Dungeon Dice Monsters (1)

As another day begins, Solomon Moto is not his usual happy self as he cleans the front of the Game Shop. As Taya arrives so that she and Yugi can walk to school together, she asks Yugi why his grandpa is being so grumpy. Yugi tells her that he doesn’t know, but Solomon overhears the two and tells them the cause of his troubles; a new game shop that has opened in town.

On the way to school, Yugi decides to check out the competition. Arriving at the massive Game Shop, a woman is handing out leaflets to promote the main attraction to the shop, the new Dungeon Dice Monsters game. As Yugi and Taya head off for school, two figures are watching them from one of the shop windows.

One of the men tells the other that he can’t believe that Yugi was the person to defeat Pegasus in a duel, but reassures himself that Yugi is not as good as Duke Devlon. The other man, Duke himself, tells his associate that he is determined to crush Yugi in a duel and take his title as King of Games.

Later at school, Joey is excited to hear about the new game shop, especially when he hears that they stock the new Dungeon Dice game. Conversation leads to talk of Serenity, Joey’s sister, and Joey explains that her eyesight is beginning to improve and the doctors hope that she will make a full recovery. As the friends continue to talk, a lot of cheering begins to filter through from the next door room.

Going to see what happens, the group find a guy performing tricks with five die and a cup. Yugi asks one of the classmates who the guy is, and the kid explains that he is Duke Devlon, the owner of the new game shop. Joey begins to spout off a load of talk about how Duke has no talent and is a show off when Duke comes over and introduces himself.

Duke seems to be honoured to be in the same room as the only duellist to ever defeat Pegasus in a duel, but seems to have no interest in Joey at all. As Joey continues to bad-mouth Duke, Duke decides to challenge Joey to a small contest. Taking out a cup and a dice, Duke places the dice onto the table with the cup on top of it.

Duke tells Joey that he can move the dice from under the cup to his hand without touching it, but Joey doesn’t believe him. Duke tells Joey that not only can he do it, but that he already has. Not believing him, Joey picks up the cup to check and as he does so, Duke picks up the dice with his hand.

Realising that the con artist has tricked him, Joey decides to get revenge and challenges Duke to a duel. Duke reluctantly accepts, explaining that he doesn’t have a deck and so the match would be unfair. He suggests that if the two were to play from new decks made up of packs of cards then neither duellist would have an advantage over the other.

Yugi tries to dissuade Joey, explaining that the duel would be a pure game of chance, but Joey is confident that he can win. However Duke also suggests a wager on the match, with the loser having to do what the winner wants them to for a week. Seeing a chance to get Duke to close down the new shop, Joey accepts to the duel, but Yugi is still unsure.

As the group arrive at Duke’s game shop, they are shown to the lift that will take them down to the arena. On the way, Duke and Joey construct their decks from the packs of cards provided and Joey seems pleased with his choice of cards. As the lift arrives, Joey is amazed by the size of the arena and Duke shows off by explaining that this is actually the smallest arena in the shop. Duke explains that the duel will be broadcast internationally as he feels that a larger audience makes a duellist play better.

As the duel begins, Duke plays the Oni Tank T-34. Joey retaliates by playing the Swordhunter and attacks Duke’s Tank, not only taking his life points down to 950, but also increasing the Swordhunter’s attack power by 200. Impressed by the move, Yugi begins to believe that his friend might just have a chance at winning after all.

Duke plays the Dark Bat in defence mode and also one other card face down on the field. However as the smug duellist is confident that his life points are safe, Joey plays the Mad Sword Beast and attacks Duke’s Bat, reducing his life points to 550. As Duke looks on shocked, Joey explains that the Mad Sword Beast damages the opponent’s life points even if the monster is in defence mode. However Duke is not totally downhearted as he reveals the Mitizouri trap card which sucks in Joey’s Swordhunter.

Duke then plays one card face down before attacking with his Spike Bomb, destroying Joey’s Sword Beast and reducing his life points to 1650. Joey plays the Goblin Attack Force, destroying Duke’s Bomb and reducing his life points to 50. However as he begins to believe he can win, the Goblins switch to defence mode, an unfortunate side effect of them attacking.

Even with only 50 life points left, Duke still seems surprisingly calm. Playing the Gradies monster, he reveals the Limiter Removal card, increasing his monster’s attack points. He then plays the Fairy Meteor Crush card, a card that gives Gradies the ability to attack Joey’s life points in the same way that the Mad Sword Beast did. Attacking Joey’s Goblins, Duke eliminates all of Joey’s remaining life points.

With Joey defeated, Duke decides to make the most of his slave-for-a-week. Bringing out a dog suit, he makes Joey put it on and then begins taunting Joey, flicking dice at him whenever he tries to speak. Unable to put up with seeing his friend humiliated any longer, Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle activates, transforming him into Yami Yugi. Yami challenges Duke to a second duel in order to free Joey from his servitude, and Duke gladly accepts, but only under his terms.

If the two are to duel, Duke insists that they must play his game, Dungeon Dice Monsters. But as if that wasn’t enough, Duke also insists that if Yugi loses he must give up his title of King of Games and promise to never play Duel Monsters ever again. Joey tries to get his friend to pull out of the duel, but Yami refuses to back down, telling Joey that he will stand by his friend’s side no matter what the costs might be. But as the two prepare to duel, is either Yugi prepared for what could be in store from them as they play a game they have only just heard about.