Dungeon Dice Monsters (4)

With Yugi’s main hope of defeating Duke destroyed, he is apprehensive as he makes his next roll and uses the rolled movement crests to retreat his Knight back towards his heart points to try and protect them from Orgoth. But as Duke rolls two Movement II crests he moves Orgoth into the warp hole and it reappears on Yugi’s side of the field.

As Yugi tries to find a way to defeat Duke’s monster, he uses his movement crests to gather up hi monsters in an attempt to protect his hearts from being destroyed. However Duke moves his monster forwards again and activates two Magic crests to allow Orgoth to attack, destroying Yugi’s Thunderball. As Tristan, Taya and Joey doubt that Yugi will be able to win the duel, especially with no more room to summon any more monsters, Solomon is still sure that there must be some way for his grandson to defeat Duke.

As Yugi prepares to make his next roll, Duke commends him on having done so well but warns him that he is still going to lose. However Yugi is not willing to give up yet and, rolling an attack crest, orders his Mighty mage to attack. The Mage attacks, but as it does so Duke uses a Defence crest to block the attack before using two Magic crests to allow Orgoth to attack Yugi’s monster, destroying it.

With only one monster left in play, Yugi is doubtful that he has any way of winning, but Joey calls out to him, telling him that he is fighting for more than just his title, he is fighting for the Duel Monsters cards and all the opponents that he has defeated in previous duels. If Yugi gives up now he would be dishonouring every one of them.

Determined to go on fighting until the very end, Yugi makes his roll. Advancing his Knight of Twin Swords towards Orgoth, Yugi activates all six remaining Attack crests to allow his Knight to perform 3 double-slash attacks. However as the knight prepares to attack, Duke activates Goranzo’s special power to transform three Trap crests into a Defence crest which he then uses to counter Yugi’s attack.

With Yugi’s attack having failed, Duke attacks with Orgoth, destroying Yugi’s final monster. However even with no more monsters on the field, and no room to summon any more monsters, Duke is surprised at how calm Yugi seems. Yugi rolls but is unable to do anything, so Duke advances his monster and attacks Yugi’s heart points, reducing him to one heart.

As Yugi prepares to make what could be his final roll of the game, Duke offers that he could surrender now rather than face the humiliation of being defeated on the next turn. But Yugi has faith in the dice and as the dice land he has successfully rolled a Level 4 summoning. Duke taunts Yugi, warning him that there is nowhere on the board to summon the monster, but Yugi points out that there are many different ways to unfold the dice. Placing the dice down on an empty square, Yugi successfully dimensions the dice to reveal the Dark Magician.

Seeing the powerful monster, Duke remembers something that Pegasus told him when they duelled to test out the game. Pegasus suggested adding a monster with additional skills other than just attacking and defending, but never told Duke what the monster was that he added. As Duke worries that the Dark Magician might be that monster, Yugi orders his Magician to attack Orgoth, wiping it from the board.

As Duke makes his roll, he moves his Dark Assailant back to the Item Chest that he placed on the board many turns before. Opening the chest, Duke reveals the Monster Cannon, a creature with the power to fire another monster at Yugi’s Magician. However as Duke fires his Dark Assailant at Yugi’s Dark Magician, Yugi activates the Magician’s Magical Hats to conceal it from Duke’s monster.

As the Dark Assailant destroys one of the empty hats, Duke orders Goranzo to retreat to defend his last heart point. However as Yugi’s turn begins, he activates the Dark Magician’s Mystic Box power to switch places with Duke’s monster, destroying it in the process. With the Dark Magician positioned in front of Duke’s heart points, Yugi attacks and destroys Duke’s final heart, winning him the match.

Duke is distraught to have lost his only chance of marketing Dungeon Dice Monsters, but Yugi tells him that the game is really good and that it is sure to become as popular as Duel Monsters. The others all agree that they enjoyed it and Solomon admits that even he was intrigued. Duke agrees to release Joey and Yugi then tells him that a game should be about having fun and making friends, not trying to exact a bitter revenge on someone.

As Duke and Yugi agree to become friends, Duke notices that he has received an e-mail from Industrial Illusions, agreeing to sign a contract with him. Duke apologises and tells Yugi that after duelling him he can now see how he managed to defeat Pegasus, but while Duke believes that Yugi won because he is powerful, Yugi tells him that the real power comes from having friends that support you no matter what.