The Mystery Duelist (2)

Although he cannot see any way to defeat Keith’s army of rare monsters and he is beginning to struggle without the help of his friends to keep him going Yugi refuses to give up as Keith informs him that he has little chance of defeating his powerful Zera the Mant. Drawing the Kumori Dragon [1500/1200], Yugi sets it as he knows it is not powerful enough to destroy Keith’s monster. However Keith informs Yugi that his deck is too weak to win and as he plays Seiyaryu [2500/2300] he uses the spring mechanism concealed beneath his cloak once more to draw and set a Trap card before playing Stop Defence [Magic Card, Select one of your opponent’s monsters and switch it to Attack Position. If the card is face-down, flip it face-up. If the card has a flip effect, it is activated immediately.].

With Yugi’s Dragon forced into Attack Mode, Keith takes the opportunity to order Zera to destroy it [Y’s LP: 400] before informing Yugi that the Millennium Puzzle will soon belong to him. However Yugi is still not willing to give up, but as he sets one monster it (Mystical Elf [0800/2000]) is easily destroyed by Seiyaryu. With Yugi’s monster destroyed, Keith sets two cards before switching Zera the Mant to Defence Mode. Although puzzled by the moove to begin with, Yugi susses out what Keith is planning and sets one card before summoning his Dark Magician [2500/2100] in Defence Mode, combining it with the Magical Hats [Magic Card, Conceal up to four cards from your opponent so that they do not know which of each of four hats conceals each of the four cards. Your opponents monsters treat all four hats as monsters that they are able to attack however if the hat that is attacked does not conceal a monster, the card which is beneath the hat is activated instead (if the hat concealed a card). Once each hat has been destroyed, that one can not return to the field for the remainder of this card’s activation.].

However as Yugi activates his Hats, Keith reveals his Trap card, Magic Jammer [Trap Card, Discard one card from your hand to the Graveyard to negate the activation of a Magic Card and destroy it.] to destroy the Magical Hats which were concealing Yugi’s Dark Magician before activating his other set card, Curse of Fiend [Magic Card, Change the Battle Positions of all Attack Position monsters on the field to Defence Position and vice-versa. These positions cannot be changed during the turn this card is activated except by the effect of a Magic, Trap or Effect Monster Card. You can activate this card only during your Standby Phase..

With both Zera and the Dark Magician now in Attack Mode, Keith attacks with his powerful monster but Yugi, expecting the attack, activates Mirror Force [Trap Card, When an opponent’s monster attacks, negate the attack and destroy all opponent’s monsters in Attack Position.] but Keith quickly counters with Solemn Judgement [Trap Card, Pay half of your Life Points when your opponent either activates a Magic or Trap Card or summons a monster (including Special Summon) to negate the action and destroy all the cards involved.] and destrooys Yugi’s Magician [K’s LP: 250] [Y’s L: 100].

As Yugi worries that he may be about to be defeated, Yami Bakura enters the warehouse and, sensing the dark energy within the room realises that somebody has challenged Yugi to a battle for the control of the Millennium Puzzle. As Bakura watches on, Yugi sets one card and one monster but as Keith starts his turn he is confident that he will win as he plays Tribute to the Doomed [Trap Card, Discard one card from your hand to the Graveyard to destroy one Monster Card on the field (regardless of position).]. However Yugi is not so easily defeated and as he activates Living Arrow [Magic Card, Use an opponent’s card as a target for a Magic or Trap Card] he uses Keith’s own Magic Card to destroy Zera the Mant for him.

Fascinated by the duel, Yami Bakura realises that Keith is being controlled like a puppet and uses the Millennium Ring to break the control that Keith’s controller has over him. As Keith breaks free from the spell he is confused as too where he is and as too what Yugi is doing duelling him but as the myysterious puppeteer once again takes control of the confused Keith he makes his puppet destroy the Millennium Puzzle so that Yugi can no longer use it. As the separate pieces of the Millennium Puzzle fall to the floor around Yugi’s duelling platform, Bakura knocks out a confused Keith before explaining to Yugi that he came to find him after Téa told him that he was in trouble.

As Yugi and Bakura begin to gather up the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi is sure that he will be able to put it back together eventually just as he managed to assemble it once before, however he is not sure how long it will take him to do so. But while Yugi continues to gather up the pieces, Yami Bakura conceals one within his hand and, in an attempt to eventually gain control of the Puzzle, transfers a small part of his soul into the piece of the Puzzle. Bakura knows that Yugi is naiive when it comes to knowing the true powers of the Millennium Items however with the power of the Millennium Ring Bakura is confident that he will be ableto track down all seven Items and use their combined powers to rule the world.

With the soul transfer complete, Yami Bakura hands Yugi the final piece of the Puzzle before leaving Yugi in peace, however as he leaves the mysterious stranger once more tries to take over Bandit Keith’s mind, driving him over the edge and causing him to begin destroying the warehouse, accidentally starting a fire in the process.

Completely lost thanks to Yami Bakura’s sabotage attempts, Téa, Tristan and Joey eventually emerge from the passageways only to see smoke coming from a nearby building. As Téa rushes for help, Tristan and Joey head to see what is going on. Meanwhile, inside the burning warehouse, Yugi is struggling to free the Millennium Puzzle from the ring it has been chained to and decides to try and complete the Puzzle in the warehouse so that even if he doesn’t make it out alive Yami will still be safe. As the guys arrive at the warehouse, they try to break the door down not realising that their best friend is trapped inside and as they finally get the door open they are shocked to see a startled Bandit Keith run out screaming.

Not bothering to see what was wrong with Keith, the guys spot Yugi and try to convince him to leave but he refuses to go without the Millennium Puzzle. As they continue to try and persuade him that he has to get out, Yugi manages to assemble all the pieces of the Puzzle but collapses from exhaustion and the heat. Even so, Yugi refuses to let go of the Puzzle and as Joey tries to get the Puzzle off of the fixings Tristan grabs Yugi’s deck from the duellling station. Still having no success, the two guys decide to try knocking off the ring which the Puzzle is chained to with two long metal rods and while that still has no effect, Joey has the brainwave to use the rod as a lever and successfully frees the Puzzle.

As the three make for the safety of outside they are greeted by the fire brigade who are trying their best to put out the fire and later on, while Yugi is recovering in hospital, the two begin to argue over whose idea it was to try and free the Puzzle with the rods. Yugi tries to stop the arguing and thanks the gang for rescuing him from the flames but as Téa leaves the room she is worried that Yugi is in grave danger now that somebody else seems to be after the Millennium Puzzle.