The Ties of Friendship

As the fierce duel between Rebecca and Yugi continues, Yugi attempts once again to convince Rebecca that his grandpa did not steal her Blue-Eyes White Dragon from her. However Rebecca insists that he took it from her grandfather. Tired of Rebecca’s complaining, Solomon Moto decides to explain exactly how he came to get the Blue-Eyes:

“Many years ago, in Egypt, he was taking part in an archaeological dig in the hot desert. During the dig, Solomon Moto met up with Rebecca’s grandfather, Professor Arthur Hawkins and the two became good friends. Unlike most archaeologists, Arthur had very radical theories towards the history of Egypt and its hieroglyphic language, believing that the Egyptian language had some link to the modern-day game of Duel Monsters.

On their quest to discover the truth behind the history of Egypt, Arthur and Solomon found themselves drawn to an Egyptian tomb with hieroglyphic carving similar to the images on Duel Monsters cards. When Arthur presented his findings he was ridiculed by other Egyptologists, but he persevered in his quest to find the answers. His findings even suggested a link between the Millennium items and the Shadow Realm, talking of immense duels that took place in another realm to compete for the power to rule the world.

On one expedition, the two friends found themselves trapped in a caved in tomb. Believing they were trapped with no way to escape, they quickly found themselves running low on food and water. As time went on, the two were reduced to their last canteen of water when Arthur suggested that they could pass the time by having a duel. Solomon agreed to the offer and also suggested that the winner should be the one to have the last of their water supply, as there was clearly not enough for the two to share. As the duel began, Arthur played the Witch of the Black Forest, the same card that Rebecca played on her first turn.”

Fed up with hearing the lies, Rebecca insists that she and Yugi continue with their duel. While Taya, Joey and Tristan want to listen to the rest of the story first, Solomon agrees that maybe it would be best for them to finish the duel first. Playing the Catapult Turtle, Yugi uses the Magic card Brain Control to take control of the Millennium Shield. Firing the Shield from the Catapult, he destroys it, leaving Rebecca’s Cannon Soldier vulnerable once more. Attacking it with the Summoned Skull, he reduces Rebecca’s life points to 200.

Rebecca is vaguely impressed by the move, but seems more concerned by the number of monsters in her graveyard. Finding that she only has six in her graveyard, she plays the Judgement Blaster to discard five more monsters to her graveyard and also eliminate Yugi’s Skull. Playing the Shadow Ghoul, Rebecca’s strategy becomes clear. With eleven monsters in her graveyard, the Shadow Ghoul’s attack power increases by 1100 making it almost unstoppable.

Horrified by the move, Yugi cannot believe that Rebecca has sacrificed the monsters just so she can power up her Shadow Ghoul. He tries to explain to her that each card is important because of their heart, but Rebecca ignores him, insisting that the cards are only about power. Determined to teach the young girl a lesson, Yugi plays a monster face down in defence mode, however Rebecca counters with the Stop Defence. Attacking with the Shadow Ghoul, Rebecca wipes out Yugi’s monster, reducing his life points to 800.

Surprised that Rebecca seems to have the advantage, Tristan asks Yugi’s Grandpa if the duel between him and Rebecca’s grandfather played out in a similar way. Solomon informs Tristan that their duel went exactly the same as this one but promises him that the end of the duel may still surprise him.

Playing the Swords of Revealing Light, Yugi paralyses Rebecca’s Shadow Ghoul for three turns in the hopes of finding some way to win. Unable to attack, Rebecca passes her turn back to Yugi, who uses Monster Reborn to revive his Dark Magician. Determined to stop Yugi from rebuilding his forces, Rebecca plays a Cannon Soldier in defence mode. Attacking it, Yugi’s Dark Magician destroys the monster, however in doing so he increases the Shadow Ghoul’s attack points by another 100.

Determined that no card can help Yugi win, Rebecca passes her turn once more and the Swords of Revealing Light fade away. Back in the past, Arthur Hawkins makes the same play, passing his turn to Solomon Moto. Realising that Solomon is waiting for one specific card, Arthur hopes that his friend will not draw the card required. As he draws what could be his final card, Solomon studies the card and then surrenders the match.

As Yugi draws his final card, he follows his grandpa’s final move and surrenders. Watching from the sidelines, his friends are shocked that he gave up, however Rebecca on the other hand seems delighted. Ordering that Solomon returns her Blue-Eyes White Dragon to her, she is dismayed to see that the card has had to be repaired using tape after it was torn in half. As Solomon tries to explain, an old friend walks into the arena.

Apologising for his granddaughter’s behaviour, Arthur Hawkins seems pleased to see his old friend once more. However before the two can begin their happy reunion, he takes Rebecca over to Yugi’s side of the duelling arena. Showing Rebecca the card on the top of Yugi’s deck, Arthur explains that Yugi could have used the Soul Release card to weaken the Shadow Ghoul and win the match. Rebecca is confused as to why Yugi sacrificed winning the duel, but Arthur explains that there is more to duelling than winning alone.

When Arthur duelled Yugi’s grandpa, Solomon realised that his friend needed the last of the water more than he did, and that was why he forfeited the match. Shortly afterwards the two were rescued, but if Solomon had won the match then Arthur would have died. Arthur explains to Rebecca that the cards are about heart not power. Even though he used the same tactics as Rebecca, he respected each card that was sent to the graveyard because of its own strengths. And when Solomon surrendered to save his life, Arthur gave him the Blue-Eyes White Dragon as sign of friendship.

Pleased to see that his friend still cherishes the card, Arthur explains that duels form friendships between people. Realising how immature she has been, Rebecca apologises to Yugi and his grandpa for the way she acted. Accepting her apology, Yugi decides to give Rebecca a special card of his own to signify the friendship that could grow between them and so gives her The Ties of Friendship card that Croquet gave him. As two friends reunite under unexpected circumstances, a new friendship has been made between two unlikely adversaries.