With Pegasus defeated and vanished, Yugi is no closer to saving his Grandpa unless he and his friend can find out where his opponent has hidden himself. As Yugi, Taya, Joey and Tristan search the castle, Taya begins to remember a room at the top of a tower in the castle, but she thinks she may have been dreaming about it. As Yugi and Joey look at her blankly, Tristan also begins to remember what happened, including the battle between Pegasus and Bakura. As it is the only lead they have, the four friends decide to look there first.

In the tower, Pegasus is distraught at having been defeated, as it means he has failed in his attempts to revive his wife. However as a man of his word, he releases the souls of Kaiba, Mokuba and Yugi’s Grandpa. As he looks up from the desk, he sees Bakura and begins to remember the events of the previous evening and how Bakura is the holder of another Millennium Item, the Millennium Ring.

Bakura offers Pegasus a chance to redeem himself, by facing him in a Shadow Game. However first, he decides to demonstrate to Pegasus the power of his Millennium Item. While the Millennium Eye allows Pegasus to read a person’s mind, the Ring allows Bakura to read their soul. Using the Duel Monsters cards like Tarot cards, Bakura reads Pegasus’s soul. The Happy Lover, played upside down, represents Pegasus’s tragic experience with love, while the Mask of Darkness shows that Pegasus’s current actions were merely part of a much greater plan. However the last card shows Pegasus’s future; Doma, the Angel of Silence.

Bakura warns Pegasus that he will silence him, and as the two Millennium Items start a battle of minds, Pegasus is overpowered having been fatigued from duelling Yugi. With Pegasus defeated, Bakura claims his prize, the Millennium Eye. As Pegasus screams out in pain, Yugi and the others hear him and rush to the tower as fast as they can. As they reach the tower, they find Pegasus being carried out by his guards, weak and obviously injured. As the group climbs the tower, Yugi worries that with Pegasus injured he will not be able to free his Grandpa’s soul. As they reach the top of the tower, they notice the picture of Pegasus’s wife, Cecelia. As Joey, Yugi and Tristan wonder who she could be, Taya begins to read Pegasus’s journal and learns of why Pegasus has been doing what he has:

“When Pegasus and Cecelia first met they were only children, but quickly fell in love with each other and became inseparable. The joys of love inspired Pegasus to take up painting and soon the two prepared to marry. But no sooner had they been joined together than Cecelia was struck with illness and passed away. Ever since that day, Pegasus became bitter and unable to love, searching for a way to revive his true love.

Pegasus’s search led him to Egypt where he met up with a mysterious man who seemed to know about his quest to revive his wife. Pegasus followed the man to an ancient Egyptian crypt where the man explained that Pegasus would have to be tested by the Millennium Eye to see if he was the worthy possessor of it.

The Eye tested Pegasus and it was revealed that he was the true heir to the Millennium Eye, and its powers allowed him to see Cecelia again, but he knew she was not really there. It was at this time that he realised that if he could gather all of the Millennium Items and combine them with Kaibacorp’s virtual technology, he would be able to revive his wife and be happy again.”

As Taya finishes reading from the journal, Yugi notices the blank soul cards, and realises that Pegasus must have released them back into their bodies. As Taya, Joey and Tristan head off to find out if Mokuba is all right, Yugi lags behind deep in thought. Realising he has been left behind, Yugi heads off down the stairs, but is stopped by the mysterious figure who Pegasus’s journal spoke of. As Yugi backs away from the man, uncertain of what he wants, the man explains that there has been a disturbance of fate since the Millennium Eye was taken, and that he must search to find the one who stole it.

As Yugi has one of the Millennium Items, it is possible that he has craved others and therefore stole the Eye. In order to find out, the man uses the Millennium Key to unlock Yugi’s mind in the search for the answers. Inside the mind, he finds two chambers. One is filled with innocence and purity, but the other is dark and mysterious.

Entering this dark mind, the man is confronted by Yama Yugi’s spirit, who questions why he is here. The man explains that the items are once again being collected by one who wishes to unleash their dark powers, and that he must seek out and punish the thief. Yama Yugi grants passage through his mind, but the man encounters many mental defences in his quest.

As he finally finds the door he is looking for, the floor beneath him begins to crumble. But as the man prepares to fall, he is rescued by Yugi Moto, who is also searching for answers. As the door opens, the chamber beyond is filled with ancient stone tablets with carvings of Duel Monsters creatures on them. The man explains to Yugi the history of the Shadow Games (intro to The Heart of the Cards), but as he finishes his explanation, the Dark Magician comes to life from the stone.

As the man prepares to use his Millennium Key to unleash the spirit of the Blue Eyes White Dragon’s tablet, Yugi appeals to the Dark Magician, explaining that they are really friends. As the Magician stops in his tracks, the man is astounded that Yugi has been able to tame the monster that only listened to the pharaoh. He realises that Yugi is the Chosen One and that the prophecy is finally coming to pass.

As the two minds return to the real world, the man apologises for Yugi for the intrusion. He explains to Yugi that he is the Chosen One who is fated to unlock all of the magic and save the world from the chaos that threatens to return. He warns Yugi that the thief of the Millennium Eye will want all of the Items and will surely come after Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle. As the man prepares to leave, Yugi calls out to ask him his name. As the man fades back into the darkness, he tells Yugi his name… Shadi.