Obelisk the Tormentor

Deciding that the time has come to find out who he really is, Yami enters the museum, with Taya by his side, in the hopes that he will find the answers he seeks. As the two walk around the exhibit, Yami spots a cordoned off area that leads down to a sub-level of the museum and decides to investigate.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Taya is confused to see the stone tablet with the carving of Yami as the Egyptian Pharaoh, but Yami is relieved to finally know who he is, the soul of the pharaoh. As the two study the tablet Isis arrives and explains that she knew that the two were coming because her Millennium Item, the Millennium Tauk, had shown it to her.

As Isis and Yami talk, she explains that Yami must gather all seven Millennium Items together in order to restore his memories. However Isis warns Yami that somebody else is also after all of the items and that Yami will have to face this new adversary before he can recover his memories. As Isis tells Yami to go to the plaza where his quest to recover his memories will begin, Yami wants to know why his soul was sealed inside the Puzzle, but is distracted when he spots the carving of Kaiba on the tablet.

Elsewhere, at Kaibacorp’s Research and Development department, Kaiba is preparing to run the final test on his new Duel Disk system. As the systems prepare, Kaiba is proud of his new invention, a version of the disk that doesn’t require throwing to project the images but instead uses projectors that are released when the duel begins. As the disks are used, all of the data is processed instantly using Kaibacorp’s satellite systems, making it possible to duel absolutely anywhere.

As the computer system launches, the Robo Duellist’s challenge level is set to maximum, a challenge that will give even Kaiba a run for his money, and a perfect chance for him to try out the God of Obelisk. As Kaiba inserts his deck into the disk, the life points are set to 4000 and the projectors are released to the sides.

As both Kaiba and the Robo Duellist draw their opening hands, the Robo plays a monster face down before passing play back to Kaiba, who plays one card face down before summoning the Battle Ox. But as Kaiba’s monster attacks the Robo reveals the Cyber Pod, destroying both monsters but allowing each player to search the top five cards of their deck for any monsters of level four or below.

As the Robo plays two monsters face down in defence mode, Kaiba summons four monsters, however as his opponent takes it’s next turn it tributes the two monsters in order to summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Kaiba remembers how the new rules mean that tributes must be paid to summon a high-level monster like the Blue-Eyes, and is impressed at the way the Robo used the Cyber Pod to set up the tribute.

Sacrificing the Hitotsu-Me Giant, Kaiba summons the Dragon Slayer, hoping to use it to destroy the Blue-Eyes, but as the Robo’s turn begins it plays a card face down before summoning the Lord of Dragons, preventing all destructive attacks from affecting dragons on the field. As Kaiba switches his monsters to defence mode, Mokuba is worried about how his big brother can win as the Robo uses the Flute of Summon Dragon to play the other two Blue-Eyes, before fusing them to form the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

As Mokuba learns that the disks are set to inflict combat damage, he is worried that his brother could get seriously hurt, but fortunately the new rules state that a fused monster must wait a turn before attacking. Face-to-face with the powerful monster, Kaiba senses the fear that Yugi must have felt going up against the Ultimate Dragon, but as he puts his trust in his cards he successfully draws the card that will win him the match, God of Obelisk.

Sacrificing three monsters as tributes, Kaiba summons the God onto the field, but as he sacrifices two more monsters to increase the ATK of the God, the computer systems begin to overload. Attacking with the powerful beast, Kaiba destroys the Blue-Eyes and wins the duel, but although he is amazed at the power of just one God card, the power it displayed makes him eager to reclaim the other two.

As Yami and Taya arrive at the plaza, Yami asks Taya not to tell Yugi what has happened and she agrees, but as the two continue to talk Yugi senses a strange aura to the plaza. As he prepares to mention the fact to Taya, Mai arrives, teasing Yami and Taya because she realises that they are on a date together.

As Mai finishes teasing the pair, Yami asks Mai why she is here and she is surprised to learn that Yami is at the plaza even though he hasn’t heard the news. Mai explains that news has been leaked over the internet that something will be happening at the plaza and explains that that is why so many duellists are about.

As Yami looks around the plaza he spots a number of familiar faces; Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood and Mako Tsunami and Mai catches sight of Esper Roba, another talented duellist. As the duellists scout out the rest of the competition, all of the video screens turn on as Seto Kaiba prepares to make an announcement to the crowd.

Kaiba explains that that in a week’s time a new tournament will take over the city and that each duellist taking part needs a new Duel Disk system and a deck of 40 cards that includes a number of rare cards. As a helicopter arrives in the plaza, Kaiba gets out and is pleased to see that Yugi has turned up. He announces that the duels will use a new set of rules and that the winner of each duel will have the right to claim one rare card from the loser. Shocked to hear the news, both Mai and Yami realise that this tournament will be nothing like Duellist Kingdom.

As Kaiba announces that the city will become Battle City, a robed figure is watching the proceedings from an unknown location. Realising that all the best duellists will be in one place, Malik decides that the time has come to put things into action and he orders the Rare Card Hunters to make their way to the tournament to claim the pick of the cards.