Legendary Heroes (2)

As Yugi, Joey and Mokuba continue their adventure in the virtual world, Taya and Tristan are facing problems of their own as Kemo and a bunch of other guards are trying to storm Kaiba’s lab. However as they fight off the enemy advances, their virtual friends are oblivious to the events occurring in the real world.

As the gladiator duel begins, Joey summons the Flame Swordsman. His opponent, Madam Butterfly, counters with a Harpy Lady, but Joey attacks, knowing his Swordsman is stronger than the Harpy. However as the Swordsman attacks, Madam Butterfly plays the Mirror Wall to counter the attack. Not only surprised by the move, Joey is more surprised that both plays seem to be those that Mai would play, but dismisses the thought as there is no way that Mai could be in the game as well.

However as his opponent plays the Rose Whip and prepares to take out Joey’s Swordsman, both Joey and Yugi begin to suspect that Madam Butterfly really is Mai. As the Harpy prepares to attack, Joey takes off his mask and reveals himself to his opponent. Seeing that her opponent is really a good friend, Madam Butterfly calls off the attack and reveals her identity as well.

As Mai and Joey stand face to face, two friends reunited, Yugi and Mokuba run out into the arena to greet their friend. Mai explains that she was asked by the bosses at Kaibacorp to test out the game, presumably to ensure it would work when they tried to capture Kaiba. Yugi explains the dilemma and Mai, willing to help, uses her Harpy to steal the Niwatori card and the four friends escape from the arena.

As they reach the desert, Mai uses the prize card to summon four Niwatori Chickens and the gang begins their journey across the desert. On the way Mai explains that Kaibacorp is not only asking her to test the system, but they are paying her for doing it. However as they continue their quest across the sandy plains, a Sandstorm Monster appears and attacks. But Joey quickly reacts, summoning his Red-Eyes Black Dragon to destroy the monster. With the monster defeated, the sandstorm begins to clear and a temple becomes visible in the distance. Certain that it can lead them to Kaiba, the group heads towards it at double speed.

As the party reaches the temple, Mokuba rushes ahead, quickly followed by the others. However inside the temple they do not find Kaiba but instead find themselves at the beginning of a labyrinth maze (like the one from Double Trouble Duel). As they cautiously enter the labyrinth, the group hear somebody scream and rush in to help them. However as they approach a crossroads, they find themselves trapped between four approaching Labyrinth Tanks.

With nowhere to run, Yugi plays the Magical Hats to protect the four and teleport them away from the Tanks. As they climb out from under the hat, Joey notices the fairy from the graveyard and decides to follow it. The fairy leads the group to a young girl who looks much like Mokuba does. Mokuba asks the girl if she is alright and she explains that she had gotten lost in the maze and that Aero, her fairy companion, had gone to find a way out.

As the group of five follow Aero’s lead, they eventually reach the end of the Labyrinth, however they find that they are not yet safe as they come up against the Gate Guardian. As Yugi summons the Summoned Skull, Joey calls upon his Red-Eyes Black Dragon and the two fuse to form the Black Skull Dragon. However even this mighty beast is not strong enough to defeat the Guardian until Joey activates the Dragon Nails to increase its attack strength even further.

As the Dragon destroys the Gate Guardian, the girl is amazed at how brave the two are, commenting that they seem as strong as the heroes of legend and, as a way of saying thanks, she offers that the four of them come with her to the palace.

Meanwhile, in another part of the virtual world, Kaiba has been chained up in a dark cavern and is being guarded by the Witty Phantom. As Kaiba attempts to disable the program using his programmed voice commands, the Phantom explains that it is no longer his program to control. The Phantom continues to explain to Kaiba that both he and another prisoner will be sacrificed as offerings in order to revive the Mythic Dragon.

Oblivious to the fate of their friend, Yugi, Joey, Mai and Mokuba make their way to the palace with the young girl. On the way, Yugi comments that Mokuba should be flattered that Kaiba based the girl, Adina, on him. As they arrive at the palace, the group learn that Adina is actually the Princess of Simlau. As the four tuck into a great banquet prepared in their honour, Adina explains that people often disappear at this time of the year because offerings must be made to the Mythic Dragon.

Adina explains that the other kingdom has already made their offering, a stranger from a far away land. Mokuba realises that the offering must be his brother and asks Adina where the offerings are held. Adina explains that the offerings are taken to a dark castle in the sky, which Yugi explains to be the Castle of Dark Illusions (Panik Attack). Adina explains that the castle has a barrier to block Duel Monsters from entering or exiting, but legend states that, about a thousand years ago, a hero escaped from the castle on some kind of flying machine.

Yugi asks Adina who Simlau is intending to offer as its sacrifice, and Adina informs him that she is to be Simlau’s offering. However she explains that an ancient prophecy proclaims that one day heroes will come and unite to destroy the Dragon, and she is confident that the prophecy will come true before the offering has to happen. Adina tells Yugi and the others that the fate of Simlau rests in their hands, and Joey explains that the have no choice but to help as they have to rescue Kaiba anyway.

The four retire to quarters where they change into the traditional battle gear of Simlau warriors and then return to the palace roof, where a storm is brewing. As the group look up into the sky they see the Castle of Dark Illusions appear from behind the clouds and the sky begins to fill with duel monsters. Determined to stop the monsters, Mai summons the Dark Witch to defend Adina, but Yugi tells him to call back his monster.

As Yugi prepares to activate the Dark Hole, an Armed Ninja destroy the card, stopping Yugi from activating it. Joey summons the Axe Raider to protect Adina from the Ninja, but she is scooped up by a Whiptail Crow. However as Joey, Yugi and Mai call after Adina, the figure dressed up as Mokuba begins to cry, claiming that Mokuba was taken. The three friends are confused, but the Mokuba look-alike explains that she is the real Adina and that she and Mokuba changed clothes because Mokuba wanted to be taken to be with his brother.

As the three comfort Adina, Yugi notices an ancient ruin that looks like the illustration of the flying machine used by the hero who escaped the Dark Castle. Heading to the ruins, they discover the machine buried and fossilised and incapable of flying. However with the power of Joey’s Time Wizard, the ruins begin to rebuild themselves as time reverses itself, reviving the ruins of Old Simlau. As the three friends watch with amazement, the ground beneath them begins to shake as the flying machine begins to arise.

Back in the real world, Taya and Tristan continue to fight off the onslaught of guards trying to break into the lab. But with only two of them to fight off an unknown number of guards, it could only be a matter of time before the guards break through and disconnect their friends from the machines as well.