The Past is Prologue

As a plane arrives at Domino Airport, a team from Egypt, including Isis Ishtahl, departs from the plane where they are met by city officials who thank them for the loan of the exhibit that they have brought with them. Isis tells her welcomers that it is her pleasure to be able to bring the exhibit for the people of Domino to see.

On his way home, Yugi is deep in thought, remembering what happened to him in the fire and how he had to put the Millennium Puzzle back together in order to save Yami. As Taya spots him from the other side of the street, her friend doesn’t hear her calls and carries on walking.

Over at Kaibacorp, Mokuba is watching a new broadcast about the Egyptian exhibit which includes sections of the mural of 18 dynasties. Mokuba suggests that his big brother go visit the exhibit, but Kaiba isn’t interested in ancient artifacts, until he receives a telephone call from Isis Ishtahl who requests that he go to the exhibit.

As he enters the museum, Kaiba is greeted by Isis, but also by a team of security guards, a fact that concerns him, however Isis insists that they are just a precaution to protect all of the ancient artifacts. Kaiba reminds Isis that she mentioned Duel Monsters on the telephone and that if it weren’t for that he wouldn’t have come.

Isis begins to explain how the Bureau was set up to protect ancient artifacts, but Kaiba insists that she get to the point about the rare cards that she mentioned. Isis tells Kaiba about how Pegasus created the card game after visiting Egypt, but while Kaiba already knew this Isis has a surprise in store for him as she leads him to a private room.

At home, Yugi is unsure what to say to Yami after the incident in the warehouse, but Yami emerges from the puzzle and thanks his partner for rescuing him from the flames. However as the two talk, Taya is restless and is having a bad dream about Yami and Ancient Egypt, but as what could be a prophetic dream continues she suddenly wakes up, shocked and worried.

Back at the museum, Isis directs Kaiba’s attention to a collection of carvings on one of the stone murals, and as Kaiba looks at the tablet he realises that all of the carvings are of duel monsters. Isis explains that Pegasus based the game of Duel Monsters on this mural and decides that the time has come to explain to Kaiba the origin of the Shadow Games:

“The Pharaoh of Egypt gathered six priests together and they sealed away the magic of the Shadow Realm within stone tablets, however the magic possessed a group of sorcerers who became the followers of a priest who dreamed of releasing the magic back into the world.”

As Kaiba tries to take in what Isis has told him so far she directs him to a second tablet on which is a carving of Yami as a pharaoh and above him is the Dark Magician. However more surprising is the image of Yugi’s opponent who is none other than the priest, Kaiba, and his monster of choice, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Above the two duellists are images of six Millennium Items. Isis explains that the tablet decrees that when all seven of these items are brought together something will happen, but what will happen is a mystery to everybody. Isis tells Kaiba that the battle between Yami and himself is an eternal one and that destiny has brought the two back together in this life. Kaiba is still in disbelief so Isis decides to show him proof using the power of her Millennium Tauk.

Back in Ancient Egypt, the Priest Kaiba is in battle with another priest, and as Kaiba summons a monster from the stone tablet his opponent counters with a stronger monster, and as Kaiba’s monster is destroyed, so are some of his followers. As the contest continues, the Pharaoh, who looks like Yami but is masked in shadow, watches from his throne.

At home, Yugi asks Yami who he really is, but Yami has to admit that he has no memories of his past and has no idea who he truly is. Back at the museum, Isis explains to Kaiba that the name of the Pharaoh who sealed away the Shadow Magic has been mysteriously removed from all records of his reign, leaving no clues as to who he was.

As the duel continues, Priest Kaiba summons La Jinn but his opponent fuses the Winged Dragon and the Faerie Dragon to form the Kaiser Dragon, destroying Kaiba’s monster and more of his followers. Kaiba calls for Isis to free him from the vision but she insists that he continue to watch. As Priest Kaiba sacrifices the Mystic Horseman and the Battle Ox, he summons the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon, destroying his opponent’s monster and wiping out his followers.

Isis tries to explain to Kaiba that it is his destiny for him and Yugi to be rivals, but Kaiba insists that she show him the rare cards she mentioned. As Isis points to the top half of the tablet, she explains that in the Shadow Games there were three monsters with more power than any others, the Gods of Obelisk, Osiris and Ra. Pegasus designed cards based on there three monsters that would give their holder ultimate power, but the power of the three God Cards was so great that it frightened Pegasus and he requested that Isis’s Bureau seal the three cards away.

The cards were sealed away, but recently a group of thieves called GURUS have stolen two of the cards and intends to find the third. Isis warns Kaiba that GURUS is a ruthless group of Rare Card Hunters who will stop at nothing on their quest for power, however she explains that the third card was not stolen and is still safe. Revealing the God of Obelisk, Isis explains that each of the cards has the power to draw duellists to it and explains that she wants Kaiba to try and draw GURUS to Domino in order to recover the lost God cards.

Kaiba agrees to hold a tournament in the city in the hopes of luring GURUS to the city, but is intrigued to know why Isis trusts him with the card. Kaiba taunts Isis’s trust, asking what she would do if he kept the three cards for himself, but she insists that she trusts him with the card.

Back at home, Yugi apologises to Yami for prying into his past and promises his friend that he will share his own memories with Yami until his friend can recover his own. Meanwhile Kaiba is on his way back to Kaibacorp, intrigued and excited by the power that the God of Obelisk will bring him.