Dungeon Dice Monsters (2)

As the duel between Yugi Moto and Duke Devlon prepares to begin, crowds gather at Duke’s Game Shop to watch the match as it is broadcast live around the world. As Yugi and Duke remind each other of the conditions of the match, the usual Duel Monsters arena undergoes a startling transformation into a Dungeon Dice Monsters arena.

Duke warns Yugi that the new game has a whole new set of rules and that if Yugi wants any chance of winning he will have to learn all the rules quickly. However Yugi is not too concerned with the layout of the arena until he a large tray of dice reveals itself. Duke explains that each player must select fifteen dice to form the dice pool, the dice equivalent of a duelling deck.

However as Duke confidently picks his dice pool, Yugi is unsure as to what the different colours and markings mean. As Yugi finalises his selection, Duke tells him to place the dice into the Automator, which will “shuffle” them and dispense three dice each round. As each player inserts their dice into their Automator, Duke explains that each turn they shall roll three dice and then make a move depending on the results of the roll. Duke also explains that in a similar way to Duel Monsters, each player has Heart Points, however unlike Duel Monsters each player only has three Hearts.

As Duke makes his first roll, he informs Yugi that in order to summon a monster it is necessary to roll two Summoning crests in a single roll. As Duke has two Summon crests, he is able to summon a monster onto the board. Taking one of the dice, Duke places the dice onto the board and it unfolds to release the monster inside it, Ryu-Kishin. As he finishes his turn, Duke explains that the dice themselves for a pathway for the monsters to travel along, with the intention that the player can build a route across the board so that their monsters can reach the opponent and destroy their Heart Points.

As Yugi makes his first roll, all three dice are different and so play passes back to Duke, who decides to explain another rule to Yugi. Duke explains that there are six different types of crests on the dice; Summon, Move, Magic, Attack, Defence and Trap and that the number of summon crests on each die depends on its level.

Duke’s Level 2 dice each had three summon crests on them, making it easy to get roll two summon crests, however Yugi’s Level 4 dice only have one summon crest each, making the odds of rolling two summons much lower. But if Yugi had rolled a summon, the monster would have been much stronger. As Yugi checks his dice, he realises that most of the ones he picked were of higher levels, making his chances of summoning a monster lower than Duke’s.

As Duke rolls, he gets two summons and a movement crest. Releasing Goranzo onto the board, Duke uses the movement crest to move his new monster forwards one space along the dungeon path. As play passes back to Yugi, Duke explains that it is possible to store crests that aren’t wanted until a later turn, although summon crests cannot be stored. As Yugi makes his roll, he once again draws no matches, but on Duke’s roll he once again rolls a pair of summons and a movement crest. Releasing the Gator Dragon, Duke moves it forwards one space.

With Yugi still summonless and Duke now with three monsters on the board, Yugi hopes to roll a pair of summons. But as the dice reveal two summon crests, Duke explains that if the crests are of different levels then the summon can’t be activated and so Yugi is still left with no monsters on the field. As the Dice Automator dispenses Duke’s dice, Duke realises that he has been dealt a set of Level Four dice.

As Duke rolls his set of high level dice, he rolls two summon crests and uses it to summon another object onto the field. However rather than a monster, Duke’s summon reveals a chest. Explaining that this is an item summon, Duke passes play back to Yugi, who once again fails to roll a matching pair. Pleased to see Yugi struggling, Duke taunts Yugi, calling him the King of Lame and arguing that Yugi is nothing more than a fraud.

As Duke rolls another summon, he releases The 13th Grave right in front of Yugi’s Heart Points. With no monster to protect him, Yugi has to make his next move count and, having faith in his dice, rolls two Level 4 summons to release the Mighty Mage. Activating one movement crest, Yugi positions the Mage next to Duke’s latest monster and orders the attack, destroying the monster. As the crowd watching the live broadcast are amazed by the move, Duke warns Yugi that he still has little chance of winning with only one monster to fight his five.

However with Duke’s next roll he summons the Blast Lizard and warns Yugi that it has a special attack that will defeat Yugi’s Mage. As Yugi wonders what Duke meant by a special attack, he takes his set of dice from the Automator to discover that they are only Level 2 dice. Successfully rolling for a summon, Yugi releases the Winged Dragon onto the board.

As Duke rolls two magic crests, he decides to demonstrate his Lizard’s special attack. Accessing his crest pool, he uses three magic crests to activate the Blast Lizard’s special attack, destroying Yugi’s Dragon. Yugi rolls three attack crests which are of little use to him, so play passes back to Duke who rolls two summons to release the Dark Assailant. To finish his turn, Duke moves his Blast Lizard and Gator Dragon forwards so that the two are almost at Yugi’s heart points and ready to attack.

Passing play back to Yugi, Duke warns him that he has little chance of winning when even Duke, who created the game, is unable to see a way to win. As Yugi is shocked to learn that Duke is the creator of Dungeon Dice Monsters as well as its champion, Duke tells Yugi that it is his fault that nobody knows that Duke created the game and begins to recount his story:

“Duke had spent years perfecting the game of Dungeon Dice Monsters until it was complete and, when he finished, sent an e-mail to Pegasus to ask for help in marketing the game. He soon got a reply and Pegasus invited him to the Duellist Kingdom to discuss terms of the contract. Duke was excited about getting to meet his idol, but as soon as he arrived, Pegasus challenged him to a duel of Dungeon Dice Monsters and easily beat him. Pegasus agreed that the two would work as partners to market the game, and told Duke that they would finalise the contract after he had finished hosting the Duel Monsters tournament that was about to begin.”

However since Yugi beat Pegasus in the tournament, Duke has been unable to contact him and so his hopes of marketing the game have been destroyed. Yugi tries to explain to Duke that Pegasus was a evil man, but Duke’s hero worship has blinded him to reason. As Yugi’s pleas fall on deaf ears, he decides to make his next roll and manages to summon the Thunderball. However Duke is not concerned by this weak monster, mostly because he is confident that Yugi will be unable to activate its special attack.

As Duke makes his roll, he uses two movement crests to position his Dragon and Lizard to attack. Activating one attack crest, the Gator Dragon attacks Yugi’s Heart Points, destroying Yugi’s first life. With Yugi unable to defend himself and with Duke prepared to destroy Yugi’s remaining Heart Points on his next turn, Duke begins to look forwards to defeating the fraudster and avenging Pegasus’s good name. But even with all the odds stacked against Yugi, the King of Games is not going to be as easy to defeat as Duke hopes he will be.