Legendary Heroes (1)

Having learned of how he was betrayed by his colleagues, Kaiba returns to Kaibacorp with the intention of exacting his revenge. Storming into the boardroom, his former employees are somewhat surprised to see that he is still alive, not realising that Pegasus had released his soul.

The furious Kaiba threatens to fire all of the board members, but they plead their case, claiming that they were only trying to help Kaiba. They tell Kaiba that they were only working with Pegasus to help Kaiba escape, but Kaiba is still determined to fire them all. However when they inform him that they have managed to prepare the VirtuaPod system ready for production, Kaiba decides to postpone their dismissal while he tests his latest invention.

As Kaiba and Mokuba head down to the lower levels of the building so that Kaiba can test the system, Mokuba tries to convince his brother that he shouldn’t rush into anything like this. However Kaiba is disswayed, having waited years for the system to finally be completed. In the lab, Kaiba climbs into the pod and inserts his deck into the card reader. As Mokuba hesitantly starts up the system, Kaiba feels himself being transported into the virtual realm that he has spent years developing. Inside the game, Kaiba is pleased that all aspects seem to be functioning properly however Mokuba, watching his brother on a screen in the lab, is still uncertain as to how safe the machine is.

As a monster appears Kaiba summons the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which easily destroys it. However as the monster vanishes, an Armed Ninja appears. Kaiba is suspicious of this development, knowing that it was not in his original programme, and, as the Ninja reveals a Dragon Capture Jar, Kaiba realises that the game has been reprogrammed. As his Blue-Eyes is sealed within the Jar, Kaiba finds himself caught inside a net.

Back in the lab, Mokuba can only watch as his brother is captured inside the game and, as Kaiba’s body goes limp, Mokuba becomes worried for his brother’s safety. As the room begins to close down, trapping Mokuba inside, the traitorous board of directors informs Mokuba that they have once again trapped both him and his brother. But as Kemo and a number of guards storm the room to capture Mokuba, they find that he has escaped through the ventilation shaft, having taken his brother’s deck with him.

Meanwhile, at the Game Shop, Yugi, Joey, Taya and Tristan are browsing the latest cards that Yugi’s Grandpa has in stock when Mokuba bursts in. Mokuba explains to the gang what has happened to his brother and begs Yugi for help to beat the game and save his brother. Mokuba explains that although Kaiba was using the finished pod there are still a number of prototype models stored in his secret lab. Yugi promises to help Mokuba rescue his brother and the group heads off to find Kaiba’s lab.

Arriving at the lab, the group finds that there are only three pods. As Joey and Tristan argue as to which one of them should go Mokuba insists that he is going, as he is the only one with any experience of the game. With the decision that Joey, Yugi and Mokuba should go, the three climb into the pods as Taya and Tristan start the machine. However as the three enter the virtual world, their signal is detected by the bosses at Kaibacorp who send Kemo and a group of guards to disconnect the three duellists before they can beat the game.

As the three arrive in the virtual world they are all amazed at how lifelike it seems. However each of the duellists is equipped with a life point counter, and Yugi is concerned by this, worrying what would happen if the counter reached zero. As the three begin to explore the game, they find their way to a graveyard and three zombies ambush them.

Demonstrating how duels work in the virtual world, Mokuba holds up the Rude Kaiser card and calls out its name to summon the monster. Yugi follows suit, summoning the Dark Magician, however as the two attack the attacks seem to have no effect. Determined to wipe out the zombies, Joey summons the Flame Swordsman and orders him to attack. However as the Swordsman does so, Yugi realises that the zombies’ attack strength has increased to be greater than that of Joey’s Swordsman.

As the zombie deflects the attack, Joey’s life points fall to 1820. As Joey wonders how they can defeat the zombies, Yugi remembers that there is one way to defeat zombies; the card that Joey used to defeat Bones in their duel in the Arena of Lost Souls. Remembering the duel as well, Joey activates the Shield and Sword to reverse the attack and defence points of each monster on the field. With the zombies vulnerable to attacks, Yugi orders the Dark Magician to attack, destroying all three zombies at once.

The monsters vanish having been defeated, but Joey notices that his life points have not returned to 2000. Discovering this, Yugi suggests that they will all have to be careful to not lose all their life points. However the group is faced with a greater problem, where to go next. As Yugi and Mokuba consider their options, Joey spots a fairy flying a little way ahead of them. With no better suggestions made, the three follow the fairy in the hopes that it will lead them to where they should go next.

Following the fairy, the three find their way to a large town. Entering the town they discover a number of stalls selling cards for points. Joey sets his eyes on a number of powerful cards, but when the group checks the number of points they have earned they find that they have nothing like enough. Remembering that they are in the game to rescue Kaiba, the three split up in the hopes of finding a clue to where they need to go next.

After a long search the three return to the town square where Mokuba informs them that an old woman saw a man and a prisoner heading off towards the mountains across the desert. Certain that the prisoner must have been Kaiba, the three set off to cross the desert to rescue Kaiba from whatever fate might await him.

However the desert is hot and a sandstorm blows in, making the crossing difficult and soon the group find themselves sucked up by a sand twister and blown back into town. Back in the town, an old man informs the gang that they can’t cross the desert on their own and that the will require a Niwatori Chicken if they wish to cross. Yugi asks the man where they can get the card but the man only tells them that it is a prized bird. Certain that one of the stalls must have the cards for sale, the three head off to scour the town in search for a Niwatori.

Back in the real world, a number of guards have arrived at Kaiba’s lab determined to stop Yugi from rescuing Kaiba. However as Taya and Tristan hear the guard approaching they lock and barricade the door, determined to protect their friends from danger.

Having searched all the card stands, the gang learns that none of them sell the Niwatori card. However just as they begin to give up hope, Yugi sees a poster advertising a gladiator duelling contest to win the Niwatori card. Joey volunteers to fight for the card, but Yugi is uneasy about this as out of all three duellists, Joey is the only one who has lost any life points. Even so, Joey is confident that he can win the card for them and signs up for the duel.

As Joey prepares for the contest, he is given a pig costume to wear and is informed that his fighting name will be Senor Porky. As Yugi and Mokuba cheer from the sidelines, Joey walks into the arena, ready to face his opponent. As the legendary Madam Butterfly enters the ring both she and Joey prepare to duel, however Joey’s mystery opponent may not be quite as mysterious as he and his friends believe her to be.