Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (3)

With Pegasus shutting Yugi down, no matter what moves he makes, it seems that there is no way to defeat Pegasus while he has the power of both his Millennium Eye and the Toonworld. Even so, Yugi is not willing to give up just yet, and plays the Dark Magician down, inside the Magical Hats. Certain that even Pegasus cannot learn where his Magician is, Yugi is confidant that he has successfully stalled for a couple of turns.

Pegasus, however, is not so sure. He warns Yugi that he can even find out the location of his Dark Magician by probing deep enough into Yugi’s mind. As Yugi tries to resist Pegasus’s Millennium Eye, Taya reminds him that he too has magic that can help him. Yugi remembers what his Grandpa told him about the Millennium Puzzle, and decides that maybe this is the time to put to work its full powers.

Contacting the spirit within, Yugi explains that in order to win, the two minds must become separated from each other. While the spirit is unsure of this, Yugi explains that if they can switch minds during the duel, Pegasus won’t be able to read their cards on the field, because the other mind won’t know them. Although it is a risky strategy, both agree that it is their only chance of winning.

As Pegasus commands the Toon Summon Skull to attack the hat on the far left, he is confident that the attack will wipe out the Dark Magician. But as the smoke clears, Pegasus is shocked to learn that Yugi’s life points are still intact. As Pegasus wonders how Yugi could have deceived him, the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, Yama Yugi, explains that Pegasus could not read the location of the Dark Magician, because he didn’t know it.

As Pegasus boils over with fury, Yugi Moto returns and plays one card face down. But as Pegasus goes to read what card it is, the two minds switch, and Pegasus is left with Yama Yugi’s mind, one that does not know the card either. At this point, the spirit puts Pegasus out of his misery and explains what the two are doing. Pegasus is shocked that the two are playing a Mind Shuffle, but warns Yugi that he still has the gaming skill to win, even without the Millennium Eye.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the castle, Tristan, Bakura and Mokuba are trapped in a staircase. But as Tristan prepares to surrender, Bakura tells him not to be so foolish. As the Millennium Ring once again takes full control of Bakura, the evil Bakura uses it to summon a real Man-Eater Bug from the Shadow Realm. As the monster attacks the guards, Bakura summons the Morphing Jar, banishing the guards to the graveyard.

As Pegasus makes his next move, he gets the Toon Summon Skull to attack a second of the Magical Hats. The Hat once again comes up empty, and as Yama Yugi’s turn begins, the two Mind Shuffle to allow Yugi Moto to take the next move. Drawing the Living Arrow card, Yugi plays it face down before switching minds once more.

As both players on the arena wonder what the two face down cards are, Pegasus plays the Magic Neutralising Force to wipe away the Magical Hats, revealing Yugi’s Dark Magician. As the Toon Summon Skull attacks, Yugi Moto returns to counter the attack with his first face down card. Revealing the Living Arrow, he fuses it with Pegasus’s Neutralising Force and fires it at the Toonworld.

As Pegasus’s Toonworld is destroyed, the toons return to their original forms, but the attack of the Toon Skull is still coming. However Yugi counters this as well using his Mirror Force. Sending back the Toon Skull’s attack, Yugi destroys all three of Pegasus’s toons, reducing his life points to 600.

Back in the castle, the evil Bakura reveals his true motives for coming to find Tristan. After Bakura betrayed the spirit of the Millennium Ring during the duel it had with Yama Yugi (Evil Spirit of the Ring), the spirit wants a new host body that won’t betray it. As Mokuba’s body has no soul, the spirit wants to use it as his new host, but will Tristan be willing to give up Mokuba to the Millennium Ring?

On the arena, Yugi is pleased to finally be in the lead, but Pegasus is not willing to give up just yet. He congratulates Yugi on having managed to progress so far, from unknown rookie to contender for the World Championship. But Pegasus warns Yugi that he has not given up yet, and that the power of Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle is what he was wanting when he began the tournament. And now that Yugi has unlocked more of its powers, Pegasus will be more than happy to take it from him as the two are transported into the Shadow Realm to finish the duel…