Legendary Heroes (3)

As time grinds to halt for Yugi, Joey and Mai, Princess Adina and the people of Simlau are stunned as the ancient ruins return to their original form. As the aircraft rises from the ground, everyone lets out a sigh of relief that the three heroes are safe. As the aircraft takes off with Joey at the helm, Aero flies to catch up, signifying that he wants to come with them.

Back in the real world things are not going quite as easily for Taya and Tristan who are still fighting off Kemo and the other guards. However their friends in the virtual world are oblivious to this as the Castle of Dark Illusions comes into view. They are more concerned by the swarm of monsters that is heading for their ship. As the monsters begin to attack, the three call out some monsters of their own to defend them.

With Mai’s Harpies, Joey’s Fierce Knight and Yugi’s Dark Magician protecting the ship, it seems that things might be alright until one monster breaks through and dives for Yugi. As Yugi stands still, unsure what to do, Aero dives into the patch of the monster and blocks the attack, but in doing so sacrifices his own life. The Dark Magician destroys the monster that destroyed the group’s friend and Yugi activates the Swords of Revealing Light to paralyse the onslaught.

Unable to come to turns with the loss of a friend, Yugi is filled with rage and his Millennium Puzzle activates, summoning the forces of his other self, Yami Yugi. As the aircraft approaches the Castle, it hits the magical barrier protecting it, but true to legend the ship is able to penetrate the forcefield. However as the ship reaches the inside of the forcefield, a Salamandra attacks, destroying the aircraft. As the group begins to fall, Yugi summons the Winged Dragon and the three fly on to the castle on its back.

Meanwhile, deep inside the castle, the Witty Phantom returns to where it has held Kaiba captive. Taunting Kaiba, the Phantom reveals that the second sacrifice has arrived. Bringing forwards Mokuba, still dressed as Adina, the Phantom explains that they were not fooled by the change of costume and that they were hoping they would capture Mokuba instead of the girl. Kaiba asks Mokuba why he has come into the game, and Mokuba tells him that he came to rescue him.

True to his word, Mokuba summons the Swordstalker to cut Kaiba’s chains and then, returning his brother’s deck back to him, Kaiba summons the Blue-Eyes White Dragon to destroy the Witty Phantom. As the two try to find a way out of the cave, a group of Armed Ninjas attack. But as one plays the Dragon Capture Jar, Kaiba is ready for the trap that took his first Blue-Eyes and counters by summoning the Trap Master, destroying the Jar and releasing his first Blue-Eyes from its prison.

With two Blue-Eyes on his side, Kaiba attacks the Armed Ninjas, destroying them all at one. As the two brothers continue along the passage, Mokuba explains that he, Yugi and Joey came to rescue Kaiba. Realising that Yugi is in the game as well, Kaiba becomes angry, still reeling over the debt he owes Yugi from being rescued from Pegasus.

Elsewhere in the castle, Yugi, Joey and Mai have found their way to a forest environment. Not only are they being attacked by a swarm of Killer Needles, but they can see three Cocoons of Evolution growing on a large tree in the centre of the forest. As Joey summons the Fierce Knight to attack the insect swarm, a Man-Eater Bug attacks his Knight, destroying it and reducing Joey’s life points.

Yugi activates his Mirror Force to destroy the Killer Needles, but the fire created when they are destroyed causes the cocoons to hatch, releasing three Great Moths. However before the Moths have a chance to attack, Yugi summons the Catapult Turtle and uses it to catapult a Kuriboh at the Moths. Activating the Multiply card, the Kuriboh replicate until there are hundreds of them flying towards the Moths, each one destructing on contact and destroying the Moths.

As the three continue into the castle, they make their way to a dark cave where they find Kaiba and Mokuba heading the other way. As the five prepare to leave, they hear the voices of the Kaibacorp directors being transmitted into the game. The directors congratulate them on making it to the final level, but Kaiba corrects them, saying that they stopped the ritual and so they beat the game.

However the directors reveal that this is not the case, and reprogramming the game once again summon the Mythic Dragon into the cave. With a strength of 5000/4000 the five decide that they will have to work together if they have any chance of defeating the powerful beast. As Mai summons the Harpy Lady Sisters, her monsters become paralysed and unable to attack. The directors explain that they have added a field effect to the cave which they call the Dragon Seal. The seal means that while any monster can be played, only dragons can be attack.

Still determined to win the duel, each duellist summons their strongest dragon onto the field. As Kaiba calls upon his Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Joey summons its weaker counterpart, the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Following suit, Mai plays her Harpy’s Pet Dragon and Yugi finishes the quartet by playing his Curse of Dragon. However as the four dragons attack, the Mythic Dragon counters each one of the attacks and then sends out its own attack directed at Mokuba.

With Mokuba unable to defend himself, Joey uses his Red-Eyes to block the attack, but the blast reduces his life points to zero and Joey begins to vanish. Determined to avenge the loss of his friend, Yugi sacrifices both Gaia and his Curse of Dragon to summon the Black Lustre Soldier, but the Dragon Seal prevents it from attacking. As Mai’s Dragon attacks, the Mythic Dragon counters its attack, destroying the dragon and eliminating Mai’s life points.

With two friends lost in the battle, Yugi instructs Kaiba that they need to work together if they are going to win the duel. Yugi tells Kaiba to summon the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, but Kaiba’s pride gets in the way and he refuses to listen. As the Mythic Dragon attacks, Mokuba pushes his brother out of the way of the blast, but is destroyed by the powerful attack. Yugi appeals to Kaiba to work with him, and Kaiba reluctantly agrees.

Summoning the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Yugi uses Polymerisation to fuse it with the Black Lustre Soldier. As the Mythic Dragon attacks, the smoke clears to reveal the result of the fusion, the Dragon Master Knight. With an initial strength of 5000/4000, the Knight’s attack power increases for that of each dragon that had been played onto the field, giving it a final attack strength of 9000/4000. The Knight unleashes its attack, destroying the Mythic Dragon.

As Yugi and Kaiba wake up, they find themselves back at the palace. Adina thanks them for destroying the Mythic Dragon, but Kaiba is unable to be happy, having lost his brother during the fight. However Adina explains that the loss of losing a loved one is too much for even a great hero to have to stand and, revealing herself to be a Mystical Elf, chants a spell to revive the fallen friends.

As the exit portal appears before the group, Kaiba thanks Yugi for his help, but explains that the two are not going to team up in real life any time soon. Yugi asks Kaiba to consider him as a friend rather than as an adversary, but Kaiba ignores Yugi as he exits the virtual world through the portal.

Returning to the real world, Yugi, Joey and Mokuba are just in time to find the guards break into the lab. Realising that Kaiba must have also been released from the game, the guards head back to Kaibacorp to try and stop him before he can fire the traitorous directors. From the next room in the lab, Mai wakes from her time in the game just in time to see Mokuba leave to find his brother. Before he goes, he calls out his thanks to the group for helping him out once again, but will this be the start of a glorious friendship between Yugi and the Kaiba brothers, or just another one-off rescue mission.