The Wrath of Rebecca

Having learned that Pegasus has released the three souls that he had help captive, Yugi and his friends head back to the duelling arena where they find Mokuba just waking up. Although dazed, Mokuba is determined to head off in search of Kaiba immediately, refusing to leave the island until he has found his big brother.

As the group head off to begin searching for Kaiba, Croquet arrives on Pegasus’s behalf to give Yugi the prizes that he has won. Yugi has already received the prize of the three released souls, but Croquet still needs to hand over the cheque for the prize money. As Yugi takes the cheque, he gives it to Joey, keeping his promise that Joey can use the money to save his sister Serenity’s eyesight. Croquet also presents Yugi with a special card designed by Pegasus especially for the tournament, The Ties of Friendship, and declares that Yugi Moto is now the King of Games.

As the group scours the castle for Kaiba, they begin to lose hope in ever finding him as they reach the castle gates. However just as they begin to consider giving up, Kaiba appears from the other side of the gates. Delighted to see his big brother safe and sound, Mokuba rushes into Kaiba’s arms and the two share their gratitude at being back together once more. As Kaiba and Mokuba head off to Kaiba’s helicopter, Kaiba thanks Yugi for rescuing both him and his younger brother and promises that one day the two of them will face each other in a real duel as the last one they faced against each other was anything but honourable.

As the two brothers leave, Yugi and the spirit of his Millennium Puzzle talk with each other, and the spirit explains that although he has had many names, Yugi can call him Yami. Realising that they have no way to get off of the island, the gang rush to catch up with Kaiba to ask for a lift home. However as the others rush ahead excited at the thought of going home, Bakura is more excited at what is to come. While Yugi has won the championship title and Joey the prize money, Bakura has claimed the real prize, Pegasus’s Millennium Eye, and is determined to someday claim Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle as well.

Back home Yugi’s grandpa is waking from his long comatose state without a soul. As Yugi, Joey, Taya and Tristan meet him at the hospital, he is pleased to hear of Yugi’s progress and surprised to learn how well Joey did considering the amateur he was when he left for the tournament. However as the group arrive at the Game Shop they find a young girl waiting for them. The girl explains that her name is Rebecca and that Yugi’s grandpa, Solomon Moto, has stolen a card from her.

As Yugi and his friends try to calm down the young girl, Rebecca demands that Solomon give her back the Blue-Eyes White Dragon that he stole from her. As Taya tries to explain that there is a small problem with that request, Rebecca continues to demand the card, explaining that it belongs to a true champion such as herself. Joey is amused by the fact that an 8-year old considers herself to be a champion of Duel Monsters, and the number one duellist in America at that, but Yugi explains that he read about Rebecca in a newspaper before they left for the tournament and that she was hailed as a prodigy of the card game.

Rebecca continues to demand the Blue-Eyes back, ignoring any attempts by Yugi and the others to explain what happened to it so Solomon asks her why she believes the card belongs to her anyway. Rebecca explains that her grandfather used to own one of the four Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards and now it is gone. Kaiba has three of them and Solomon Moto has the fourth, so she is determined that he must have stolen the card. Rebecca suggests that she duel Solomon for it, but Yugi tries to explain that his grandpa has just been released from the hospital. However Rebecca is still insistent and challenges Yugi’s grandpa to duel her for the card.

Over at Kaibaland, Mokuba allows the group to use one of their duelling arenas because, even though they are fully booked for the next three months, he and Seto owe Yugi their lives. As the group arrives at the duelling arena, Yugi refuses to let his grandpa battle when he has only just been released from the hospital and so volunteers to duel in his grandpa’s place. Rebecca is pleased by the proposition, declaring that the match will be a clash of two titans between the top duellist in America and the King of Games. Before the match begins, Rebecca gives Solomon Moto one more chance to return the Blue-Eyes card that he stole, but he refuses, still confused as to why Rebecca believes that the card belongs to her.

On her first turn, Rebecca plays the Witch of the Black Forest, an unusual starting card that seems familiar to Yugi’s grandpa. Yugi plays the Celtic Guardian and easily destroys the witch, reducing Rebecca’s life points to 1700, however Rebecca is not too upset as sending the Witch to the graveyard allows her to search her deck for a monster with up to 1500 attack points.

For her next turn Rebecca plays Sangan, but Yugi’s Celtic Guardian easily destroys this card as well, reducing her life points to 1300. However like the Witch of the Black Forest, Sangan’s destruction also allows Rebecca to search her deck for a monster card. Watching from the sidelines, Yugi’s friends are unsure about Rebecca’s unusual strategy, however Solomon Moto seems to recognise Rebecca’s strategy as one he has seen in a previous duel.

As her third turn begins, Rebecca begins to act more seriously as she plays Tribute to the Doomed, allowing her to destroy Yugi’s Celtic Guardian. She then plays one monster face down in defence mode and ends her turn. Worried by the sudden change in attitude, Taya warns Yugi that Rebecca seems to be playing differently now, however Yugi is still confident that he can defeat her.

Playing the Summoned Skull Yugi attacks Rebecca’s defence monster, confident that the monster will have less than 2500 defence points. However as Yugi’s life points fall to 1500, Rebecca reveals that her monster was the Millennium Shield, with an awesome 3000 defence points. As Rebecca reveals the card, Yugi’s grandfather realises that he has himself played the exact same duel that Yugi and Rebecca are playing against a friend of his, Professor Arthur Hawkins.

To end her turn, Rebecca equips her Shield with the Ring of Magnetism, reducing its defence points to 2500. Uneasy as to what powers the Ring of Magnetism holds, Yugi decides to pass his turn back to Rebecca who plays the Cannon Soldier. Recognising the play from his duel against Professor Hawkins, Solomon tries to warn his grandson that Rebecca will try to sacrifice another monster on her next turn to allow her to directly attack Yugi’s life points.

Determined to prevent Rebecca damaging his life points, Yugi attacks the Cannon Soldier but finds the attack instead drawn to the Millennium Shield because of its Ring of Magnetism. As Rebecca draws her next card, she is pleased to see that it is the Shadow Ghoul, the card she is waiting for to play in a few turns time. Sacrificing a second Witch of the Black Forest, Rebecca is able to use her Cannon Soldier to attack Yugi’s life points directly, reducing them to 1100.

As Yugi searches to find a way to get his attacks past the Millennium Shield’s magnetic field, Rebecca explains that she has learned from a duellist better than any Moto could ever be. As the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together, Solomon realises that Rebecca must be related to his old friend Professor Arthur Hawkins. Asking Rebecca her surname, she reveals that she is in fact Rebecca Hawkins, granddaughter of Professor Hawkins and the rightful owner of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card. She warns Yugi that he will pay for his grandfather’s betrayal many years ago, but can she really defeat a duellist who has been able to withstand the ancient evils of the Millennium Eye?