet Warrior to summon Gazelle, King of Mythical Beasts. Fusing it with Baffomett from his hand, he summons Winged Beast Chimera, a monster with 2100 ATK points. However because of the new rules of Battle City, the monster is unable to attack until its next turn, so play passes back to the Hunter after Yugi plays one more card face down.

The Hunter once again plays Angel’s Gift and successfully draws a fourth piece of Exodia, and with the aid of special contact lenses he can see that the next card on his deck pile is the final piece he needs to summon the Forbidden One. As Joey worries that Yugi won’t figure out his opponent’s strategy in time, the Hunter plays Air Patrol Golem in defence mode.

As Joey tries to convince Yugi to call off the duel, his friend realises that there must be some hidden agenda behind the defence monsters. As he thinks through his opponent’s motives, Yugi realises what the Rare Hunter is trying and tells him that he will stop him from summoning Exoida. However even though the Hunter is impressed that Yugi has worked out his strategy, he is confident that there is no way for Yugi to stop him before he can draw the final piece.