Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (5)

As the duel in the Shadow Realm continues, Yugi’s friends are beginning to worry that something bad has happened to him, as they are no longer able to sense him. Meanwhile, Yama Yugi is concerned that he will be unable to stop Pegasus’s Bakudon Detonator before it explodes, destroying his life points.

As Yama Yugi begins to lose hope in winning the duel, Yugi’s Grandpa appears, telling him that Yugi Moto is still with him in the heart of his friends, even though he cannot be reached. As the spirit’s hopes are raised, Tristan, Taya and Joey are determined to reach out to their friend and help him, even if they cannot see him.

As Yugi draws his next card, Pegasus attempts to read what it is, but find himself blocked but the power of Yugi’s friends. He may be unable to perform the Mind Shuffle any more, but with the strength of his friends he can still block the Eye from reading his mind.

Playing the Mystic Box, Yugi switches the Dark Magician and the Bakudon Detonator, freeing his Magician from within Relinquished. As Pegasus passes, unable to stop the detonator, Yugi uses Brain Control to take control of Relinquished for the turn. Pegasus is initially shocked, but then realises that the Detonator is about to explode, and rather than damaging him, it will hurt Yugi instead.

However Yama Yugi is not finished yet, and in an act of faith, he reveals the final card that Yugi Moto put onto the field, the Dark Magic Ritual. Sacrificing both the Dark magician and the Bakudon Detonator, the Ritual activates and summons onto the field the Magician of Black Chaos. With the most powerful mage in the game on his side, Yama Yugi is determined to avenge the sacrifice of his friend.

Pegasus is unfazed by this, and actually seems quite pleased, knowing that on his next turn he will be able to use Relinquished to assimilate the Chaos Mage. However to finish his turn, Yugi plays one card face down, and a face down monster in defence mode, demonstrating to Pegasus that he knows that he will try to assimilate his Mage.

Even though Yugi has guessed his plan, Pegasus is confident that he will be able to assimilate the Chaos Mage after he upgrades Relinquished. Using Polymerisation, he fuses Relinquished with the Thousand Eyes Idol to produce the Thousand Eyes Restrict, the most powerful Spellcaster in the game.

With a thousand eyes to lure in the Chaos Mage, Pegasus is confident that he will have no trouble assimilating it. As his monster casts its Thousand Eyes Spell, it paralyses both of Yugi’s monsters. But as the Absorption Force begins to suck in Yugi’s Mage, he reveals his other two cards, Kuribo and Multiply. As the two cards act together, the Kuribo multiplies until there are literally thousands on the field.

Paralysed by the Thousand Eyes Spell, the Kuribo are sucked in by the Restrict, exploding on contact and blinding Pegasus’s most powerful monster. As the Magician of Black Chaos attacks, it destroys the Restrict, obliterating the last of Pegasus’s life points.

Devastated, Pegasus is unable to believe that he has failed in his quest to claim Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle and revive his wife. As the Shadow Realm begins to fade away, Yugi’s friends are able to sense his presence again, and as the arena returns to full view, Yugi Moto is back, along with the spirit of his Puzzle.

Relieved that their quest is finally over, the four friends turn to where Pegasus should be, ready to claim the souls of their friends, but Pegasus is gone. As they prepare to track down Pegasus, they ask Bakura, who is just waking and seems to be back to normal, to look after Mokuba. But as the four head off, they do not realise that Bakura is still being controlled by the Millennium Ring, and that he is determined to take both Mokuba’s body and Pegasus’s Millennium Eye.