Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (4)

While Yugi’s duel with Pegasus continues, Tristan must also face up to an enemy of the group, the evil soul of Bakura’s Millennium Ring. As the evil Bakura demands that Tristan hand over Mokuba’s body, Tristan begins to realise that the Millennium Ring is controlling Bakura. Tristan throws Mokuba at Bakura, and then knocks his possessed friend out before the Millennium Ring has a chance to work its power and take over Mokuba’s body. Tristan then removes the Millennium Ring and throws it out of the castle window.

Back on the arena, Taya and Joey can only watch as Pegasus sucks both Yugi and himself into the Shadow Realm, where Pegasus is confident that he has the power to win the duel. As Tristan arrives with Bakura and Mokuba both unconscious, the arena has been totally engulfed in darkness. Taya and Joey ask him where he has been, but Tristan shuns off the question, as the answer would take too long to explain. The three leave the two bodies on the balcony and head downstairs to see if they can help Yugi in any way.

Inside the Shadow Realm, Yugi is finding the mental strain much greater than the last time he duelled Pegasus, especially having to maintain the Mind Shuffle while also summoning monsters. Yama Yugi takes over once more, as he is able to withstand the strain more easily, but Yugi still insists that they try to keep up the Mind Shuffle, as it is the only way they have earned a lead.

Pegasus is loving watching the strain of the two Yugis, and decides to throw a new monster into play; one designed especially for this duel. The Dark Eyes Illusionist has 0 attack points and 0 defence points, but it has other powers to help it out instead. Although certain that it is a dangerous card, Yama Yugi plays down the Curse of Dragons. He then Mind Shuffles back to Yugi Moto, but the young mind is obviously struggling with the strain.

Outside the arena, Yugi’s friends can sense his pain. While none of them truly understand why, it seems that they have grown some kind of spiritual link as their friendship has grown. As their friend continues to battle Pegasus, he tells Yugi that he may as well give up the Mind Shuffle as it is obviously too much for him to handle. Yugi agrees reluctantly, and Yama Yugi returns.

As the Curse of Dragons attacks, the Dark Eyes Illusionist activates its hypnotic power to paralyse Yugi’s monster. As Pegasus’s turn begins, he uses the Black Illusion Ritual to sacrifice his Illusionist, but brings forth a stronger Spellcaster monster, Relinquished. Although this monster also has no attack or defence, it has a stronger hypnotic power, and with it Relinquished sucks Yugi’s Curse of Dragons into it.

Playing the Dark Magician, Yama Yugi attacks, but Relinquished activates its Defence Shield, the Curse of Dragons. Pegasus explains that Relinquished can use any monster that it has absorbed to defend itself, but when the defensive shield monster is destroyed, it is Yugi’s life points that are affected. True to his explanation, Yugi find his life points drop to 400. Not content with reducing Yugi’s life points, Pegasus uses Relinquished to suck in the Dark Magician, using it like a Defence Shield to replace the destroyed Curse of Dragons.

Yugi insists that they have to continue the Mind Shuffle, but Yama Yugi is unsure. If Yugi’s mind collapses under the strain of the duel, his soul will be shredded and lost forever. However Yugi remains persistent, so the two switch once more. As Yugi draws what could be his last card, Pegasus decides to try and fight Yugi from within, crushing his mind by over straining it.

As Yugi lays down the drawn card face down, he plays the Feral Imp into defence mode. But as he prepares to switch minds again, Pegasus attacks the Feral Imp with the Dark Magician, destroying the Imp and crushing Yugi’s mind. As Yugi’s body collapses, his friends outside the arena all sense the pain. Realising that something has happened, they become more determined to try to help Yugi.

Inside Yugi’s mind, Yama Yugi is trying to revive his friend, but there is no hope left, as Yugi’s soul has been shredded. Pegasus seems pleased at crushing the young mind, and taunts Yama Yugi to continue the duel alone. Meanwhile, unable to sense Yugi anymore, Taya tries to penetrate the vortex, but find herself re-emerging from it in the same place. As Tristan rushes into it, he finds himself passing through it and out the other side. It seems that Pegasus is determined that only he and Yugi will witness the Shadow Game unfolding.

Determined to avenge Yugi Moto’s defeat, Yama Yugi returns, ready to show Pegasus no mercy. But he cannot change the fact that he failed to protect his keeper, and now may well fail to rescue Kaiba, Mokuba and Yugi’s Grandpa as he alone is unable to block Pegasus’s mind reading powers.

Drawing the Winged Dragon, Yugi realises that none of his cards can help him win, but maybe Yugi’s face down card could help, if he only knew what it was. Playing the Winged Dragon in defence mode, Pegasus destroys it. Playing Gigenbakudon, Pegasus explains that in two turns this new monster will self destruct, destroying Relinquished.

While this will destroy both Relinquished and the Dark Magician, Relinquished has no attack or defence points and so Pegasus’s life points will remain untouched. It will however destroy Yugi’s remaining life points. Not only that, but Gigenbakudon cannot be destroyed by any attack, so there is no way to stop it exploding.

As Yama Yugi searches for some strategy that can help him, Pegasus assures him that he has no card that can help him win. With the power of the Mind Shuffle gone, and no way of stopping Pegasus’s bomb, is there any way that Yama Yugi can win the duel, or was Yugi’s sacrifice all for nothing?