Stalked by the Rare Hunters

At school, Joey is excited to hear about the new Battle City tournament, but is angry that Kaiba hadn’t told him about it. As Joey gets himself psyched up to enter the contest the next day, Tristan reminds him that Serenity’s operation is the same day, but Joey is sure that he can make it to both occasions without any trouble.

As Joey continues to brag about how great he is, Yugi warns him that each duellist has to risk a rare card on the result of a victory, but this only makes things worse as Joey is sure that he will win everybody else’s cards. In a final attempt to calm his friend down, Yugi tells Joey that each competitor needs one of the new version duel disks. As soon as Joey hears mention of the duel disk system he quietens down, remembering what happened last time he used the system against Kaiba.

As the two friends head into town to find the Game Shop where the disks are being sold, Taya is the only one who knows where the shop is, having been there with Yami the previous day. As Joey and Tristan rush in, Yugi thanks Taya for going on the date with Yami, explaining that his partner seems happier since the day out. Taya realises that Yugi doesn’t know about what Yami learnt during the trip to the museum, but as Yugi comments that he feels that Yami is searching for something, Taya realises that Yami won’t be able to keep his secret from his partner for very long.

As the group enters the shop to enquire about the duel disks, the store owner brings up Yugi’s data on the computer and is stunned to see that he is a level 8 duellist and therefore gets the disk free of charge. More than that, Yugi is one of the highest ranked duellists in the whole tournament.

Excited to hear what a high level his friend is, Joey asks what level he is, but as the store owner pulls up Joey’s data Joey is shocked to see that he is only at level 2, not even high enough to qualify for the tournament. As Joey curses Kaiba for putting him at such a low level the store owner is intrigued to see that Joey has a Red-Eyes Black Dragon and decides to change Joey’s level, claiming that it was merely a computer error. However as Joey leaves the store with his duel disk system, the store owner is immediately on the phone to somebody, informing them that he has found the perfect target.

As night draws in, Joey heads for the hospital to offer his support and all his friends are hoping for the best. However as he makes his way to the hospital Joey is stopped by a group of robed figures who challenge him to a duel, proclaiming themselves to be members of GURUS. Surrounded on all sides, Joey has no choice but to duel, hoping to defeat his opponent and still get to the hospital in time. As the duel begins, Joey plays the Panther Warrior and his opponent counters with a monster in defence mode, but as Joey plays Scapegoat to summon four small goats, he sacrifices one of them so that his Panther can attack, destroying his opponent’s monster. However as his opponent’s turn begins, he plays Angel’s Gift, drawing three cards and then discarding two from his hand, and then plays another monster in defence mode.

As Joey wonders what his opponent is planning, Serenity is beginning to worry about where her brother is, not realising what is happening to him. As Joey plays the Armoured Lizard, he sacrifices a second goat so that his Panther can destroy the opponent’s monster, but then Joey is able to attack his opponent directly with his lizard, reducing his life points to 2500.

As his opponent plays Angel’s Gift again and then plays another monster in defence mode, Joey is sure that his opponent is scared and that that is why he is playing monsters in defence mode. Determined to finish the match quickly, Joey decides to summon the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Knowing that high level monsters have to be tributed in order to be played, Joey assumes that one of his monsters will have to be sacrificed, but as he plays the dragon he realises that both his monsters have to be sacrificed in order to summon a level 7 monster.

As Joey destroys his opponent’s monster, he is sure that he will win the match, however as his opponent draws his next card, he plays the five pieces of Exodia onto the field. As the monster appears and destroys Joey’s dragon and all of his life points, Joey is shocked to see the cards, thinking that Yugi was the only duellist who had them in his deck.

As Joey looks on stunned, his opponent reveals that he actually has three of each piece of Exodia in his deck, explaining that GURUS has the power to copy rare cards. Having defeated Joey, the Rare Hunter and the other members of GURUS attack Joey and take his Red-Eyes from him.

The next morning, Serenity refuses to have the operation because Joey still hasn’t arrived and in an attempt to find her son, Mrs Wheeler calls Yugi to see if he knows where his friend is. Shocked to hear that Joey is missing, Yugi and the others gather in the town to search for their friend and Tristan eventually finds him moping on the beach. Joey tells Tristan what happened last night, but Tristan convinces his friend that his sister is more important that any card. Realising what a jerk he has been, Joey heads off for the hospital, hoping that it isn’t too late.

Arriving at the hospital, Joey approaches the door to Serenity’s room and calls in to her, apologising for everything that he’s done. As the two talk through the door, Joey convinces his sister to go through with the operation and Serenity opens the door.

Later that day, Joey calls Yugi to tell him that the operation went well and he also warns Yugi about Battle City, but his friend is confused by the warning, not knowing the full extent of what happened the previous evening. As Yugi and Joey both prepare for the challenges that face them in the upcoming tournament, Joey is determined to get his Red-Eyes back one way or another.